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  [user deleted] up the current verifier @WiiSuperWiiSuper as both chryoyo and sundex are pretty dead.


Hello. Would like to request mod for
I have a run already done on the boards and the only moderator has been inactive for a month on all socials. The requesting rules says that I can request moderation with a run on the boards without a pending run for extended time periods.
Besides, I’m the only person who really cares about boards like these so I think it would be best if I requested mod for them. That is all, thanks.


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@FelipeFDEZ140FelipeFDEZ140 Added to the game, denied for the series.

@doakeydoakey We require that you have a run pending before granting moderation status. Also, you do not have e-mail authentication enabled.

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@Danger_Danger_ Done.

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I'd like to be moderator of

The current moderator is banned indefinitely, and the tribute game discord server was deleted.
Part of the community has since migrated to the other aot speedrunning discord server that i moderate, the one for the console and handheld aot games.
I have a run submitted for the game, and those who came to my aot server said they had runs pending too.


Hi, I'm really new to the site and to speedrunning but wanted to start making runs of the game "HYPERFIGHT", but I checked and all the mods haven't been active for at least two weeks, and the one that hasn't been active for the longest is a year, so, i don't know if I could mod since this would be my first time or if there was a way of finding mods for the game

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I would like to request that @afnannen136afnannen136 be removed from Parking Fury Parking Fury 2 and Parking Fury 3 @afnannen136afnannen136 hasn’t been active in 1 month. I request that @Bob-chickenBob-chicken be bumped up to Super Mod in Parking Fury, and since @afnannen136afnannen136 is the only mod for Parking Fury 3, I can replace them if nobody else wants to because I am planning on doing some runs for that game sometime soon.


@AmeryAmery next time please contact me, I can remove afnanen for inactivity because they are a regular mod, not a super mod. (In parking fury) however, I can agree with the question for me to be bumped to super mod in parking fury.

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I would like to become an admin or supermod of this page as I already asked the page creator to give me super mod many times. I was initially ok wth him being admin, but he always refused to give me super mod and kept constantly changing the layout making many runs dissapear. If possible I would like the current mod to be kicked or demoted to verifier.
Today we came into dispute how to name a category and he just decided to kick me instead of trying to comee to a solution. The reason he's super mod is because he sent the request first.
He also made an unofficial discord server with no other purpose than to make me angry.
Please note I'm the only developer of the game and there's too low game traffic× to have some unknown person to moderate the game.
×in other words not many people play it and there's around 1 submitted run per week on average.

UPDATE: He removed all versions except for 1.3 and 1.4. There are quite big difference between versions. For example there's huge difference between 1.4(.0) and 1.4.2 where the player controls were completely redone to allow for customizable controls and option to play user made levels was added. Also his "good" solution to nonexistent problem of having two versions categories is to ban all version older than 1.3.

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I would like to request mod for Granblue Fantasy Versus ( ). I have had pending runs since January, and attempts to contact the mod, such as through Discord, have yielded no response. The current SuperMod has not been online since Dec. 13 and the leaderboard has been sitting as such for the last 4 months.

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@Kishin515Kishin515 I have removed the inactive moderators, but eSVee is active. Please contact them.

@AmeryAmery Done for Parking Fury and Parking Fury 3

@GhostMinerGhostMiner Can you DM me please?

@PokeheroPokehero Added.

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hiya, i'm trying to get supermodded for house flipper ( ) so i can go ahead and set the rules up to use an autosplitter to remove load times, and so i can fix some inconsistencies in the ruleset. i've been a part of the community for a couple of years now, and i'm currently the only active moderator. here's a screenshot of me trying to get in contact with the two super moderators to make these changes


@starsmileystarsmiley disregard my request, he has come back.


Requesting removing user DrunkWario from all current moderation spots due to the fact that he has proved himself unworthy of being in any position of power.
I believe they call his sort of person.... "Child predators"?


Hello! I am a new member of the speedrunning community and I am having some problems with the Doodle God moderator. I submitted my run 3 weeks ago, and it still has not been approved. The moderator hasn't been on the site in 2-3 months, and has not responded to my attempts to contact him. He hasn't accepted my request on discord, deleted my comment off his youtube video, and hasn't responded to my DM on this site. He is the only moderator for the game, so I cannot speak to anyone else about it.

I know I am not even a month old on this site, but I'd be willing to take up the moderation duties myself. Doodle God does not have a very active community, so it would not be a very demanding job for someone new at it, and it honestly needs clearer rules for its runs. Thank you for your help.


@CainCain You should be able to do all of that as a regular moderator.

@saruevansaruevan I am forwarding this to ELO.

@FirewallFirewall Have you attempted to contact them via the site?

@HazyheelHazyheel You do not meet the contact requirements, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled.

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I want to request a moderator role in Earthworm Jim HD leaderboard -
One Super Moderator @AthensAthens inactive 3 month, his Twitch PM is closed

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@starsmileystarsmiley I asked two days ago for supermod of the game Granny Smith and since then, I have submitted a run and enabled email authentication. (Just as a reminder here was my first post)

"I would like to request to become a [supermod] for the mobile game Granny Smith. There are two current moderators for the game: @DarkstreamerHDDarkstreamerHD and @smitty49smitty49. Darkstreamer has not been on this site for 2 years and smitty49 has not been online for 6 years. Although nobody apart from these two have runs on the board, I, and another runner, @cm135555cm135555, have shown interest in wanting to run the game and submit runs."


The game Deadliest Warrior: Legends is a very under ran on, but as of recently I’ve started running the No projectiles sub section of the game because I remember it from my childhood. This has no other runs but I am only doing it for fun. I got a 10 minute 19 second run last week and noticed that the only mod for the game is named “Ultimatehadcore” and seems to be banned indefinitely. Since then I’ve dropped my run to a 9 minute 50 second run, but It seems to be that he was the one that got the game on the website. He is the only other runner and I was wondering if my run will be reviewed if he really is banned. even if there is no mod on the game that is active. And if not I was wondering if there was a way to become mod for this games speed run leaderboard. Thanks everyone

Repost from another part

Link to his account


Hi, no run has been verified for Mario Kart 8 in the last 4 months. I tried to contact the MK8 mods on the site, Discord and YouTube, but I still don't have an answer. I sent a run 3 months ago :
I don't know if someone already asked to be mod for this game, if not and if it is possible, I would like to become mod for this page.

Mario Kart 8 :

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Hi, I'm following up from ~4 days ago. I had starsmiley request that I contact Ozsef and ask, however they were last online 2 hours ago and I contacted them (with the follow up requested) 3 days ago. Do you need me to wait longer? As I said previously I haven't the greatest replies, let alone many at all most of the time.

Follow up message request:

I'm requesting game moderation for Google Doodle Halloween 2016: Magic Cat Academy. I've contacted Ozsef out of the 2 moderators: Poefred & Ozsef - as Poefred hasn't been online for 2 months. Ozsef has had very limited replies with me through only Speedrun.Com's messaging system (doesn't have discord etc). Back in mid Feb I requested they looked at the WR time (for IL LVL 1) as I believed it to be mistimed, but only got a reply about how if I my time was "a little off its alright." I had stated that I had retimed my own run using a retime tool (Slush0Puppy's) several times and WR time too and believed WR time (for IL LVL 1) to be incorrect. I sent a follow up message again in early March and still no reply.

Game Leaderboard:
Game Leaderboard (for IL LVL 1):
Screenshot of Messages/Contacting:
Thank you!