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Hello there, I'm waiting about month to get verified my FIFA 11 run at
I contacted the only moderator on discord, but not responding and he was last online month ago
I am requesting moderation for FIFA 11.


@JezuJezu Have you attempted to contact them? They were online 6 days ago.

@MorameMorame Please enable e-mail authentication.

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@starsmileystarsmiley I enabled it.



Hey there, done. I was going to run this in the next few days anyway, but there you go.

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Hello, I would like to request Leaderboard Moderation for the game Burd
The only moderator, Derp2626, Has been inactive for 1 Month
He has not posted on his channel for a year
He has never streamed on Twitch
And he hasn't tweeted in a month
I have tried to contact them with no response (On both twitter and the site). The game needs better rules (As timing ect) He also publicly said that "He wont be checking the website as much" in this thread
Here is my pending run


@starsmileystarsmiley plz he is only active when I tell him to and he barley checks his dms!

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@okbudlolim40okbudlolim40 he responded to you on twitch, so ask him to add you as a moderator, not site staff

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I'd like to request Moderator status for the game Deadliest Warrior: Legends ( I have now turnt on E-mail Authentication which I got confused about last time. The game is fairly inactive but the only mod on the games forms is Banned indefinitely and I really enjoy Running the game, My account is 3 weeks old and I can't use the new way of requesting Mod Banned Mod