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In Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 the only moderator is inactive and I cannot get my runs verified. He hasn't been online in 3 weeks, I've tried contacting him via discord but the username given does not work.


Hey so there is a niche game I LOVE called scuba bear and it seems the moderators are always inactive. I would love to become the new moderator or at least get my runs verified. its been over a month and I've DMed both moderators with no response. This is the second time this has happened and I get is a tiny game compared to others but its important to me.


Hello, I'm here to request the removal of user @FuriousfiveFuriousfive as a super moderator for ROBLOX: JailBreak.
2 mods (me and @kingdinocharge) have attempted to reach her on discord with no response

The last time she did anything for the community she verified 2 runs which we later had to reject for not following the rules, she is not in the discord either

She is inactive:
Last streamed on twitch: Never
Last tweet: Never
Last YT vid: 6 months ago
Last online on the site: 1 moth ago


Hello! Can I be an moderator/Verfiyer for Minecraft java edition?

I'll be active in aest time, Meaning people in australia can get theres approved quicker.
If i need to say more info
I can.

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@swordsaway You should read the first post first:
You are missing the point of this thread. It is meant as a last resort for getting moderation on games, where current moderators are not active and not verifying runs. Not getting moderation on active games like Minecraft. Also, your account is just few hours old, so don't bother about game moderation yet.

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The sole (super)moderator for Crypto Rider has been offline for over a month. I messaged them on Twitch (there only social), but haven't got a response. I have the remaining IL WRs pending for the past month as well. There are also new levels that have been added to the game but have not been added to SRC. Being added as mod would allow me verify those runs and add the new ILs.




@Wiiking_Wiiking_ Please enable e-mail authentication.

@victuvictu Added.

@MemerMemer Added.

@LIGhtUZMKLIGhtUZMK Cyberdemon is somewhat active, have you attempted to contact them?

@KingLavaCactusKingLavaCactus Can you do me a favor and attempt to ask if you can simply be added as a moderator?

@Bruh_without_a_fBruh_without_a_f Added.

@felipereis11011felipereis11011 Added.


@RaggedDanRaggedDan Added.

@FinalaharlFinalaharl The moderator is active, please contact them.

@Mr_OrangutanMr_Orangutan Have you attempted to contact them via the site?

@Joshton22Joshton22 Please enable e-mail authentication.

@WhatsFrogWhatsFrog Done.

@Machs2Point0Machs2Point0 Added.

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Hello. I was added as a supermod of planetbase a little while ago. My Co-Supermod @HuntzHuntz has not been active for 2 month on the site and doesn’t react to any of my attempts to contact him via Twitter, discord or anything else. Please remove him from the supermod role.


@starsmileystarsmiley I have contacted them several times.


@starsmileystarsmiley I turned on the email authentication and I have tried to add him on discord to ask him but he keeps declining requests


@DaravaeDaravae I've had a submission for the game Harvester, in limbo for about 2 months now. I'm fairly certain both mods are no longer on SRC. One seems to be on twitter but has no way to DM them and they'd likely not maintain the leaderboard. Can I just get moderation for this?


I'd like to request moderation of the Klax leaderboard. Two of the three super mods are completely inactive, I've messaged the 3rd mod (RetroRuns, who doesn't even have a run of the game, but I guess is friends of the other two), and they didn't reply. They've not read the forum post either. I've previously submitted a time for this board a few years ago and they rejected it.

Note that the RetroRuns user still streams and probably just isn't reading their SRC messages. I can't message them on twitch because they have it disabled, and I didn't feel comfortable waiting for them to stream and "ambushing" them. The other two mods are gone.


Hello! I am an active super moderator for Burrito Bison, and am asking for removal of the super moderator Ka1amari. He has not verified a run in months, and has also not responded to any message in months. In the time since he has been completely inactive, the game has gone from completely dead, to having consistent runs.


Hello. Would like to request moderator for
The only moderator has been inactive on all socials for near to 2 months. I was planning on doing more runs of the game but since the only mod is inactive I wanted to wait a good amount of time to request moderator for it and then do the rest of the runs then. That is all, thanks.

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Hello I wanted to request the removal of TornRose as a super moderator from NASCAR Heat 2. That account had been banned. I've talked to Jak8 another super moderator who said he can't remove it. I wanted to be added as a mod but we wanted to get that taken care of first.


@FelipeFDEZ140FelipeFDEZ140 The user seems to be active on Twitter. Have you attempted to contact them there?

@JulianTexoJulianTexo Done.

@Mr_OrangutanMr_Orangutan Can you please send a screenshot of you attempting to contact them then?

@SwircSwirc You still do not meet the contact requirements.

@Wiiking_Wiiking_ Added.

@EcdycisEcdycis Added.

@KHANanaphoneKHANanaphone We require that you have a pending run in the game before granting moderation status.

@Princess_Zelda_Princess_Zelda_ DMed.

@ReniReni Added.

@SkarletSkarlet Done.

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@starsmileystarsmiley i read something for once now i do meet contact requirements


@starsmileystarsmiley It has now been a couple of days and unfortunately no luck in regards to getting in contact with the moderator/him reviewing my run as of yet.


sorry to make a 2nd post on this, i meant to submit a run, guess it didn't go through my bad. Yeah i'm here once again to request supermod for LSD : Revamped as the current mod has been off the site for almost 2 years. i meet every other requirement for this request :3