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@KallicKallic You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled.

@SuperpositionSuperposition You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled.

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I am sorry for not meeting the requirement. By now, I have e-mail authentication enabled.
And regarding the the contact requirement, it seems to be not possible for me to contact the Mod, because his Discord name is also invalid.

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Hello agian, sorry for not precising my previous request on the removal of
from Windows series.
I forgot to mention that I am also asking about removing him from all Windows games.
The said games:
Chess titans
Mahjong titans
Purble place
Spider solitaire

Once agian sorry for not including this in my original request.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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Originally posted by
@R0mainR0main I will try contacting them through discord.
How long should I wait for them to answer?

@Springer03Springer03 Wait for a week, if they don't respond you then I'm fine to process your moderation request. Send me a site message once a week passed with no response from them.

@kiraa96kiraa96 Removed them on all requested games.

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Hello, I would like to request moderation for this game:
I submitted a run two weeks ago, but today I checked the leaderboard again and it turns out the only moderator deleted himself off the board without verifying it.
So I have a pending run and there is no mod in the game currently.



I send this message :
"Hello !
I have a run on Kirikou (PC), which is a world record, but unfortunately, the moderator of the game hasn't been online since 3 months ago, and doesn't answer when I message it, I already waited few weeks but I don't think that waiting is useful anymore ^^
Thanks for helping me,
have a good day"

And @starsmileystarsmiley answer me :
"@KallicKallic You do not meet the contact requirement, nor do you have e-mail authentication enabled."

I don't understand, I looked everywhere on my profile about the contact requirement and e-mail authentification but didn't find anything, and I think I did the e-mal authentification 😕
Thanks for your time ❤️


Requesting to mod Aidyn Chronicles (, as the existing moderator is inactive.

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i am requesting moderation for as the one and only moderator is inactive and wont respond to dms


@starsmileystarsmiley i submitted the run in Earthworm Jim HD, the run verification was added automatically


Hello !
I did switch on the e-mail authentification ! I think it will be okay now 🙂
If I have to do anything else let me know !
Have a good day


Hello. I am requesting Moderatorship for the Record of Agarest series. I have a pending run and there have been zero runs submitted in 5 years other than mine. I attempted to contact the current mod on twitter as his youtube and profiles have been long time inactive. Please let me know what else I must do/provide in order to be considered. Thanks!

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I have enabled email verification and gotten in contact with the mod! Yay! I will accept his offer to take over mod for Agarest 1 and Zero. Appreciated very much!

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I'm requesting again for moderation for: . I requested previously but my account age was not old enough, so now I am back. The current moderator of the game has been inactive for 4 months now and still no contact by using social media connected to his account.


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@okbudlolim Can you send a screenshot that you attempted to contact them?

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@starsmileystarsmiley sorry here twitch is his only social i could find he has a youtube but dosent check comments anymore it has been a while and no response


I am writing to request mod roles for Batman Forever (snes and SEGA Genesis). The current mod was last online 1 year ago. I do not wish to spend the next month trying to contact them in hopes they actually come back to a site they haven’t been on in over a year. If you could please respond at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it!



Hey I wanna be a mod on because mods are gone and I see some ppl running the game and get there run not verify because nobody are here


Hi there! @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and I would like to be added back as moderators to the series Nekogames. We were removed without notice during a dispute with another member who was abusing series mod powers. I'm not sure what the dispute was. Please consider DMing @MOUTHWESTMOUTHWEST and me with details :))

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Hello, I'd like to be added as moderator to three games.

The games are Virtual Police, Toastellia, and Avalanche (Flash). The moderators for these games have not been online for at least a month and have not responded to any off-site contact. I do have a pending run for each of these games.

Thank you for your time.

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  [user deleted]
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Hi, I was recently removed from 2 series (Neopets and Echoes of the Past) with no prior warning or even any reason given. After speaking with @ReniReni I was told it was because he added a game that he wasn’t supposed to. It doesn’t make sense to punish me for the actions of another series moderator, especially since I wasn’t the one who added the game. Is it possible for me to be remodded since I haven’t committed any violations of the moderation rules? If I am added back on the condition of not adding Reni, I will happily oblige.

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