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So what happens to the board then? We just leave it in that state forever?

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I'll post this since people seem to be having trouble understanding the point of this thread and I didn't think posting would be really needed. To clarify, I've been keeping the thread clean personally for the most part and this very thing is mentioned in the first post of this thread.

The objective in this thread is for users to request moderation for leaderboards, this is done between staff and the user, whatever is decided with staff is the final say in the matter. If a 3rd party decides they want to get involved and contribute to the decision between the two parties it has to benefit towards it. We don't want anyone's opinions or views on how something is being handled or discussed with the party, we don't care for the pointless arguments either, take it outside this thread and make a new thread but don't bloat up this thread any longer. The original thread had 400 posts, nearly 200 of those is just a bunch of pointless discussion, arguments and people intervening with staff over every single little thing and this was part of the reason we rebooted the thread along with the new rules now in place. It was hard on us trying to get to people in the old thread and trying to see who was even requesting moderation for a game when other users were getting in the middle of things and completely derailing the thread, some users didn't even get their request fulfilled and they had to sometimes post multiple times to get our attention.

Were not going to babysit anyone, if people cannot respect and understand this we'll start getting serious with users, do not post in this thread if it isn't requesting moderator status for a leaderboard. If you have questions or want to bring up a discussion about something not relating to the moderation requests of the two parties please feel free to make a thread about it.

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Hello people,

some friends and I are going to route The Legend of Zelda - Goddess of Wisdom, there's already a leaderboard for that but the guy who is the only moderator hasn't been online for more than 2 years.There's only one run on the leaderboard without video as well.
Leaderboard: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​alttp_gow/​
Would be awesome if I could become mod or even super mod to also grant mod status to other active runners in the future.



@Z4T0XZ4T0X I have to pass your request, because you have no runs of the requested game at the moment. Please submit a run for the game and let us know when you have done this.

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no worries, within a few days/1 or 2 weeks there I'll have one. depending on when routing is done. I'll re-post here then!


I'd like to request to be a super mod for Parappa The Rapper PSP. The only moderator for it is very inactive, and I'm a trusted mod of Parappa the Rapper 2.


@sto1cRosesto1cRose Do you happen to have a run of the game you can provide us? There doesn't appear to be one pending, and we don't necessarily want to add mods to a game who we can't verify has any connection to the game.


@nasko222nasko222 Since one of the mods is active currently, your request should be directed towards them as well as suggestions regarding categories and such. This is purely for last resorts in cases where mods cannot be contacted, and we would also require you have either a prior run in the game or a currently pending one.


Hello. I have a run that is over a month old waiting to be verified however the moderator ( of the game https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Crossing_Souls has been inactive for over a year and no way of contacting them via social media. Looking to become a moderator for the game and for the run to be verified so I can help the game community grow.

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@TheSmokeCSTheSmokeCS , @sto1cRosesto1cRose Both of these seem okay, done.

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the sole moderator for hanger world, Lucy8, has been inactive for several months and as such, my run has been pending review for a couple months now. it may also be worth noting that the moderator for hanger world is also the current record holder and since my run has beaten their record, it may not be in their best interest to validate my submitted run. regardless of the reason, i feel that this is an issue that should be fixed as it isn't right to deny others the chance to prove their skill simply due to the only moderator taking an indefinite hiatus.


@spyroevanspyroevan Moderator seems inactive for about 4 months and you have a pending run. Added. Please consider adding more contacts to your profile like Discord, Twitter etc. Since YouTube isn't the most reliable source to contact others.

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@skeleton432skeleton432 Moderators are generally given 21 days to process runs submitted by users. Since its only been 8 days since his , I wanna ask you to be patient for now. Also, this moderator has Twitter, YouTube and Twitch linked in his profile? Try and reach out to the moderator on each of these platforms.

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Hello there. So, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage has pretty inactive moderators right now. Some guy asked a question about the category in forums, and in 2 months none of 3 moderators answered, so i had to do it myself. Also, 2 of 3 moderators weren't logging in for 2 years already. So, I want to become Moderator of this game. I know it really good, even have Top 100 (and probably top 50, if you will exclude cheaters from leaderboards) time on some tracks.


@lMilesllMilesl Moderation requests are to be first directed towards the game's current moderators. It seems that Kaopoke is not inactive, so please forward your request to them.

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Hey, I've been on the site for a while and I thought I'd try my hand at speedrunning "Indecision." ( however it's been a week and there's been no response from the moderator concerning my submission. I messaged the moderator on Twitch (the only contact they have) on Monday and they have not replied to that either. Judging by the fact that their most recent speedrun and was five months ago, their last stream on twitch was five months ago, and they haven't been online for a month, I doubt they will be back anytime soon. Ergo I'd like to be made a moderator of Indecision. if at all possible.

Additionally, it appears the Besiege speedrunning page ( is inactive once more. I've had a pending run for a month now and no-one has verified it. Looking at the admins, they have all been inactive for a month or more, and any attempt to contact them has resulted in radio silence. Since I'm already a verifier there, I wouldn't mind acting as a moderator.


Hello. I submitted my run in The Punisher (NES): https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​The_Punisher_NES , but still my WR isn't on leaderboard. I was writting to moderator on Twitch about it, but no anwer. From 17 May 2019 till 7 June 2019. There is proof:
So, what am I suppose to do? I wish to return to this game lately for improving.
My run awaiting verification for 2 months.

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Hiya; I'd like to request verifyer for Runner2, future legend of rhythm alien. The only moderator that could be considered active hasn't been online in two weeks.


Hello friends! I submitted my run to the Doom Troopers page ( almost 5 months ago, in late January. The WR holder and only mod, BOP95 ( hasn't really been on SRC for two years. He has no Twitch page or social media to speak of, and so I have no way to actually contact him. I wanted to give him some time and benefit of the doubt, but I think four months is a good wait!

Thanks for your help!

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