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Hello so I recently applied to be a mod for and I was denied because I didn't have my email authorization on I have recently fixed that so I was wondering if I can apply again. Here's my last post.

Hello so I've submitted a run to and it's been around 2 and 1/2 weeks with no response. The only mod hasn't been active for 10 months now.

Edit: also it's been over 3 weeks now.
Also I have tried to contact them but they have their discord set up to where I cannot send them any messages or a friend request


@dagpetter1dagpetter1 I will give them more time to respond.

@DMJ1034DMJ1034 Added.

@Rayu_Rayu_ If you are not requesting to be added as a moderator, and I assume you aren't as you don't have a pending run in the game, nothing can be done. Also, the moderator of the Sprinkle series has been removed.

@IslandGoSAMeIslandGoSAMe Added to both.

@BloodbathzBloodbathz Added.

@tziki_tziki_ If you are not requesting moderation status, nothing can be done.

@SkarletSkarlet Bumped you up.

@OzoneNeutralOzoneNeutral How long ago have you attempted to contact them? Also, you do not meet the contact requirements.

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@AdrianVGAdrianVG Bumped you up.

@frenchfrench Both moderators are active on the site and other social medias, please attempt to contact them.

@ShockwaveplusultraShockwaveplusultra The reason the time is there is because it's a filler time as the category is literally impossible to do for whatever reason. It's just to prevent anyone else from submitting runs to an impossible category.

@LordTikiLordTiki Are you requesting moderation of the game? If so, your Twitter contact is broken and you do not have e-mail authentication enabled.

@flametritooonflametritooon Are you requesting moderation of the game? If so, you do not meet the contact requirements and you do not have e-mail authentication enabled.

@NekrozOfMakotoNekrozOfMakoto Added.

@muzamuza Hi, can you please DM me?

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Howdy, I'm looking to request the removal of a couple inactive mods for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (the original GB one) -- PackSciences and Flynn. I've reached out to both through SRC messages, and have had no reply so far.
I'm not a mod in this particular game, but I mod the other two Link's Awakening games and was also reaching out to an inactive mod for DX (who did reply, and removed themself) -- if you need someone who mods this game let me know and I'll have them post.

Regarding their inactivity:
- PackSciences has been on SRC as recently as February, but it appears the last run they verified was April 2018
- Flynn has not been on SRC in almost two years, and their last verified run is December 2018

Thanks for your time.


@starsmileystarsmiley i'm not requesting about moderation of the game, i understood what i can't do this, bcs i don't meet requirements. I'm wondering if someone can verificate my run or not?


I would like to request the removal of @JSteRJSteR from the Asphalt 9: Legends leaderboard He has not been online in 2 years


@starsmileystarsmiley a friend and I contacted him yesterday around noon and he still hasn't responded. Also I believe my contact requirements are good now.


@spicefatherspicefather Done.

@flametritooonflametritooon If you are not requesting moderation, there's nothing that can be done.

@AmeryAmery Done.

@OzoneNeutralOzoneNeutral Going to give them more time to respond.

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I would like to request the removal of @afnannen136afnannen136 from the Parking Fury 2 leaderboard He hasn’t been online for 1 month


I would also like to request that @afnannen136afnannen136 be removed from Parking Fury and Parking Fury 3 For Parking Fury can @Bob-chickenBob-chicken be moved up to Super Mod and can I be added and for Parking Fury 3 can I be added as a Super Mod to replace @afnannen136afnannen136 because he is the only mod


I suppose that this is more of an odd request for this forum, but I would like to have myself removed and replaced from some of the games that I moderate. This includes specifically only the Sling series games. I was placed in a position where I was essentially required to take moderation status after the former mod was removed from the site, but now, after around 2 years, I've come to the decision that I no longer want to be mod, but there appears to at least be one more runner, and I would feel terrible leaving the mod position empty while there is a run up for verification. Hopefully we can get this sorted out soon, but I would appreciate a replacement.

[Putting it in text to make sure we are on the same page, but I still want to be moderator of the other games, I just don't want to be moderator of any of the games within the Sling series anymore]

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@AmeryAmery Parking Fury: Bob-chicken can request the removal of that super moderator by using that thread. / Parking Fury 2: Bob-chicken is a Super Moderator so they can remove other moderators if there's a need. / Parking Fury 3: You require a pending or verified run on the leaderboard.

Did you as well tried to reach them so they can eventually remove themselves?

@DaliddorDaliddor You can remove yourself by going on Edit game -> Moderators -> click on the 3 dots after your name -> Remove moderator. Before removing yourself if there's a user who've a pending or verified run, feel free to reach them to see if you can add them before removing yourself.

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@ivanpaduanoivanpaduano They're both active on Twitter and have their direct messages open to everyone, please try to reach them in there about your pending runs.


Hi, currently mod Edenal in inactive, last online 1 year ago, can we upper my status mod to super mod?


I would like to request moderation of the game Flaming Core ( the mod of the game has been inactive for over a month and my run has been pending for a while. I also have attempted contact with afnannen136 ( by discord but did not get an answer.

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The mods on Roblox Prison Life are inactive. I have a run in waiting for 2 months, ( Dec 31, 2020). Yes 2 of them are not a part of the community, but the other is on pretty frequently.


I would like to request moderation for the Shadowrun Returns board. My pending run has been left unviewed for two weeks, and the current board mod has not logged on in 5 months. Efforts to contact have not helped. I appreciate the help!


Requesting moderation for Mandalore isn't active for this game, and I've been waiting a few weeks now to get my run re-approved after being approved 2 months ago (had to update my submission video). Before 2 months ago, Mandalore hadn't been online for a year.