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@Locally147Locally147 Done.

@MRMR.Pitts Done.

@cakejerrycakejerry Have you checked the general Fire Emblem discord? They might be active in there. If not, come back here.


@LunaSpeedLunaSpeed Done.

@frenchfrench Done.

Going to have to ask you guys to stop seeking out games afnannen136 mods for to solely do one run for and get moderation status. Unless you actually care about the game, this isn't helpful.

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i got my run reverified, but Revan has stepped down from mod since. Because of this, Gwimpage is left as the sole moderator for the game and he was last active 2 years ago (alternatively he was last active in the fire emblem speedrunning server on march 15th 2020), so I am still interested in becoming a moderator for fire emblem fates.

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Hi, I'm requesting to be added to 5 games listed below. I moderate most of the games in this series and it wouldn't make much sense to leave these leaderboards hanging in limbo. Sorry for all the requests I've made recently, I won't make any more for a little while. Thanks 🙂



I have a 3 week old run in

The mod @AscendingAnthemAscendingAnthem has been inactive for 3 weeks could you add me as a mod so I can get the run verified

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I would like to request the removal of a mod for this game:

The mod that I'm referring to is SorryULose who has been inactive for 4 years

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@OutputOutput yoco is active on discord, you can dm them there if you want a run verified
SBBP is not an active game, and removing yoco would just make it impossible for a run to be verified. I dmed the mods for that game a while back and yoco was the only mod who responded

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@Merl_Merl_ Ok I edited my post to only remove SorryULose since he's been inactive for a long time and there's no way to contact him because he didn't put his socials on his profile


@cakejerrycakejerry Okay, added.

@GarshGarsh Done.

@WhatsFrogWhatsFrog Have you attempted to contact them at all?

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hi, im asking to be added as a mod for sega ages outrun

i have submitted a run 5 months ago that still hasnt been verified, the only mod there hasnt aproved or rejected yet my run

even after i asked him if he could check it, and hasnt logged in here in 2 months.

thanks in advance.


@starsmileystarsmiley I added him on discord a few days ago, haven't accepted


hi i would like to request the other moderator for hunt down the freeman "voiceguy" to be removed and i get promoted to supermod as he hasnt been online in 2 months and hasnt responded to any messages since april 9th 2020 including messages from yesterday. he did respond to some messages on april 9th 2020 but just never responded even when discord says he's online.


@andresfgp13andresfgp13 Added.

@WhatsFrogWhatsFrog Going to give them some more time to respond.

@KeaganExtremeGamingKeaganExtremeGaming Done.

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Hello. I would like to request super mod or mod privileges for Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. There are no active mods or super mods for this board and the last mod activity appears to be 8 months ago. Thanks.


hello. please add me as moderator to this game.

when i contact to the moderator, he/she said he/she will never visit this site again.

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Hi, game:
Only one moderator (big S.) is active, Adam_ak and Shrimp are probably dead 👍

Pjoxt shows signs of life and:

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I am a Super Mod for along with another Super Mod who hasn't logged in in 2 months and doesn't answer my private messages. I don't really know how to deal with this situation, so here's my request: could he be removed from the mod team so that I could ask other people to help me with moderation while keeping the team fresh and active?

Thanks for your help 🙂

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@erikthedirectorerikthedirector We require that you have a pending run in queue before granting moderation status.

@daradarachdaradarach Added.

@VadyangaVadyanga I have removed Adam_ak and Shrimp and bumped up S.

@KaweedFulKaweedFul Done.

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Hello, I would like to be moderator for this game:

There is only one moderator, mcmuffinman3d, who hasn't been online in 2 years and has no socials connected to their account.
I also have a pending run in this game, if that is a criteria in this case.

Thank you!



I would like to be added as a moderator of Creed Rise To Glory, as the only moderator has been inactive for a month. I tried to reach him directly about 3 weeks ago without success.

Thank you.

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Hello, I would to request moderation for the Tequibo series
There is no moderators for the series