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I would like to request to be the series moderator for the Touhou series. This is because a new Touhou game is coming out, and the current series moderator, @bjwbjw, has not logged in for two months. I have attempted to contact them when they had not moderated any Touhou runs for ten months on Twitter and on the site, to no reply.

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@budget_hvick225budget_hvick225 I will attempt to contact them.

@WiiSuperWiiSuper Added.

@NemesiaNemesia Please add another contact to your profile.

@RapixOnGamingRapixOnGaming Can you DM me please with proof that this is what the community wants? Either through the site, Twitter or Discord.

@Akhara_VectAkhara_Vect Please enable e-mail authentication.

@WaveracerWaveracer Added.

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@starsmileystarsmiley I contacted all three supermods requesting to be a moderator three days ago. YetiHype has not been online in a month, Cubeface has not done anything with the game, and CapnClever, despite logging on recently, either did not notice or ignored a message sent 3 weeks ago and my message from two days ago.

I'm not asking for any of them to be removed, but it would be preferred to have a supermod that actively runs the game and is up to date on current strategies.


@starsmileystarsmiley I've added contact information for discord and steam

// Nem


I'm the moderator for all the versions of Bully, however we don't have a series mod, and I'd like to touch up the forum, remove old stuff etc etc, and be ready to add new stuff in future. If I could get series mod for it, that'd be rad -

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Hiya! I have a couple runs pending in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: -- The runs have been pending for about a month.

I'd like to know if I could be made a supermod of this game, since the current mods seem to be inactive. One moderator last logged in in January, and the super mod in December. The super mod reached out to me on Twitch to ask if I could be a moderator since he knew he was going to be inactive for a while, but never got me set up. I could share those DMs with a staff member if they'd like to see them.



hello, i want to be added as a moderator for 3d classics excitebike

im the current record holder for both main categories and almost all the single levels, the only mod there hasnt been in the site for 2 months and i have a full game run waiting for a month to be aprooved

thanks in advance.

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Hi, I would like to be added as a super moderator for

Both moderators are barely active ( once every month / 2 weeks ) on sr.c and have tried contacting both.

I tried contacting one of the moderators ( TheRealShadnic ) but his discord doesn't work and he is not active on the other social media linked.
I also contacted CreepinAtMyDoor trough discord because they are active there but still haven't got any answer.

I have runned the game before so i know how retiming rules works on there.

Thanks in advance !

EDIT: i got an answer from one of the mods (CreepinAtMyDoor) trough discord. Im guessing TheRealShadnic is still afk though.

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Hello. The super moderator for the following games and series, afnannen136, has not been active for a while. I have tried to reach out to them multiple times to no avail. All of there socials are inactive and I have 0 contact with them now. They mod lots of games, a good amount of which I have runs in so I might be back here to request moderator for those. Anyway the following games they are super for that I want removed are:
That is all of them. Respond when you can.

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Hello, I would like to request to be added as moderator for the game Dr. Vile in the Greater Good. The game currently has two mods, however neither of them have logged on in over a month. The mods also do not have any social links on their profiles. I do have a pending run.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi, the Super Moderator (Inactive) and Moderator (Banned) are both inactive for a game I play. It is Space Is key. I see the Super Mod was last online a week ago. I also submitted a run a week ago which didn't get verified. Would I be able to be a Mod or Super Mod?


Hello, I would like to request to be added as moderator for the game Marie's Room. The game currently has only 1 moderator, who is inactive and hasn't logged in for over 2 months.
I do have a pending run and there is no way to contact current moderator through social media.

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@iTezKeziTezKez moderators are given 2-3 weeks to verify runs

edit: as of writing this Jumpyluff (Series Mod) was online 4 hours ago and Bat 15 hours ago, If you're talking about the game Space Is Key, FireWall is currently active


I have a run pending on territory idle it has been pending for 2 months now and the mod hasn’t been active for 6 months.


E-Mail authentication is enabled now.


Hello, I would like to request moderation for J-Stars Victory Vs+.
The moderator has been offline for 4 months, i sent my run quite awhile ago, and messaged him. He has yet to reply and yet to come online.

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Hello, I am requesting to be added as a moderator of the game 10 Gnomes in Bologna ( The moderators have been offline for 6 months, 2 months, and 1 week respectively. I am aware that moderators must be offline for 3 weeks to be considered inactive but that moderator, @afnannen136afnannen136, isn’t active on any of his socials and my attempts to contact him through discord have been unanswered leading me to believe that he is not returning to the site. If this is acceptable, please add me as a moderator. If not, I will wait 2 weeks and make a new request. Thank you.

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I would like to request the removal of @Karloman314Karloman314 from Super Moderator status for . He has not been logged in to this site for over a full year and has no social media linked on his profile, so there is no good way of contacting him.

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Hello, I would like to request a supermod for Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I was once a mod with fellow user @weebmeisterweebmeister but after some issues with fellow players about the validity of using NG+ items and characters in New Game, we were removed as moderators. The problem arose when I saw my runs were hidden for now 3+ years but you can see my runs on my profile here's the proof I decided a month ago to re-submit my run but both mods haven't been active for almost 2 years. As someone who ran the game constantly for years only to be removed, I'm kindly asking the moderators to add me as a supermod again thank you for the help.

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Hi I would like to request the removal of @MCLogreenMCLogreen from the Moto X3M leaderboard He has been offline for 4 weeks and isn't answering on Discord. I would also like to request the removal of @ProvoBanditProvoBandit from the Moto X3M Winter leaderboard He also hasn't been online for 4 weeks and isn't answering on Discord. Since @ProvoBanditProvoBandit is the only Super Mod for Moto X3M Winter, I would like to request that @Bob-chickenBob-chicken be moved up to Super Mod.