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even big leaderboards like mario 64 make subcategories.
You dont need a new leaderboard for that.
Subcategories can be set up under variables.


@starsmileystarsmiley It's been 5 days and no response from the moderator of Gantz the Game. I plan on finishing a run for Dog% as well as submitting better times and it feels like even if he responded at this point it would be such a long period between each wait as he is clearly no longer active on the site or Gantz.

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@FlyiFlyi Upped you to Super and removed the other one.

@KeKeKumbaKeKeKumba They've full permissions on the game so they can create subcategories to separate emu from console.

@SilverNebulaSilverNebula Series isn't in need of moderation so I'm fine to put the series without moderators. I however can't grant your request for all individual games because you've no runs in those games. (except CV5 but this request has been already fulfilled)

@KaiKai. Upped you to Super and removed the banned user from those games.

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I am concerned about the Moderation of the game Emerald and Amber.
The Super Moderator is continuing to approving runs without re-timing them. I have talked to him about having to re-time runs, but he says he will not take the time to re-time anything. He has since stopped replying to my messages about anything. If this is grounds for removal, then I am requesting removal of the current Supermoderator and to have myself become supermod.

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Hi, I would like to moderate Gerrymander: Rig the Election. The moderator has been gone for a month and I have a run pending for awhile. Contacting him is impossible as his Steam page and Discord link are broken.

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I would like to request to become a moderator for the MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf speedrun leaderboard ( ). The current only moderator for the game has been inactivate for at least 3+ months now (in terms of any true activity) and hasn't responded to any outside contact or contact through the speedrun site from other users as well. The current moderator was also the moderator of another game in the franchise (MechAssault ) until another user was granted moderation through here also for the same reason as I have stated. I currently have a run on the leaderboard.


Would like to request moderator or terminator 3 rise of the machines leaderboards if so would be great if not it’s okay let me know -


@brandonltxxpbrandonltxxp message the Moderator about that,this is more like the place to come when the Mods have been inactive

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Hello, I've a run pending in the game Saturday Night Slammasters ( ), they have been pending for about 3 1/2 weeks now, the moderators (Charlieboy and Escort_Quest) have been offline for over 1 month.

Thx and have a nice day

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Also @starsmileystarsmiley I attempted to contact @Cyberdemon531Cyberdemon531 4 days ago, and she came on yesterday and either didn't notice the message or ignored it.

EDIT: The issue of verification has been resolved, however all of the Super Moderators are still inactive.


I have a request from you, please delete a wrong rune the administrators did not delete, I request from you

  [user deleted]
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remove @AprilSRAprilSR as a minecraft series mod as literally adds any game/map that doesnt even obey game request rules, with such games as Minecraft Classic, MC Pi Edition, MC Pocket Edition Lite and MC Education Edition which are absurdly arbitrary

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Hi Folks,

Apologies, but I did join Speedrun not too long ago and cannot message the full moderators yet:

I find myself in a weird predicament here. I cleared the best time (so far) yet for:

That video can be found here:

Now, I have been waiting a couple of days for this to be cleared and added. I know it says up to a week or more but the mod for this game added me on Twitch yesterday (after I submitted a bit later) which I did find weird. I have submitted three different times over the last three days with no response.

Tonight, he joins my live Twitch stream and mentions to me that my last time of 12m 33s is invalid cause the game audio isn't there, though I am still speaking the entire time. My Twitch Studio audio just wasn't linked to my headset which is a stupid mistake. I wouldn't have even been able to tell unless I looked at the audio feed, so that's on me. Now, at this point, NONE of my runs have even been accepted/rejected though he's clearly watched them. All of that can be seen here: - you can jump to 48m in to see the comment thread live.

I mentioned that this run: has no in-game audio as well. Since he must have been listening to copyrighted music and muted on his stream, it doesn't appear to the end after he beats the game. How is that any different than my audio missing, especially when I am commentating during the whole run?

I do find this to be kind of unacceptable as it's still days since my original submissions and they are telling me in an outside platform that I have been rejected when I haven't had this on yet.

Furthermore, this is kind of borderline gatekeeping since this mod also has the top times on multiple leader-boards for this game. The last complaint is TODAY on 02/24/2021 or 02/23/2021 based on your timezone, he changed the game rules that you needed to have in-game audio in order for your run to be accepted. This is well after my run had been submitted and still as of 12:29 GMT has not been accepted or rejected.

The change that was made:
"Timer Start when you choose a character and stops when the final blow is delivered to magneto All run must have game audio."

I'm happy to provide screenshots on anything in question as well.

I believe in fairness and just downright good fun with things like this. We all can have fun by trying our best to be better when it comes to runs and achieving better times.

I would like to challenge this ruling and formally ask to become a moderator of this game as I would be fair and respectful. We all strive to become better on these runs, and that's what this is about rather than being reactive when it's unnecessary.


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Hello, is it possible to promote me to supermod of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (reorc)? The current supermod esfrenchie09 has been inactive on src for 4 months now and an even longer period of time in the game.


Hello, the only mod of the Blood II: The Chosen game are inactive for 6 months and he's can not be contacted anyhow... Game is not popular for speedrun purposes, but there are some people who interested in it, and we waiting for run approval for like... 4-5 month I guess? Can I be promoted to super mod then? Thanks!


Hi! I'm the dev of Moonbase 332 and the only one who did a speedrun for the game atm.

Since the moderator doesn't seem to be that active and has never published a speedrun for the game, it might be better if I were a moderator too.

I've linked my speedrun on Steam in the update announcement, in case there are concerns about whether I'm really the developer:

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Hi! I’d like to request to be added as a moderator for Toejam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron. The current mod RantronBomb has been inactive for over a year. There are also forum posts requesting category additions that have gone unanswered for over a year as well. There are no timing rules or rules of any kind for the game defined in any category so I don’t have any runs submitted, but I’m active in the Toejam and Earl community and I have several runs on the first Toejam and Earl’s leaderboard. I tried reaching out to RantronBomb on Twitter, but their account doesn’t allow DMs to be sent to them so I figured I would reach out here.

Here’s the link to the Panic on Funkotron leaderboard:


Hey, I'm requesting to become a moderator of the game Kanye Quest 3030. I submitted a world record run almost 3 weeks ago and have made numerous attempts to contact the current moderator on his various platforms, to no avail. He seems to be pretty inactive. I've even contacted individuals who have moderated the game's leaderboard in the past, but many of them are even more inactive. I went as far as to make a last ditch post in the game's forum section hoping for some kind of reaction, yet 2 weeks later I haven't been responded to. I'm not requesting the removal of the current mod, since there's a good chance he's coming back eventually; I'd just rather have my run verified sooner than later, even if I'm the one who has to do it.

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I am requesting moderation on this game: both mods are super inactive and i would also like them both removed.

(2 years ago and 2 months ago)

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I want to be a moderator here :
the moderator barely gets active<not even once a week>, I even tried contacting him on discord (Spoiler: His discord is invalid) and he is not active at all on his YT channel. He didn't even update the categories because the game got updated, he is far behind with the lists. (the update is as old as 2 months and he didn't update it). I request remove of his mod.

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