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@R0mainR0main or @starsmileystarsmiley yeah i was recording full speedrun of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized but I run out of memory on the disk can approve the request for the game? (its rejected) I do not want to play for so long a second time (4 hours)


Hello there, I would like @RabiWilliamRabiWilliam to be removed as moderator of Daymare 1998 for inactivity. The last time he was online was 8 months ago when he wrote me: ""I'm not active for long time as you see. If you can proceed the speedrun for Daymare that would be great!"". I asked him to remove himself, but he never replied to me and never logged-in on again. Thanks.


@Cursedgamer11Cursedgamer11 is the moderator of "Dementium 2", he has 4 months of inactivity. He has not been active on Twitch for 4 years, his Discord is down and his twitter is deleted. And I have a run waiting verification


His profile in


@starsmileystarsmiley I contacted @CapnCleverCapnClever as he was the only other person who's been verifying runs since I've started running this game in December, the other mod who actively verified runs seems to have left. Me and two other people have been waiting to get runs verified for a couple weeks but none have done so yet.

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@starsmileystarsmiley or @R0mainR0main It has now been 3 and a half days and I still have no response from the moderator for Gantz the Game on any social media.

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@KaprizkaKaprizka Your game request is pending review so please be patient.

@RapixOnGamingRapixOnGaming Removed them.

@AphelDDAphelDD Added.

@MarioSwitchMarioSwitch Rules are rules and for everyone. We don't make exceptions because it's someone you know. So yes they've to wait until their account reached the 30 days old threshold.

@EvoxtalEvoxtal Sounds good to me but you need MFA enabled on your account in order to be added as a moderator to a game. Please read first post to know how to enable it and get back to us once it's done.

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I have ran this game before and whilst checking the leaderboards today I noticed that the person that was the moderator of the game has deleted their SRcom account so the leaderboard is mod less.

Can I be added as a moderator for this game?

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The super moderator of Pou @afnannen136afnannen136 is initiative, my 2 runs, 41 seconds long in total, have been pending for a month, They've messaged on Discord asking if anyone is interested in becoming a mod I said I was and they haven't respond I've also messaged them on here and they haven't respond

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@SothisSothis You can remove yourself from the moderator list. Go to "Edit Game", click on "Moderators", click on the 3 dots beside your name and select "Remove Moderator". For example

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Hello, I would like to be the moderator of
I have a run pending since 2019-11-30, I tried contacting Mattie on the site the 2020-07-25 they didn't respond. I tried contacting them on youtube a month ago and they didn't reply to my comment but they replied to the comment of someone else about how it's just spam (there was my comment about my pending run and the comment of someone talking about a skate 3 speedrunning). Mattie doesn't accept friend requests on discord so I can't contact them either on Discord. They connect on the site from time to time but my run is still pending.


Hello, I would like to be the moderator of Both Mods Inactive Cant be Contacted Discord Last msg was 5 Months Ago a very inactive game.



This moderator has not logged in for a month and I have a pending request for this great game.



Hey I would like to request Moderation of the game Gerrymander Rig Yhe Election (see site here) Mod here @ifidieyoudotoo is unaccessible in every way and hasn't been on the site for a month. The Discord account doesn't work either. So I would like him to be removed and for me to be added for Moderation


Hello I would like to be moderator of Wolfenstein 3D. The only moderator @CapnCleverCapnClever who has verified runs in the past couple months will have been inactive for 3 weeks tomorrow. I have attempted to contact him with no response. Two of the moderators have never interacted with the game and the other one who has, hasn't been online in over a month.

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Hello! Requesting to become a super moderator for Fable: Anniversary - the super moderator @giantsteps92giantsteps92 hasn't signed on in 2 years and no longer remembers his srcom details.

I can provide proof of him confirming he's happy to pass permissions over if required, as right now it's not allowed us to add any more moderators causing a delay in verifications. I currently moderate the Fable series and am supermod for Fable TLC/Xbox/III, let me know if anything else is needed!

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Can you make me super moderation for because the super mod was banned


@5mon5mon We request that you have a pending run in queue before granting moderation.

@Yummy_Bacon5Yummy_Bacon5 I am late but ReniSR has contacted me about this and I have given them control of the game.

@HopeTrashHopeTrash Added.

@CalcyCalcy Added.

@SilverNebulaSilverNebula Added.

@AslanTZAslanTZ We ask that you have a pending run in queue before granting moderation status. Also, your Youtube contact is broken.

@ShinboyShinboy How long ago have you attempted contact? Also, YetiHype is active.

@doyendoyen Added.

@EtemEtem Done.

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Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but...

We'd like to separate emulator from N64 (and I suppose PS1 even though there's only one run submitted out of all the categories) on the Nagano 98 page. One of the mods has agreed it should be done but doesn't appear to have the permissions to do so (see here: )...and the small community for the game agrees. Emulator is quite a bit faster and should not be on the same leaderboard as the two consoles.


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@starsmileystarsmiley I attempted contact with @CapnCleverCapnClever a week ago. It says YetiHype has not been online in 1 month.