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HI i have 2 speedruns for beyblade games but the mod has been inactive for about a month now and all forms of contact have gone unanswered. I would just like my runs verified but i would happily take on a mod role. links to the games r below
thanks for your time and help


@starsmileystarsmiley Enabled now, sorry about that.


I just checked the board and it looks like I'm not actually set as moderator yet. Somehow it didn't process? Sorry for the tag @starsmileystarsmiley but figured you might want to know. Thanks again in advance!

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Hello i am requesting to be super mod of . As the game and rules are very inactive and i have a run pending there and the only mod for it has been inactive for over a year. pls let me know @starsmileystarsmiley or whomever is mod here thankyou


Can I be given Super Mod for please?

I am already a moderator, but our only Super Mod stepped down a few months ago, so we have been left without any Supers since. I really need to add more mods to the game, cause I'm the only active one at the moment. Thanks!


Hi I just started speedrubning the game custertruck, 2 of the 4 mods are inactive speedrunners including me have been waiting so long for verification and Most people in the discord for clustertruck speedrunning agree we need more mods, I run in the any% desert world category on any platform and ps4. I would hold to second place run on ps4 and 40th in the whole world but my runs have not been verified, I would like to take up a mod role and stop this backlog of non verified runs and therefore make the leader board accurate.


Hi I would like to become a mod for Hotshot Racing, It only has one mod and he hasn't been online for 2 months. I've looked to contact him but his youtube is gone and his discord has been non-responsive.

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Hello! how i can to become worms series ?


I attempted and submitted a run on, it has been pending since 2020/11/21 now and I also tried contacting the only moderator on the game, but haven't yet received any feedback from them. Not sure if it is just because the game is very inactive, I would like to do more runs on the game, but am not sure if I should since I don't know if any of the runs will even be looked at.

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Hello. I would like to request the removal of the other super moderator of Granny (, Godchueco. He is rarely online and he hasn't verified a single run since August 2020. I have messaged him about this issue, and he has not responded. He was previously contacted by Daravae around a month ago about this, and I haven't heard anything since. If someone could at least contact him, that would be great.

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Heyoo! I kindly ask for the moderation rights to the game Tekkyuuman (

The only moderator is also the only person who has posted a run for the game and this was three years ago, they have not logged into since that. I have tried to contact them via the YouTube account they used for posting the run but it seems that the YT account of theirs has also gone inactive, for at least a year now.

Kind regards,

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@Barto59Barto59 You still do not meet the contact requirements.

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@8BitsOfJoy8BitsOfJoy Sorry about that, should be added now.

@jake_is_hijake_is_hi Please enable e-mail authentication.

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@xfIushyxfIushy The moderators are active, please contact them.

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@KaprizkaKaprizka The Worms series does not need series moderators.

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@KaiKai. Done.

@MattinatorMattinator He has been removed.

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For Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure, I have removed the current moderator and have added Zaxon96.


one of the minecraft bedrock speedrun mods keeps rejecting my run saying i spliced it but i didnt only because i beat his time


@elowengrubelowengrub read the post, also talk to the moderator that rejected your run about this


@starsmileystarsmiley I contacted the mod wolfii and he can confirm 2 of the mods are inactive. Also the mod wolfii is away from home a lot and is often not even verifying runs, I once again will request my addittion to the mod team and will be active every day and will stop the backlog of unverified runs. Everyone in the discord agrees more mods are required, so I will be verifying runs daily and will take this role 100% seriously. I am not trying to have power at all, I just want to better this community of speedrunning


Sorry to be a pest, but it seems like might be broken somehow. Starsmiley has tried adding me as mod twice now, but there are still no mods. Does anyone think this should be reported as a bug? Thanks again.


@xfIushyxfIushy Talk to the moderators, they are active.

@8BitsOfJoy8BitsOfJoy Apologies, you are definitely added now!

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@starsmileystarsmiley added you on discord I need to show some screen shots


@starsmileystarsmiley was talking to @WolfiiWolfii and he told me to apply as mod and he also confirmed that several mods have stepped down or are inactive I have screenshots just add my discord