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Requesting that @ThatPoochyGuyThatPoochyGuy be removed as supermod of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​gssh1 . They have not logged into SRC in 1 year, and one of @ThatPoochyGuyThatPoochyGuy 's IRL friends has said that he has since given up on the site. I am already a supermod of the board in question and am well-equipped to moderate the game after @ThatPoochyGuyThatPoochyGuy 's removal.


@DangerlessDangerless not to be pushy but it has been a week since I spoke to you last about We Ski & Snowboard. Since then basically nothing has changed and the only mod Braden has been unresponsive, if there is anything else I can do to help speed up the process please let me know, thanks ;D


I would like to become moderator of: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Badland_GOTY_edition .Both moderators were online 5 month ago and I'm waiting for my runs to be confirmed.I already did 2 runs, and i will continue speedrun this game.I tried to connect with moderator from Ukraine(I am from Russia so i tried to ask him)in Discord, but he ignores my message.I will be very grateful to you.

P.S. Where are Payday 2 Moderators? I made 13 runs(lol) and almost 2 weeks have passed.


@Derek_MKDerek_MK In order, added.

@TrickstabberTrickstabber I'll look into it. Meanwhile, send me a FR and message on Discord. My Discord handle is Daravae#0002.

@Skyler774Skyler774 You need at least two social media links attached to your profile before your request is even considered. Please complete this request and get back to us here when you are done.

@WyliemasterWyliemaster In order, added.

@FreiFrei Seeing as your account is only 8 days old, it's going to be a pass for now.
Allow me some time to check with the Gundam series moderators to see if someone from the series would like to moderate this board for now.

@BackspacedBackspaced Okay, removed.

@MaxPowerYTMaxPowerYT In order, added. Also please look at the other runs currently in the queue of that game.

@GustavoGustavo.Predador Both moderators were online recently (5-7 days ago). Tagging them in forum posts is not going to work seeing as tagging doesn't push a notification to a user. Try messaging square on Discord. For Rantron, try any of his other linked socials.

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@LattMackeyLattMackey Seems both you and Evansgrill have been added to the game by Jeffsledge.

@LuckyWeatherXenoChuLuckyWeatherXenoChu I haven't received a reply back, and my friend request looks to be untouched. Since you have a pending run and they've been offline for a couple months, added. Though your time submitted is wrong by the looks of it, .02 in livesplit isn't 2 milliseconds.

@bgl. Received no reply back, since you have a pending run and 2/3 of the mods look to be grossly inactive, added you to assist.

@EvandarEvandar Received no reply back. There appears to be quite a few pending runs for this game, and 1/2 mods clearly aren't coming back. Because of the queue, and the other mod having no contacts assigned (couple with no reply), added you.

@MilkToastMilkToast Seems fine, added you.


Hello so also i currently want to run a game called toastellia, soon. I have 1 run on the board (misc) and i did a glithless run before but never bothered submitting it cause it was kinda bad. The only super mod was banned from src a few months ago. This game has no moderator in it and i dont want to start running a game seriously if i cant get my run on the leaderboards, would it at all be possible for me to be added a moderator. Thank You in advance for your time 🙂


@DaravaeDaravae, I already tried the discord, but I can't message him so I try twitter or forum


hi, I decided to run in endless legend, but the moderator of this game did not go to the site for more than 10 months, tried to contact him, but alas it did not work.



After checking these three games I am confused. These two games: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sitdh / https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Spawn_The_Video_Game

1. You do not run them, nor do you have any pending runs for either of them.
2. There are no pending runs for these two games, haven't been for a while.
3. That said, why precisely are you requesting mod for these games? Being a Series Mod doesn't automatically grant you permissions to request moderator for every individual game within that series. In fact, this exact attitude is precisely why we find this role so annoying to deal with in general. You aren't obligated to be added as a moderator to either of these two games. Period.

This game: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​spawn1999

It appears you added both Square_wave and Rantronbomb yourself a while ago, presumably without asking them to begin with. It goes back to why add either of them from the start? (There are also no runs pending for this game, and haven't been since 2018.)


Hello, posting here for the second time.
I would like to apply to be moderator of https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Rocksmith_2014
The only mod https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​ToastdGames/​ has been inactive for over 3 months, hasnt posted a run in about 6, and hasnt used their twitter or youtube in roughly 6 months either.
I tried to contact them over a week ago via twitter and youtube comment to no avail.
Because of this, I can't get my run verified.

Any chance I or someone else can take the moderator spot?


I would like to request moderator status for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Pokemon_Team_Turbo
I have submitted runs that have gone unverified for 21 days, the current moderator hasn't logged on to in over a year, and their only social media link (their youtube) has been inactive for 3 months.


I am humbly requesting moderator status for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Zelda_Game_and_Watch

I have reached out to the sole moderator on Discord and haven't received a reply; normally i would give it more time, but they haven't been active on Twitch or in months, and this exact same thing happened to the existing WR when that runner set that record.

The moderator has been inactive on for 3 months as well.


I'd like to request moderator status for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Runabout

The moderator for that game has been inactive for a while in the site, and he doesn't even have a run in the leaderboards. I started running the Runabout playstation games a while back and I got mod in 2 and 3 thanks to a friend who used to run the boards, the leaderboards needed some changes, and so do these. The current moderator for Runabout 1 is inactive in both twitter and twitch/youtube and has been for a long while. He's only been inactive in srcom for 2 months, and I know the rule says 3 months, but he's mod for a game he doesn't even have runs for.


Posting again to ask for mod on We Ski & Snowboard ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​we_ski_and_snowboard )
I explained my situation to Dangerless but I'll do it again since he might have missed my previous post.
I have been attempting to get in contact with the only mod of the game, Braden. When I first started looking for him I already had a run I was going to submit but I wanted to make sure he was still someone I could contact. Braden has no social media linked to his account, which seems to be against the rules of modding, but I was able to track him down on Instagram. I messaged him there asking if he could give me mod so that I could help to grow the game. Instead of responding to me, he confirmed a run that was almost 3 months old, then went inactive again. I can no longer contact him and he has not confirmed the run I submitted.
Basically, I tried to do the right thing by contacting the current mod of the game before coming here, but it backfired and I had to wait a little while longer so he could be declared inactive. If any mod could help or if you need more info please let me know. Thanks 😃

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@GriffinRupeGriffinRupe No need to go on repeat, I do not check the thread everyday. I still feel I want to give Braden sometime and I've talked to the other Fmods a bit about it, what we've agreed to do is put you on the board as a regular moderator until Braden time rolls over at 21 days (its already nearly at two weeks as of this post). If Braden does not return we'll fully move you to super on the board.

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Hello, I want to become a moderator of the leaderboard of the game D'LIRIUM I am both a Patron and a fan)


@sneakyscarabsneakyscarab Seems fine, added you.

@JSR_JSR_ Added you, doesn't seem like they are coming back.

@SerSanjuSerSanju Added you.

@KostyA4247KostyA4247 Seems their twitch is gone as well, I've gone ahead and added you. However, I noticed the logo on the leaderboard was barely viewable and it was impossible to make out if it said "" on it so I've removed it. Feel free to create a better logo.

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@afnannen136afnannen136 Provide an actual game run in the relevant categories, we aren't going to consider giving anyone moderator status for running something where all you do is lock the game up (misc categories are not good representative for this). Provide the run here afterwards and we'll reconsider.

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