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I would like the removal of ebh from escape the dentist obby because he summited a run as dowsky. All the other mods want him removed as well

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Hello, I'd like to request leaderboard moderation for Milon's Secret Castle.
I have a pending run, but the moderator hasn't logged in for about 8 months and there is no stream on his twitch, so his activity couldn't been confirmed. Thanks.

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Hello, I would like to request leaderboard moderation for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I recently submitted a run and I plan to submit more, but then I discovered that the mods have been inactive for a few months. Another thing Id like to point out is that the majority of the times on the boards are from the mods themselves.

After looking at their site profiles, I couldn't find any active forms of off-site communication to reach them. They haven't done a run in a few years, I had trouble finding them on discord, and their twitch accounts are either highly inactive or don't exist anymore.

I'd really appreciate the help.

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Hello !
I was waiting for my run to be validate on the game Driven but it's been a week and the moderator was not connected since 1 month. Moreover, he is the only moderator and his run is not recorded so i don't think he cares a lot about the game (nobody cares about Driven lol) . Maybe you can add me as a moderator or juste validate my run ?

(of course i tried to contact him with discord, twitch ...)

Thanks a lot for all your work for the speedrun community.
Cheers !


Hi, I would like to become a mod of LIBRARY ( I've submitted 2 runs and I've been waiting for like 5 months without news.

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I think MarcineNS should be removed as a super mod from the Moto X3M leaderboard . The last time he was online was 3 months ago

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Redo the mod team for escape the dentist obby as @EBHEBH has verified 3 not runs (literally all of them is a play and he quit) and @Menacing_memerMenacing_memer verified a run from Geogirl of a play through of the game aswell. Which I ranted about in the forums.
My personal choice of mods would be
If this goes through successfully me and a lot of other people would appreciate it. Thank you 🙂
( @zir0niczir0nic and @TylerCSpeedrunsTylerCSpeedruns gave me permission to say this)

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I would like to request the removal of CoolThings2014 and TrafficPossum as super mods from the Parking Fury 3 leaderboard CoolThings2014 has been offline for 10 months and I can't communicate with him because his only social media is YouTube. TrafficPossum has been offline for 1 month and I can't communicate with him either because his only social media is also YouTube. Although I do not have any runs of the game, I would be willing to replace them as super mod because there would be only 1 other mod. I love the game and play it all the time so I know about it.


Hi, toca already talked about this but the mod for The Night of the Rabbit deleted his account and there is no mod left on that board. Could i be made mod since I have a pending run and also mod a similar game from the same developer 🙂. this is the board

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I would like a site admin to look into the preferential treatment of verifying PRs based on the current Tetris Attack tournament being held by puzzle general. Cardsoftheheart has deemed it okay that Runs for their tournament get preferential treatment as they have a "Deadline" to meet compared to other runners who dont have interest in joining their tournament. In moderation rules "Moderators must remain impartial in their treatment of community members." and "Preferential treatment of any type (moving runs up in the verification queue, verifying runs that do not meet standards, etc) is forbidden, especially if associated with payment or favors. Failure to remain impartial may result in moderator removal." Puzzle General has a hierarchy on the moderation of the puzzle series games and while myself and another community member (Surrisama) have tired to reason with them and state that their treatment is unfair they neglect to budge. We have asked for a new mod that isnt part of the puzzle general community because of all the scrutiny and preferential treatment on runs. I am asking for the removal of Cardsoftheheart, from the boards based on their continuous actions of gatekeeping people that want to play these games and not listening to the community. (Not to mention it took over a month to get a mod to look at the save state rule they deemed was okay even though emulator specific functions are banned) as well as having a new appointed mod that isnt part of the puzzle general discord that has a choke hold on all panel related baords at this time. Two runners have removed their times from the boards across the puzzle series and therefore due to the moderation of the boards we have lost two amazing runners that just wanted to enjoy running the game they love. If i site admin would like to reach out to me for evidence of this I would be more than happy to oblige.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderation for
I have a pending run, but the game doesn't have any moderators.

Thank you.

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@ATunaOnWhiteATunaOnWhite @cozypocket
You're both taking the wording of the rules here way too literally.
(Lack of) Impartiality here would be applying one sets of rules to RunnerA, and not applying them to RunnerB. e.g. RunnerA gets a run rejected for lack of game audio, but RunnerB does not because for example, the mod is friends with RunnerB (or another variety of reasons).

The preferential treatment is also in regards to single runners, e.g. Always verifying RunnerB's runs first over RunnerA.

Taking the wording literally like you have here would mean the following situation would break those rules: A mod has a 5 minute break, see's a 30s IL submitted, and decides to verify it before a 2hr run that has been in the queue for a couple of days.

Speedrun Tournaments generally rely on verified sr.c runs for seeding, so giving those runs priority is fair game as long as other runs can still be verified in a timely fashion, if they can't then the mods should seek out bringing more mods/verifiers on board to handle the increased load.
With being part of the mod team for 2 tournaments being run in the past 6 months, the communities have been supportive of the tournaments and understand that their runs may take a bit longer to verify.

It's worth also pointing out that the "Runs Awaiting Verification" page is not sorted by submission date, but by the date entered by the runner of when they did the run, so there is zero emphasis from sr.c that runs should be verified in the order they are submitted, and if the date on the page was used then a runner could just stipulate they did a run earlier than they did to artificially bump it up the queue.

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@BenInSwedenBenInSweden This a strange thing to say considering there is a specific qualifier added in the rules for exactly this situation "moving runs up in the verification queue". You've also added weird context with that "30 second run vs 2 hour run" that simply does not exist here. Regardless at this point this has gone further than just verification issues and will most likely be resolved with a Full Mod.

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@SurriSurri again, this is to deal with specific favourtism to specific individual runners, and to ban the possibility for someone paying a mod for their run to be verified first.
It is not as a generalisation to enforce mods to verify runs in a specific order, but more that Mods should not use their friendship with the runner nor accept payment/favours in exchange for verifying their run first.

The 30s IL vs a 2hr full run does certainly exist within sr.c, maybe not in the game in question, but certainly happens.

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Yes when I said that context doesn't exist I meant in regards to what we're talking about. I cannot speak to literally every situation thats ever happened...and I dont want to.

It also seems we just disagree on what "favoritism" means, which is fine.


I would like to request becoming a mod for Magic Darts . The board currently has no mods, and with it being in the current Big 20 race, it will surely have plenty of new pending runs incoming. I currently run the game and am familiar with the rules and most of the community.

It appears that the previous mod, NickBGoHard, has deleted his account, hence the lack of mods.



Hello. I would like itsabigerror to be removed as super mod from the minicraft leaderboards. He hasn’t been active on any of his for 3 weeks minus his twitch but he never responds to me anymore on their. I think they should be removed for being inactive.

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@swordguy617swordguy617 I have removed ItzMrBlox and Catt, and bumped you up to Super.

@LorLor Okay, they have been removed and you have been bumped to Super.

@ShunkShunk Please enable e-mail authentication.

@doyendoyen Added.

@ZaraphiraZaraphira Please enable e-mail authentication.

@adrianusadrianus Added.

@victuvictu How long ago have you tried contacting them?

@YuaRyucYuaRyuc Added.

@gamingguy63gamingguy63 I have removed Squad3 and bumped up Kittyhat, as they seem to be active on other social medias. Please try to contact them.

@Barto59Barto59 You do not meet the contact requirements or have e-mail authentication enabled.

@MandarinasGratisMandarinasGratis Have you tried contacting them? They are active on other social medias.

@AmeryAmery Done for both games.

@KikenKiken This seems to have been sorted.

@SolidSolid Added.

@ATunaOnWhiteATunaOnWhite This seems perfectly reasonable as tournaments rely on seeding from the leaderboard, so moving to get all of the runs in the tournament on the board for accurate seeding makes sense. If you feel that the runs that aren't being looked at due to this are taking a long time to be verified, I would ask the moderator to add more mods. Otherwise, this is standard practice in many other communities. If you feel something else is going on, please let me know.

@hobby_joggershobby_joggers Please enable e-mail authentication.

@8BitsOfJoy8BitsOfJoy Added.

@ReniSRReniSR How long ago have you attempted contacting them? Cause they're live right now.

Regarding Tiny Toons: Busters Hidden Treasure, I have been busy the past couple days but will take a look into it now and will handle this ASAP.

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@starsmileystarsmiley sorry I thought I had already but I have enabled it and confirmed it is enabled. My apologies