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@starsmileystarsmiley (Sorry for the late reply) since 5 days and nothing. For some reason, his Discord is invalid.

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Please don't add @GarshGarsh to the hot wheels series. He was rude to me when I asked how he got moderator for World's Best Driver in this thread (, and doesn't even have a run in the game nor any hot wheels games. If the series needs a moderator, anyone from any of the other games would suffice, although I doubt it's necessary.

Edit: This is not resolved, I'd just rather move on

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@diggitydiggity Rude to you how? I just asked you why you were making so many posts. A majority of hotwheels games have inactive moderators so a run wouldn't get verified if it was submitted.

Edit: I think we resolved the issue?

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Please remove SPY3R as super-mod for Agario and make me (also super-mod) the "owner" of the board.

SPY3R has been inactive since october 2020 and has made it clear he is not interested in speedrunning or being active on

Thanks in advance!


I am a super mod of the game "Family Ski", and we recently learned it has a duplicate leaderboard under the name "We Ski". The mod on that page, Cookieman_Gaming, is uncooperative in merging the two, despite them being literally the exact same game with nearly no differences.

In discussion with another Family Ski mod, MiniMawile303, as well as mods for the other game in the series, Sierra, GriffinRupe, and NetherSpl, we have decided to use the currently existing Family Ski leaderboard going forward, and have the We Ski leaderboard deleted. We already have community plans for dealing with the timing changes.

Thanks in advance if you can help us, or redirect us toward where we should request this.

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I'd like to be added as a Mod for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny as the mods for both are either inactive or don't run the games anymore. I tried messaging the only mod that had been around since I starting running the game but he's since been inactive as well. Me and other community members would like to keep these games alive by having atleast 1 active mod so our runs can be verified. It'd be appreciated if you could help!

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Hello, I am the super mod for Madagascar 2 DS. We would like to request that you remove the other super mod named "Gurg" from the game. It was recently discovered that that the user was responsible for the mismanagement of the game's profile in the past. Considering the fact that the game is one of the most popular in our series, it would be very risky if he were to go active again with such power and jeopardize the progress we've made. In the past, he was responsible for inadequate rules, fake world records, fake categories, and even some very racist and inappropriate actions on the game itself. After a discussion with the newly added mods, we came to the conclusion that his super mod role had to be removed for the courtesy of the game. We would appreciate the help in removing him. Thank you.


@starsmileystarsmiley I messaged the moderator on twitter and discord but have received no response after 24 hours. Additionally, I would like moderator anyways for Gantz the Game because I want to be able to create different categories and stuff. It would be very frustrating having to wait on him for everything when he clearly is inactive in the game.


Requesting Leaderboard moderation for (

@Jaro024Jaro024 has been inactive for a month, I have run pending

Would like to become Mod so that the leaderboard doesn't die

Thanks for your time

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I would like to request the removal of @DArklord5443DArklord5443 and @SnackyWackySnackyWacky from the Moto X3M leaderboard . The last time @DArklord5443DArklord5443 was online was a month ago and his only social media is Twitch so I can't communicate with him. The last time @SnackyWackySnackyWacky was online was a year ago and he hasn't answer me when I tried to contact him on Discord. I would also like to request the Me, @Jabber47Jabber47 and @The_Abyss420The_Abyss420 be moved to Super Mods because we are much more active as moderators and more active with the community.

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Hello, I would like to become the moderator of Swords and Sandals3 ( ) since there are no active moderators or super moderators (both been gone for multiple years). This is so I can verify new runs including my own.


sorry for my english, im russian. necropolis ( moderator ( was online 11 months ago and he cant verify my speedrun. so, can i be necropolis moderator??


Hello, I would like to become moderator of the Disciples II: Rise of the Elves.
Current moderator didn´t log in for 4 months.


@PrincessBroPrincessBro Done.

@CesarDCesarD Please enable e-mail authentication.

@KikenKiken I have removed Bluely and bumped up the regular to super mod, but I cannot give Lor moderator to the other games if they don't have pending runs or runs done on the game.

@KaprizkaKaprizka You need to have a run pending in both games.

@Shac0leShac0le Hendrix8 has been removed. The current moderator is active, so I recommend contacting them privately.

@GarshGarsh The series does not seem to be very active.

@sam0ssam0s Added.

@victuvictu I will give them a little more time to reply.

@OggyerinoOggyerino I have removed SPY3R. There's no "owner" of the board.

@MyNameIsntZeeMyNameIsntZee Sent a DM.

@anarchyasfanarchyasf Who have you tried contacting exactly? All of them seem to be active on the site.

@gamingguy63gamingguy63 Sent a DM.

@RetromedRetromed Going to give them some time to respond, as 24 hours is not a lot of time.

@WhatsFrogWhatsFrog Added.

@AmeryAmery I have removed them, but there are still other Super Mods. Ask them to be promoted.

@Lil_BroomsticcLil_Broomsticc Please enable e-mail authentication.

@NydaniiNydanii We require that you have a pending run in queue before granting moderation.

@direktor_internetadirektor_interneta Please enable e-mail authentication.

@GRIzliCzechGRIzliCzech Added.

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@starsmileystarsmiley my run wasn't verified since 1 week, but I can wait a little more


@StarsStars I have email authenticated normally


Hello. I have recently been playing 'Bubble Struggle' which is a listed game on this site. There is 1 moderator but they have not been active for 5 months, nor do they have an email listed for contact. I'm hoping to get my times added to the bubble list (There is only 1 time posted but I want to try and build the bubble scene). If becoming a moderator is possible, I would be interested as well. I am new to the site but I foresee myself becoming an active user. Thanks.


Both Mods Inactive asked one of the mods that has been inactive for only 2 Weeks and he said that they are not Returning so i would like to become a mod for the game


@Locally147Locally147 Your account age doesn't meet our requirements to consider your request. Please get back to us on March 2. You need as well MFA enabled on your account in order to be added in a game as a moderator (Please read first post to know how to enable that on your account).

@alpharadalpharad Their last login is 8 days ago, which is not a high inactivity for us to make a change in moderation. Please use their external contact methods linked on their profile about your pending run, feel free to leave as well a site message about your run so they'll read it once they'll login back on their account.

@FantasyStrike Request denied.

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