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Sorry, I had forgotten about Isaac_smk

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@starsmileystarsmiley i did but expected not get to responed to cuz the moDS are not active supa mod is 2 weeks, and regular is 1 month.
But i did contact themn


Hey I've been wanting to add a time to Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games
But there are no moderators there so can I be made one in please


Hey I've been wanting to add a time to Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games
But there are no moderators there so can I be made one please


Hey I've been wanting to add a time to Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic games
But there are no moderators there so can I be made one please

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@starsmileystarsmiley forgot to say that in my other run from this game ( the mod only verified it 3 weeks later, and he also was online at the time i send it. So, to avoid another thing like that, I requested moderation for SSF2TR (I also think he's ignoring my messages btw)

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@starsmileystarsmiley please , accept my cod mobile I don’t agree with rejecting


Hello. Requesting to replace current abandoned series. The game and its series has been abandoned. The current Mod has not logged into the website for almost 6 months now. He is the only Moderator available and I have pending requests for submissions and another 16 more I would like to get on the board. I am available to be added as a Mod or Super Mod if he does not reply. I would love to get that game series a community once again. Also, the current Mod has not made requirements or rules. He posted his runs and left sadly. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game Space is Key ( )
I Am A Series Mod Of Space Is Key And I am Mod Of Every SIK Game Except Space Is Key
The Moderator Bluepointed has been inactive for 5 month
here is my pending run


@FirewallFirewall your video is privat tho even if he would be active he couldnt verify it

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@Shac0leShac0le that was a mistake you should be able to view it now

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@starsmileystarsmiley Hi Worms: Reloaded super mods inactive, can youre put me on super mods please?

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation for the game "osu!" ( The current and only moderator for the game hasn't been active in ~6 months and I haven't been able to contact them elsewhere. I've been a verifier for the board for quite some time now as well. Thanks.


Hello, I would like to become modarator of the game Heroes of Hammerwatch ( the supermod hasn't been active for 2 years on this website, and the other modarator hasn't been online for three weeks, I have attempted to contact them on other platforms, but they are inactive on those as well. I would like to add a coop category which has been requested by some including myself.

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I'm the series moderator for the Madagascar series. My request involves a game in our series, "Madagascar 2". I recently discovered that one super mod, and one regular mod have been inactive for almost a year. I tried reaching out to them,
but they never responded. And after reaching out to the other two active mods, they have voiced their support in changing the mods.

Therefore, we would like to request that you remove the inactive mods "kirbygame126" & "Dbp", and replace them with myself and the game's current world record holder/fellow series mod "chris_runs".

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Hello, I would like to request to be a supermod for Spider-Man (2000) as we currently lost one active moderator, and the supermod who used to verify runs has been fairly inactive on which leaves me to verify runs. I would like to be supermod so that I can add additional mods as the game is currently rising in popularity recently.

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Hi Again I Would Also like to request moderation for the game paper io
The 3 Moderators Are all inactive Jakewalruswhale has never streamed he as been offline for 3 weeks
Griefmaker has been inactive for 1 year
Maiko has been inactive for a month his last video is from a year ago his twitter , discord and twitch don't exist
My pending run

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I would like to become mod for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ( The moderator atm hasn't been online in like 2 to 3 months now. So he doesn't respond to my message (I did sent him one a week and a half ago). He also hasn't stated his discord or twitter so there is no way to contact him for me rigth now.
I also have a run pending right now ( for the game.
I also red the rules of being a moderator!!!

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I would like to become a super mod for and replace bambywamby31. It seems like their conduct is not appropriate and not acceptable for a mod.
I told them that I was banned from the discord linked as the official SRC discord for this game, and they said this in response:

this is I think unacceptable for bamby. I know others have other issues with bambi as well, for instance, there have been concerns about bamby using their personal discord as the official discord for the src page

I believe I fulfill all the requirements for a full mod that are stated in the first post of this thread.
My credentials (I'm not using this to say that I'm more qualified than bamby and therefore should replace them as a mod, I am just saying my credentials so people and staff can have trust in adding me as a mod for xbla)

Speedrunning console N64 GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark since 2017, got 1 GoldenEye WR in 2017 (former now) , 2 world records in perfect dark, Defection agent 0:05 which is still a WR, and War agent 0:25 which used to be a WR

I have also performed a GDQ run for perfect dark n64 at SGDQ 2019

lastly, I was actually the very first person (or close to the first) to post a run onto the ge xbla page, dam agent 56

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Hello I would like to request to get mod or super mod for SharpShooter3D ( )
I sent the run for approve 4 months ago. Nothing has changed since then. The super mod has been inactive for a year, I wrote to it in all possible ways but never wrote back. I also tried to contact the mod, but this one wrote to me that there was no time now to deal with this category, he even wanted to appoint me an additional mod, but due to the lack of permissions he could not do it.
Here is my pending run