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I have a request to moderate this game:
There is only a single mod running all of the leaderboards and they have not verified a single run in 3 weeks.

I currently have a pending run waiting to be verified ( )
The same mod has also been inactive in the forum for about 2 weeks, and their last action was locking a thread.


@R0mainR0main i was banned from running re5 and i knew you had a part in it. can i know why i was banned?


Hi All, just wondering if there is an update on Kung Fu for the NES?

Im not sure if im the one for the job of mod, but im sure others that are active at the top of the leaderboard might be up for it.


the oregon trail series mod hasn't been on in a while and I can't communicate with him so I can't add a game to the series


@Thee_DeadguyThee_Deadguy Added.

@AdamCarnageAdamCarnage Please enable e-mail authentication.

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@PusheeneiroPusheeneiro Your game request got mixed up in the argument, so I missed it. My apologies. I've bumped up the Regular to Super and removed the Super.

@FirewallFirewall Have removed them and added you.

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@JdudeIsRiggedJdudeIsRigged They are active, please attempt to contact them.

@AuggyDog09_AuggyDog09_ Please request the game as you would normally.

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@BroodBrood Please contact the moderator about this.

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Hi I'm a god of war moderator and known runner

I make this request because it is the same problem of inactivity, Ragnell is inactive on the site and has not replied to messages in discord since 20/04/2020

Ragnell56 could be removed from all God of War games please

Many runners say that SerSanju checks runs monthly

I would like to be a moderator for God of War: Betrayal

Edit: I think it is necessary to remove blackpliff
Last online: 9 months ago

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Would like to request super mod or to at least get my runs verifed on echo night 1 and echo night 2. ive done runs for both and the current only mod has been inactive for over a year. worth noting also that echo night 2 doesnt have any runs up yet so mine would be the first. thanks in advance.


Hello, I am requesting that the super mod NotMyName is removed from the Animal Jam Classic leaderboard. They have not been online for over 2 years and any attempts of contacting them through their provided social links have not worked. They have not been an active member in the community for a long time and they, from what I've seen, didn't help too much as a moderator. About 5 months ago they made a new account (notmynamefan) to submit a run to a game so it seems they have abandoned that account.

Thank you for your time.

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The community is looking to clean up moderation lists a bit, so I am requesting the removal of "Ihsoy" and "p1xelfart" from the Left 4 Dead series moderation, "flicky" from Left 4 Dead moderation, as well as Ihsoy from super mod in Left 4 Dead and p1xelfart from super mod in Left 4 Dead 2. p1xelfart hasn't visited the site in at least a year, Ihsoy hasn't visited the site in three years, flicky hasn't visited the site in two years, and none were ever active in the community's Discord server.
Series page -
Ihsoy's account -
p1xelfart's account -
flicky's account -

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We from the Daedalic speedrunning community are in a bit of a situation: the moderator of two of the Daedalic games (The Night of the Rabbit and The Whispered World Special Edition) deleted their site account a few months ago, and now we found out that these games are left without any moderators. Sadly, none of the other runners for this game are in the Daedalic speedrunning discord---therefore I'd like to take over moderation for these two games.

Moreover, I hereby request the removal of @WuschelpinguinWuschelpinguin as super-mod of Harveys New Eyes. In fact I already contacted them June 2018 via twitch whisper (only communication method available) to join our discord so we can discuss this very issue, but I never heard anything back from them since.


Email 2FA added, apologies it was not done it advance.


Hello, I ran two categories of Sushi Cat 2 ( almost 4 weeks ago. I tried to contact the moderator but no answer. What should I do? thanks


@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador Removed Ragnell56. For God of War: Betrayal, I have bumped up the regular to super. Please contact them about any future inquiries. It was mentioned in earlier comments that blackpliff was active in the community, so I just want to double check this request.

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@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Done.

@TheMasterTheMaster Done.

@AphelDDAphelDD Okay, added.

@toca_1toca_1 Removed Wuschelpinguin and bumped you up on Harveys New Eyes. For the other two, we ask that you have a pending run in each game before requesting moderation.

@AdamCarnageAdamCarnage Added.

@BuuwelkaBuuwelka Please enable e-mail authentication.

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Hello @starsmileystarsmiley !

I'd like to request moderation for Popeye (NES). I have had a run pending for over a month ( I reached out to the current mods and haven't gotten response. Also no response from posting in the forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time!

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@starsmileystarsmiley blackpliff is active in the discord group, no longer runs, I think the run will take a few days to be verified and some gow runners do not agree with SerSanju's moderation but I wanted to moderate the game together with him, as he was very dedicated to betrayal

I want to create a levelboard

Leave SerSanju as super and could you put me too super please

Edit: the removal request was made by the GOW Runners who also wanted SerSanju removed, but I think there is no need to remove it

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Hi Lor here, I'm here to ask for the removal of moderation power for "IVTROY" in the JToH Leaderboards, Usually he waits average 2-3 weeks to verify runs whilst he's active.

and that's not all there's a certain ILs are missing on the board which is "Tower of Elongated Runs" and side note, He won't add that to the leaderboard in the leaderboards at all since the Tower or the level itself is "Impossible", Basically it's not since it has been nerfed numerous of times.

2nd IL He won't add is the "Citadel of True Exasperation"

the third part is rejecting runs with runs that doesn't follow the "00x" format, usually moderators are required to fix that but for him he outflats reject them in the past.

edit (1 more thing)

he also outflats delete threads that are serious sometimes.

As a verifier, He shouldn't have been a mod for the game "Juke's Towers of Hell"



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Hello @starsmileystarsmiley

AphelDD was recently added as a moderator of Super Princess Peach. I see his above request for it. I assume it was approved because I may have not logged into for some time, though I honestly don't know how long. However, I have issues with him being approved to being a mod. His run had only been awaiting approval for 10 days, which less than the 3 week max mentioned when submitting a run. Also, though he mentions reaching out to me via messages here and on twitch, I have received no such messages (I can provide screenshots if needed though it's hard to show evidence of something that does not exist). I noticed he has a discord and is the Super Princess Peach server, but he never tried contacting me through that either.

Additionally, after becoming mod he instantly approved his own run, which I normally would have no issue with. However the video he submitted clearly shows a time over an hour slower than the time he claims to have achieved. (I have left the run up as evidence to show he lied)

Also, he added IL leaderboards the same day he became mod without talking to the community in advance (which he is aware the community exists given that he joined the discord). The rules he added for the any% and 100% ILs do not align with the requirements of their respective categories.

If you feel Super Princess Peach needs additional mods I can add someone who has been an active member of the community, but I would rather avoid having someone new who was impatient, refused to reach out, lied about times, and tried to take over the leaderboards without consulting the communtiy to be a mod with me.

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I am a super moderador for the God of War series and I want to comment on some of Gustavo Predador's actions here. He has created fights with numerous moderators in the past and has been involved in a lot of controversies throughout the years. Now he is using this forum to subvert the moderation and as an attempt to gain power. Removing Andypanther was acceptable because he has been inactive for a long time, but I disagree with removing Ragnell, and I am completely disapprove Gustavo asking for moderation. (It seems he just edited his comment where he was asking for GoW2 moderation.)

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I apologize for the GOW 2 (I wrote that I would like help), because the 2 mods that check run was (Jolie, Gunner) I don't want to remove anyone

I didn't agree with Ragnell being an inactive moderator, and all the work would go to the active moderators

But for Ragnell, you can put it again in games and series, I asked only because of the betrayal could not create categories

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Hello, I would like to request the removal of the Super Mod MarbleBlaster from the game Marble It Up! as he's been inactive from the game and the community for an extremely long time, and we tried to get him over discord among other channels.