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@NoiceNoice The moderator is active and you literally only contacted them a day ago. Please stop finding inactive boards to leaderboard snipe.

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@NINtenJANINtenJA I have demoted Faschz and upped Pantry. Please contact Pantry about any future inquiries.

@StaleCornStaleCorn Bumped you up.

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@TLBGTLBG This has been discussed in the discord, we will give them some time to answer on discord. If we end up having to add you, please enable e-mail authentication.

@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Done.

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Hi, @Triple-TTriple-T is the moderator of "Multiple Mario & Sonic Games", I submit my run today and I noticed he has been 8 months since the last time he connected. I tried to contact him,
he doesn't respond.


i guess that here is were i have to ask about it, there was a page for the game code of princess

code of princess is a beat em up with stats, gear etc divided by levels, is available for 3ds/switch/pc, i think that the previous mod quit the site or something but the page is out too and his run is out, i guess that he deleted the game and his run, i was planning to run the game, i have to request the game to be added back to the site or what it can be done?

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Hi, I am a moderator of the AVP series and almost all predator games along with Alien games I have almost 80 runs

I would like to be a Predator 2 moderator I posted run, I waited 2 months and the moderators have been inactive for 1 year

I need to separate the java version of android from predators
please put me as a Predator Series mod:

game by Gameloft
The 2 games have different protagonists, Android is 3D/Gameloft 2D and only that version follows the plot of the movie


@starsmileystarsmiley he was inactive for 3 months and is not my fault that he just connected yesterday, its a coincidence, and ok ill stop finding inactive leaderboard i know that I've been requesting very often


Hello, I would like to request to mod 2 games.

The first one is Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure. I have had a pending run for over a month. The super mod has not logged on for 4 months however the regular mod logged in 3 days ago. I have not found a way to contact the super mod however the regular mod I've contacted through Twitter, Twitch and direct messaging, of which they have responded to none. They went online for the first time in over a year around 2 weeks ago after I contacted them first on Twitter however still have not verified my run.

The second one is La pyramide de Ra-sin Kareh. I have had a pending run for over a month. The verifier has not logged in for over a month and I have only been able to contact them through their Twitch however they did not respond. The super mod however is active on the site, I have contacted through their Twitter and direct messaging however they have not responded nor verified my run.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi, I would like to become a moderator for "The Coin Game."

The one moderator, Largemann, appears inactive on the site and social media. His last twitter post was a few months old, his last Twitch stream was almost 7 months ago, and it says he was last on the site a month ago. I submitted a run a week ago, and I understand it may take a few weeks to be verified, but the one moderator for the game hasn't had much of an online presence so if it is okay I would like to become one.

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hello, I was throw game request 2 weeks ago about worms 3, and please add me to worms series mod, bamboocha inactive 1 year.
Worms 3 full gameplay run

Wikipedia page:

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I am requesting modship (second time) for the Silent Bomber leaderboard ( ). I was denied in my first attempt and decided to wait out the 21-day period (as well as paying more attention to the requisites).

The current moderator of the leaderboard has not been active in the past 5 months.

I have attempted to contact him via discord on the 10th of January. I have not received a response since. I use discord frequently and I have never seen him logged on.

I have attempted to contact him via twitter. Again, I did not receive a response.

It has officially been 21 days since I have posted my run, it is still pending.

Edit: I just remembered that I also sent out a friend request to his Twitch account (since I can't whisper to him otherwise) that friend request is still pending.

I have E-mail authentication on.

I have added twitter as an alternative way to contact me (my primary is discord).

I would appreciate a specific response if there are any requirements that I have not met or if there is any reason why I would be denied moderator status.

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@andresfgp13andresfgp13 Yes, you have to request it again.

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@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster I have bumped up the regular moderator to super and have added you for Boogerman. For La Pyramide, I've contacted Smallant and will give a little time for him to respond.

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@KaprizkaKaprizka A series mod is not required. Please submit it through the normal game request.

@GundwnGundwn The recent post and message seems to be recent, so I'll give the moderator a little more time to respond, as forum posts are easily overlooked compared to messaging.

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@starsmileystarsmiley Sincerely I do not see change, as mod from Predator Series or Predator 2

I removed the java platform and category from


Alright, @starsmileystarsmiley I updated my profile.

What should I do now?


@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador Sorry, should be fixed now.

@coasterboardcoasterboard You still need to enable e-mail authentication.

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@starsmileystarsmiley You mean require email auth when logging in? Ok, I just did that. Sorry.


I think the Predator series was missing.

I want to change several things like icons, background (it was put by me before).

I want the series not to be useless, my goal is that future request are for the series and I am a known runner and with many records in this franchise.

also need it because of Predators Java Run Below:

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@starsmileystarsmiley sup, thx for super mod on worms 3
I have a question, can You’re give me mod or super mod or verifier on worms ultimate mayhem? Because super mods inactive 5-12 months.

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Hi, it's just a request, I don't want to be a mod.
some runners commented that andypanther is a mod for the GOW games and the GOW series
I thought it was necessary to make this request because I thought it was unfair to the runners and moderators who dedicated themselves to the game, he is a mod of all content gow and does not run just comment on the topics

I searched the youtube channel have no content god of war

Another thing removes him from Gow games moderation, he doesn't dedicate himself to almost 1 year

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Hi there! I've been speedrunning the game Cel Damage a while now... the two moderators of this game have been inactive for quite a while (over 1 month/over 8 months) so some of my runs have been pending for over 1 month now... Both have no contact method stated in thier profiles... so I wanted to ask you to make me a moderator of that game, as I usually check the site on a daily basis. Thx.


Hello, I am a moderator of the game Mirigine War, the current Super mod (tyras25) hasn't logged into the site or verified a run in over 3 weeks. I'd like to request to be bumped up to a Super mod and tyras25 be removed or downgraded. This is so that I can add active moderators to the game to get runs verified faster. Thanks.


Mirigine War: