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Hello, I would like to become a Rake game moderator, is there any option to applicate ?


@ToastWasTakenToastWasTaken You need to enable e-mail authentication before we grant you moderation status.

@JugadorJugador You need e-mail authentication. It's a site requirement as a moderator. We literally cannot add you otherwise.

@Asuka424Asuka424 Added.

@LorLor Removed for Mari0: Alesan's Entities and Sonic Ball Zero. I want confirmation from Flutter about the third one.

@IslandGoSAMeIslandGoSAMe Added for both.

@Bangu7Bangu7 Added.

@KaiKyeWasTakenKaiKyeWasTaken Your runs have only been pending for one day. Give it some time.

@Shac0leShac0le They will be removed.

@RayGirl0712RayGirl0712 Both moderators are active on at least one platform. Please attempt to contact them about adding you as a moderator.

@sakeligsakelig I will give them a couple more days to respond before acting.

@shinuushinuu They are active on other social medias. Please attempt to contact them and ask them to remove themselves.

@SiemionSiemion Please enable e-mail authentication and add at least 2 working contacts to your profile.

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Yes, I did also forgot to confirm Flutter hasn't logged into SRC For over a month and They/them is still a moderator.

Also I'd like to have both

Flutter removed from Sonic.exe TSoH Board as well.
Her discord tag doesn't work at all, and I have no social contact towards the user.


I have enabled Email Authentication

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I would like to register as moderator for PuLiRuLa and The Ninja Kids since none have active members.
I have sent messages to moderators through youtube and Twitch but no response .

Best Regards Thatchbro

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Referring to my submission to moderate the game "Zenek Zombie":
I talked to wrboismbs just now and he claimed to not care about the moderation and the account anymore - he prefers me to moderate the game. Is it fine?


Hello. I would like to request to become moderator for The Ninja warriors. The existing moderators are inactive and haven't replied to other means of contact.

Thank you.

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Is thare any way i could replace the user As a mod for the game This user had not logged on in 1 month. And they do not respond On any Media Also they have accpepted a run that is clearly Speed Up and is still on the leaderBorad smh


The board at has no mods. I plan on doing a run of this game very soon, and I would be glad to take over duties for this board. I plan on adding a few categories to it as well.

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Am i doing something incorrectly? I have posted 2x and have been overlooked both times,

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For the game Big Ice Tower Tiny Square (Link The moderator has not been active in a year. I have tried to reach out to them thew their other socials, but they all do not exist any more.

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@k0zzxk0zzx you weren't overlooked, @starsmileystarsmiley clearly answered you in the previous page, and I quote:

"It wasn't overlooked. I requested that you have a pending run in queue before giving you moderation status."

Seems pretty straightforward to me

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@LorLor Removed them both and added you.

@ToastWasTakenToastWasTaken Added.

@ThatchbroThatchbro Added.

@Darnok_PLDarnok_PL If you could provide a screenshot of this, that would be great.

@JoeTheHatGuyJoeTheHatGuy Please add another contact to your profile and enable e-mail authentication.

@KaiKyeWasTakenKaiKyeWasTaken I have removed gamesfordalolz and bumped the regular up to super.

@JSR_JSR_ Added.

@k0zzxk0zzx I have answered your mod request two separate times. Please read.

@lodilooplodiloop You need to enable e-mail authentication before we grant you moderation status.

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if you're not gonna put effort into a troll submission im not gonna put effort into the rejection 😃


im sorry, i shouldve rejected it for double submission considering it was the same video as the wr 🙂 apologies!

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I would Like to Request to become a mod for the game


I have authenticated by email, so please give me moderator privileges of Sakuna of Rice and Ruin.


I have added another contact to my profile and enabled e-mail authentication

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moderators needed for windjammers, kung fu and wanpaku graffiti splatterhouse 🙂. some moderators have not been active for months and over a year 🙂

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read, posted, seemed strange to post a run that wasn't going to be verified.

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