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Hey can i ask why i dont meet the requirements to be a mod on alien rage tge mod is been inactive for over 5 weeks, they are ignoring my messeges everywhere and the leaderboard is a clomplete dissaster what else needs to happen to look into this


Hello. I would like to request to be a moderator for Slice, Dice & Rice (
The current moderator hasn't been online for a year and he seems to have either deleted or changed his Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch account so I can't contact him.
Also, considering his inactiveness I would like to know whether it's possible to be a super moderator.

The game has a community in Japan and some Japanese players there are starting to do some speedruns, so I want this place to be active.
I am looking forward to a good reply.

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Hello, I do runs of a fangame called Sonic GT, the moderator for the leader board has not added any categories or a place to submit runs, I can't contact him on Twitter since he blocked dms, he's ignoring my dms for this site and won't accept my friend request on discord so I can dm him, as well as I rarely see him online on discord. I like the game a lot and I don't want the small community behind it to just disappear, If you need proof that I have runs of the game, you can check my youtube channel where I have uploaded several. I would try and submit runs but like I said at the beginning, the page for the game has no categories at all so there isn't a place to submit runs in the first place. and for reference, I believe the leaderboard was created around November last year, and nothing has happened to it since.


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@Darnok_PLDarnok_PL Seems so. I recommend he contacts to get this solved.

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@k0zzxk0zzx It wasn't overlooked. I requested that you have a pending run in queue before giving you moderation status.

@JugadorJugador You need to enable e-mail authentication before we grant you moderation status.

@LahiRahiLahiRahi Added.

@TheEthanExpressTheEthanExpress There is no moderator, so I will add you.

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Hello I would like to request moderator for
There currently are no moderators on the game and there needs to be some changes to the page
I'd also like to clean up the descriptions and add a few new categories that the community has been requesting

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Why do i need to enable e-mail authentication? i hate that, i guess the game would be dead because seriouly just look at the leaderboard is a complete dissaster if you dont want to add me as a mod because of that is ok i dont care but seriously you think the alternative is better

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Requesting moderation for:
I have two runs currently pending (current wait time: 3 weeks).
I've reached out to the moderator over social media and received no response; they last logged onto this site 9 months ago.

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Hi I'd like to have redcat628 removed as a moderator (from all of 3 games) due to his inactivity


The games he moderates:
3. (As a former moderator of this game, I would to have him removed)

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Requesting Super Moderation for the following games:
1. Angular Momentum ( )
2. Squirt's Adventure ( )

Both game's moderators have been inactive for a while (2 and 3 months respectively), and do not have social media that I am able to contact them on. I have DM'd them, but there has been no response.

I have pending runs in both games

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I would like to request becoming a moderator for Burly Men at Sea. The mod for this has been inactive for 3 months, I attempted to contact them on social media but no reply. I do have a pending run if required.

This game isn't very active if at all, I only have 2 weeks since I signed up to My run hasn't been pending very long. (These aren't the only issues). I understand if issues such as these prevent me from becoming mod or if I should wait longer. Thanks for taking the time either way.

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I would Like to become a Mod for the the Game
This game Has 2 Mods that Just dont check this game ive had 4 Runs Pending for 1 month Ive tried Contacting these mods but nothing.
I have a alot of experience in this game but never had a run on the leaderborad Because Like i said the mods are just not checking this game

This game isn't very active , I only have 2 weeks since I signed up to My run has been pending very long. (These aren't the only issues). I understand if issues such as these prevent me from becoming mod or if I should wait longer. Thanks for taking the time either way.


I wanna come back to Clash of Clans Topic.

Phillip still hasnt answered my messages on,Twitter,Instagram and Tellonym

He has been online to the last three Social Medias in the last 3 Days.

I would like to ask again for his removal as SMod in Clash of Clans


Can I be a moderator of ? It’s been around 5 years since it’s been existed. The run has a lack of categories for anyone who had the game.


"@sakeligsakelig As they are active and you have said that you've been in contact with them, please ask them to grant you leaderboard moderation."

Asked him for mod a week ago now and havnt gotten a repons from him since i asked last week on saturday. What should i do?


Hello, I would like to become a Rake game moderator, is there any option to applicate ?


@ToastWasTakenToastWasTaken You need to enable e-mail authentication before we grant you moderation status.

@JugadorJugador You need e-mail authentication. It's a site requirement as a moderator. We literally cannot add you otherwise.

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@LorLor Removed for Mari0: Alesan's Entities and Sonic Ball Zero. I want confirmation from Flutter about the third one.

@IslandGoSAMeIslandGoSAMe Added for both.

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@KaiKyeWasTakenKaiKyeWasTaken Your runs have only been pending for one day. Give it some time.

@Shac0leShac0le They will be removed.

@RayGirl0712RayGirl0712 Both moderators are active on at least one platform. Please attempt to contact them about adding you as a moderator.

@sakeligsakelig I will give them a couple more days to respond before acting.

@shinuushinuu They are active on other social medias. Please attempt to contact them and ask them to remove themselves.

@SiemionSiemion Please enable e-mail authentication and add at least 2 working contacts to your profile.

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Yes, I did also forgot to confirm Flutter hasn't logged into SRC For over a month and They/them is still a moderator.

Also I'd like to have both

Flutter removed from Sonic.exe TSoH Board as well.
Her discord tag doesn't work at all, and I have no social contact towards the user.


I have enabled Email Authentication

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I would like to register as moderator for PuLiRuLa and The Ninja Kids since none have active members.
I have sent messages to moderators through youtube and Twitch but no response .

Best Regards Thatchbro

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Referring to my submission to moderate the game "Zenek Zombie":
I talked to wrboismbs just now and he claimed to not care about the moderation and the account anymore - he prefers me to moderate the game. Is it fine?