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Referring to Zenek Zombie moderation - our talk was in Polish, but I've just asked wrboismbs to write a declaration in English on YouTube, under his World Record run video - here it is: (it is a reply to the most fresh comment under the video). Is it fine?


@starsmileystarsmiley Have i met all the required criteria now to be added as a mod?


Hi there, there is no moderator at all for the game "Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu" ->
I recently found it, I am learning it but wasn't able to finish a run yet. Before I upload a run, I want to make sure it's no "casual playthrough", so it'll take some time.

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Can I become a moderator for the game chameleon run? the other mods have been inactive and I still want people to be able to submit runs to this game.


My runs on the chrome game have been waiting to be tested for over four months! The moderator has not been active for more than five months. I tried to contact him in every possible way! I can't get in touch with him in any way. Please make me the moderator of this game, as I want to post my speed runs in and I want to continue to run this game further, knowing that I'm not doing it pointlessly and that my runs will be exposed!

Inactive moderator of the game: @RocketToMarsRocketToMars
Make me a moderator, please or please help me already set my runs for this game.


It wasnt a requirement before i dont know why its a requirement now but if you think its better to have a dead game instead of adding me as a mod then great youre doing a great job 😃


@QuivicoQuivico Ok I have done that maybe 15 times with multiple different runs. They either delete the time or reject it without a reason. I'm not sure what to do here because I have never been told what is wrong with the run (it doesn't break any rules). I seemingly can't get my run on the SRC leaderboard for no reason at all.

Is there anything I can do to get my run on the leaderboard OR at least a reason why it is rejected?


@RealAlphaGamerRealAlphaGamer Have your runs been verified at, given that the game's rules state that your runs must be verified there first? I tried doing a quick search for your user but I haven't been able to find you on there, so if you do perhaps it's a matter of the mods just not being able to identify your runs.


@Darnok_PLDarnok_PL Sounds acceptable. Added.

@k0zzxk0zzx Added.

@Z4T0XZ4T0X We require that you have a run pending before granting moderation status.

@Menacing_memerMenacing_memer We require that you have a run pending before granting moderation status.

@MagnifyierMagnifyier E-mail authentication must be enabled before we can grant moderation status.

@JacksonWomackJacksonWomack You do not meet the requirements in terms of contacts and e-mail authentication.

@JugadorJugador The site has it set up so that we cannot add moderators to any game without the user having e-mail authentication enabled. If you are unwilling to do this, I cannot help you.

@LumpologyLumpology The current moderator is active, please contact them about all of this.

@CuttyflameCuttyflame Thank you, handled.

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Hello, I am the current WR holder for Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D (All 30 Endings category), and the one and only moderator for the game has not been active on the site for around 4 months already. There is also someone that has a pending run for the VR category for the game but his run hasn't been verified due to the mod's inactivity. I tried reaching out to the moderator, and so did the other individual, but we've received no response whatsoever. I am asking if the removal of the current moderator is possible and if I could take on moderation for the game. I am regularly active on the site and no one would have any trouble reaching out to me.

The current moderator's name is: Shuzo_
Thank you.


I would like to request the removal of the other moderator of the game Clicker Heroes ( ). The other moderator is very inactive and I couldn't contact him over Discord, Twitch, Twitter or YouTube. Contacting him over this website wouldn't really do something.


I would like to become a moderator in the game Resident Evil Survivor. Moderators are absent for very long periods. As I enter the page all day, I am available to check the runs. I ran a race winning my own World Record and it didn't pass 2 months ago

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What will happen if the moderators of Project Diva F 2nd haven’t answered my messages? (Also, a certain moderator has made the message settings blocked to avoid strangers)


Still Waiting On "TinkerBell and The Lost Treasure" to get some kind of mod. its been a few months with nothing.


Hi, I'd like to become a moderator for the game Road Rash. There's only one moderator, which has not logged in for the last 6 months, and I have a run pending for 4.


Hi, I would like to request the removal of an inactive Supermod Whisk from The Stanley Parable. They have not been on here in 18 months and not active on any of our community boards. Thanks


Hey, people have been trying to post times to What Remains of Edith Finch and have not been able to get their runs verified. Could I be made a moderator of this page? It also needs to be cleaned up quite a bit. Please add me if you can!

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I would like to request the removal of supermod Sunprime from the game Sign of Silence. This user hasn't logged on in 3 months, and the only time they have been on was to verify their own run, and haven't been on sense. If removal is not an option, lowering Sunprime to verifier for the time being would suffice, Thank you.

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Hello SRC Mod Team,
I would like to request the removal of JimmyKazakhstan from as in The user hasn't been active on any social media within the past month, has seemed to block most people in the wii series community and doesn't want to be a part of the community anymore, contacted him 3 weeks ago, still haven't received a response.
Thank you,

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