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Hello, i would like to request to be a moderator of the Loot Hero DX game (, i've been running this game for 3 years and i've been the world record holder for 1 year. 1 week ago i uploaded a new wr run in the main category ( and a 2nd place run in another category (, but the only active moderator was a guy called zimmycakes and now he's not a moderator anymore. One of the moderators has been offline for 3 years, the other one has been offline for 3 weeks, i tried mensaging them from the "send message" feature but i didn't got any answers back. Even though loveunicorn is a mod it seems like he never verified a run and hasn't uploaded a run in over 5 years.


Hi everyone-

I hope I'm following all the rules. I read them and think that I am.

This is my first speedrun submission. So please let me know if I should be doing something other than posting here.

I submitted a run for Penny Racers (n64). The mod is also the top runner in the category (AAclass compete), and the latest submission from them was 6 years ago, so I think they may be inactive. It has been about a month since I submitted and I have not heard anything. I tried messaging them as well and got no reply.

One thing that may complicate matters is that I used a new route. It significantly cut down the WR time. It follows all the category rules, but it may not be a cut and dry approval. So I was expecting some feedback, especially since the mod is the WR holder.

I love this game and would love to see a little new life in its speed run. Please let me know what I can do from here.



Hi there, I would like to request to be super mod of this game here The reason being is that the super mod left and I am the only mod of the game.


@Craigelbagel001Craigelbagel001 Added and user removed.

@NINtenJANINtenJA Removed DylanPlayz200000 due to inactivity, but the other super moderator is active. Please contact them.

@MikethetvMikethetv Yeah, still not working. Will figure out what's wrong and come back to you on that.

@KreslotsoKreslotso Please enable e-mail authentication and add another contact to your profile.

@NoiceNoice Added.

@Germaneitor007Germaneitor007 Okay, added.

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@coasterboardcoasterboard Please add two contacts to your profile and enable e-mail authentication.

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@starsmileystarsmiley you stripped of of mod and gave board leadership for chocobo dungeons to someone who doesnt run Chocobo dungeons.
I checked the run it was segmented and invalid due to no evidence of a level grind that took place. I've only just had time to check messages today. he was left on that run verifying (which wasnt his) for approximately 1 day.

Edit 1:
I'm also going to add, that the run was over 15 hours, i got the tweet 9 hours ago. I watch runs I verify.
For all you know i was half way through verifying that run before I was kicked off for trying to verify it.

Edit 2:
He's now merging the leadboard. added 3 other mods, and is now tampering with the board....

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@starsmileystarsmiley Since you just @'ed "Mikethetv", maybe it is just a typo! There's no second t in my username. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi there, there is no moderator at all for the game "Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu" ->
Therefore I request Super Mod for this game.
I have now a run submitted.


@LinacyLinacy Handled via DMs, sorry for the inconvenience.

@mikethevmikethev Seems that that was the issue, my mistake. You've been added now.

@Z4T0XZ4T0X Added.

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@PersonmanPersonman is inactive for 3 months, he is the mod of 868-HACK and Legend of Sylvie: The Golden Kitty, i have spending runs of these games, i also tried to contact him sending DM to him trought Twitter and and he didnt answered me

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Star Control 2 is currently "modless".
I'm motivated to take over and have a fresh run pending. I also mod 2 other DOS-games.

We discussed this in this thread some time ago:

@starsmileystarsmiley thanks!


I have met all requirements) Can I become an administrator now?


@starsmileystarsmiley done.
Thx for your time.

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@starsmileystarsmiley @Faschz hasn't actually verified a run in 4 months, leaving it to Pantry to do everything, so I think @FaschzFaschz should be removed, @PantryPantry should be made a super mod and I ( @NINtenJANINtenJA ) would like to be added as a mod on Jump Rope Challenge.


@NINtenJANINtenJA then pls fix the whole leaderboard when you get Mod there...the whole board is a total mess with misinformation ..

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@Shac0leShac0le I will do if I get the moderator privilege (Fingers Crossed!)

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Hello, I am a regular mod on Escape dentist obby and the super mod has left it so can i be a super mod?

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Hello, I would like to apply for super mod for (Yo-kai Watch 2).

The game currently has two super mods: @thetiredslakoththetiredslakoth hasn't been on the site since September 29th, 2019 and all three of their social media links are broken, and @Osey889Osey889 hasn't been on here since November 11th - his social media links work, but he hasn't Tweeted since September 16th and the last thing he did on Twitch was over two years ago.

My friend on the Yo-kai Watch speedrunning Discord @sugarshreksugarshrek applied for the same position two months ago and was rejected for not having a pending run (I do, and while it's only been pending 13 days I'm not very hopeful), and we and other server members have expressed frustration at the inactivity of the game's moderators.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Please remove @DaMidget2000DaMidget2000 as a moderator from the Prototype series. They haven't logged into the site in over 5 months, and have never responded to my attempts to contact them directly. Also, Prototype is a pretty dead IP these days and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon (if ever), so there isn't much need for series moderation anyway.

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@NoiceNoice The moderator is active and you literally only contacted them a day ago. Please stop finding inactive boards to leaderboard snipe.

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@NINtenJANINtenJA I have demoted Faschz and upped Pantry. Please contact Pantry about any future inquiries.

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@NerdyNyanmuraiNerdyNyanmurai Added.

@TLBGTLBG This has been discussed in the discord, we will give them some time to answer on discord. If we end up having to add you, please enable e-mail authentication.

@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Done.

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Hi, @Triple-TTriple-T is the moderator of "Multiple Mario & Sonic Games", I submit my run today and I noticed he has been 8 months since the last time he connected. I tried to contact him,
he doesn't respond.