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I'd like to request mod/supermod for Omega Boost ( I am one of the few runners of the game that is active on this site, and the 2 existing moderators have not logged on in 5 months and 2 years, respectively; the one moderator who has a Twitter account linked has also not used that in over 2 years. There was someone who was added as a moderator a few months ago (Evertrn), but he was removed/stepped down for some reason. There are several requests pending in the game's forums regarding updating the rules/IL leaderboard structure as well that I would like to be able to address. Thank you.

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I currently want to become the moderator for there is change that need to happen on this leaderboard. In any speedgame there needs to be at least 1 active mod available to verify runs for any potential runners who may attempt to submit. I am a runner who submitted a run 6 months ago and it has yet to be verified. I know the game is currently dead so I didn’t rush the current mods @TheAlphaDolphinTheAlphaDolphin and @Cyberdemon531Cyberdemon531 to verify but as time went on I realized it just wasn’t going to happen. THEY ARE INACTIVE MODS. I believe no matter how dead a game may be it shouldn’t take 6 months for a run to be verified. When you try to contact the current mods you get no reply. I've tried multiple times. They probably forgot they even mod for the game but I’m willing to mod for this game if no one else wants to.


I used to be an admin on but accidentally removed myself. I'm the only runner on the leaderboard and theres no moderators. I'd like to be added back as a mod to be able to get more people moderating and bring back the game


I want to become a moderator of Sega MJ.
@HIOUHIOU, only one moderator of this game is inactive as last online date was 1 years ago.
I tried to send a DM on his Twitter, but I couldn't get him to follow back and couldn't send any DM.


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i want to be mod at Postal 2:
Apocalypse Weekend becouse
i have a run that wasnt be verifed for 2-3weeks at game that have 4 mods (Postal 2:
Apocalypse Weekend)

Tokigno-2 months offline SgtMaximum-1 year offline


Ive been waiting for over 5 weeks to get my run of alien rage verified and i think the mod is ignoring me i tried to contact them on discord and twitch and they just ignore me and the leaderboard is a complete dissaster runs without proof just a ss and runs without sound


Hello! I have been waiting 3 months for a run verification in the game Zineth ( )
The mods have been inactive for 5 years for one and 5 months for the other
I have attempted to contact both mods however have been unable to find a successful contact point
as such I request to become active moderator of the game's leader board

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Requesting mod of because the mods have been inactive for 2 months and 1 year. I contacted them on social media, and no reply. I already have a run on the leaderboards and it’s been up for a few months.

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I am requesting modship for Silent Bomber ( ). The moderator has not logged in for over 5 months. I've attempted to contact him on discord but he hasn't replied yet nor has he ever logged in I believe.


Hi I would like to be made a moderator for the game
The moderators have seemed to have disappeared

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Hi everyone, i was previously the moderator of Macross for the SNES, i recently noticed that I got removed and @jcsheehan87jcsheehan87 was added in my replacement due being inactive for over 1 month and not approve the run that was on the queue which I consider a good reason.

Just as a suggestion from the previous staff, the full moderators used to try contact the inactive mods in order to verify if the information provided is true, i can say I was not contacted neither on my YouTube SRC profile messages (added and working), nor Twitch whispers which are the only methods i have to be contacted on my profile. (Not sure how much have changed the website or rules) thanks in advance. 🙂

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Hey, i would like to be a moderator for game
Current only mod has been inactive for years and can't reach him from his other accounts.

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Requesting Shin Samurai Jazz, only one mod, inactive for 1 year, I have 2 runs submitted on the board, one for 3 months. I also wish to create IL leaderboards.

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@TheCarcosanManicTheCarcosanManic @Woz99 @lemlem.shine @1800POOPNOW1800POOPNOW @ZiggleG @NeroGamer120NeroGamer120 @MandatoryPixel @WarpedtimesWarpedtimes @Miri @thepipesarecallingthepipesarecalling @VicDinoDK @Shac0leShac0le @SuperVillainDoom @JugadorJugador @JaqkOfHearts @sugarshreksugarshrek @Triple_Six you do not meet the requirements to become a moderator right now, please read through the first post and after you do meet all requirements you may post your request again.

@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster regarding could you sent me the conversation via site DM? I removed Averian since that account does not meet requirements to be a moderator.
Added to and

@puddy1puddy1 added

@PoppaPickettPoppaPickett added

@Deano95HDDeano95HD going to decline this, please contact @MirocuMirocu again in regards to adding more users to the moderation team

@NebuleyNebuley added

@MrImagine_YTMrImagine_YT I have given @zir0niczir0nic super mod on the game so they can sort everything out.

@PlushynessPlushyness added as a regular

@ZodaStoneZodaStone added

@DanEvilEyeDanEvilEye upped to regular

@Ch0cmanCh0cman added

@DBcadeDBcade added to
Your requests regarding and will have to be declined. As for the proposed changes you can post them here:

@Drake_ShadowDrake_Shadow added to but your other request will be declined.
I am contacting @theenglishmantheenglishman to add more users to the games moderation team where no other moderators are present and your run(s) on Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star have been verified.

@WalgreyWalgrey please sent the details via site DM.

@GoldomGoldom added

@rodgerodge have to decline this request, please attempt to contact either of the current super mods off-site.

@ZojalyxZojalyx looks like you got in contact with the moderation team so I'll mark this as done

@StupidHairStupidHair added

@33.14 declined, the super mod was online today

@Merl_Merl_ added

@shinuushinuu added

@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador will have to decline that request since the Predator series does not meet the required activity for series moderation

@TapWTapW done

@KreslotsoKreslotso that's a bit hard, maybe someone from that community can put a request up here?

@MarioSwitchMarioSwitch added

@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador please contact @ROMaster2ROMaster2 as they're active on the leaderboard

@MaximumMaximum added

@Hetfield90Hetfield90 done

@LoftedJesterLoftedJester please contact the moderation team regarding your request since there are still active users

@A4_HarryA4_Harry your report is currently under investigation

@SilentWolfSilentWolf added

@PrincessRescuerPrincessRescuer if we receive a request which meets the requirements then a new mod can be added

@Charli3_P3pp3rCharli3_P3pp3r will be checked

@Joester98Joester98 added

@marttthewmarttthew you can't be added back without MFA (mail verification)

@kirumi_shibukirumi_shibu added

@gwgw declined, please contact the active mods first

@BeeFoxBeeFox added as a regular

@FlyiFlyi added

@JulianJulian I can't find your name listed as a previous mod for that game

@OhrisOhris added

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I'm requesting to become supermod of the game 'Empty.' , as well as the removal of the current mod
The only mod has been inactive for 3 years, and their only form of communicable social media has been deleted.


I believe I do meet the requirements.

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For a week now my run in the doom eternal the ancient gods category has not been checked, moderators are not active

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hello! i would like to request (super) moderation for dadish ( the only super mod last logged in on the 12th of September (2020), and ive messaged them on discord and and they didnt respond to anything. i believe i meet all requirements to request moderation. thanks so much!


There is only one mod for the game Capn Crunches Crunchling Adventures and they appear to me be inactive. (Not logged on over 21 days). I have a run submitted to this game I am looking to have validated. I tried DM-ing the mod (to maybe trigger an email) and still nothing.

Is there anyway to have another Mod appointed.


The current moderator of the game Sakuna of Rice and Ruin(TristanIsSpeed) is passing off a different person’s run(Jnadare’s) as their own. Aside from the obvious forgery, few of the runners alleged that their submissions were rejected for some unknown reason. With that said, I am requesting to be the replacement moderator, and would like TristanIsSpeed to be removed once the Full Mods look into it and verify the issue.