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The mod for Trap Adventure 2 hasn't logged into the site in a month, and has the game set to no verification required. Recently, a runner named @Dilosaur123Dilosaur123 submitted several faked runs. One of them claimed to beat the wr by over a minute, and the other claimed to beat the game in 0.001 seconds. They did not link a video. I dmed them and they said "I’m leaving them on there and there’s nothing you can do haha!" And as of right now, nobody can do anything to remove these runs from the leaderboard. The current moderator does not have any of his socials linked on, so I cannot contact them. I would like to be added as a mod for this game.
Another Edit: Here is a google doc with all the relevant screenshots.
Update: They removed all the runs, but then resubmitted 2 new fake run. One with a time of 69.420 seconds, and the other with .420 seconds. They also made sure to brag about it in my dms.

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Hello, some time ago I did a speedrun of the game Megaman Maverick Hunter X. However, the moderators have not been active for months, and I would like to know if there is a way that I can be a moderator to be able to configure what the rules are, because there is no nothing in the categories and I want that game to have someone attending because it shows that I am not the only one who is interested in creating speedrun of that game.

In addition, for months since I sent my speedrun, they have not complied with what they say that they will update the times. Therefore, I would like to know if there is another way to record my current and future times

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Hi there! I'd like to be made a moderator of Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. Its page is here.

The game only has two moderators, and one of them hasn't logged in for 5 years. The other one has only been gone for a month, but it doesn't seem like they're very active on the site. The most recent approved run of the game took almost 2 months to get approved, and the one before that took over 5 months.

I joined the Discord server that had been made for the game and tried to message them there, but their account only accepts messages from friends. I sent a friend request, but got no response after about a week. I tagged them in a public message in the Discord server itself and didn't get a response, though I later removed it so it wouldn't be there for any potential runners in the future. I also sent them a few messages on itself, but got no response. They haven't been active on Twitter for 5 months, and their YouTube channel hasn't uploaded for 10 months. I've submitted 5 runs across 3 categories for the game so far, and all of them are still pending. None of my runs have been pending for 21 days yet, but since the mod has been offline for longer than that, and given how long it took for the most recent runs to be approved, I decided it couldn't hurt to make a request.

I reached out to another runner of the game, and they told me that they'd also tried to contact them before and couldn't. They also told me that when they tried to get in touch a few months ago, the mod had apparently not been logged in for 5 months, so it seems like they only log in very sporadically. I'd like to request to be a moderator for the game. The runner I spoke to said they might want to be added as a mod as well, so if possible, I'd like to be a super mod so I can add and remove mods in the future. If not, then I'd like to request to be a regular moderator for now!

Thank you!

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I would like to moderate the Predator series to put future games of the franchise, backgrounds
and l help and moderate these games in the franchise
Predator: Hunting Grounds
Predator: Concrete Jungle
6 other games part of AVP

made this post because I know that authorblues is not inactive but he never answers me and I asked him to fix it

the predators game is placed as unofficial and I tried to fix it by the game but there is no option
Publisher: Electronic Arts Chillingo
Developer: Angry Mob Games
Formats: IOS, Mac, Android

EDIT: A question why the existence of the predator series? was never used to put new games, Predator: Hunting Groungs was request separately


Hello, I would like to request the removal of Skudfuddle as mod/supermod in the Disney Cars series and games. He has not logged into the site for 6 months, and has not been active or really participated in the community for 4 years.

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Hello, I would like to appoint a new moderator for the game as the only moderator has been inactive for two months. Also I can't be a mod (not 16 years old), so I ask you to find someone who will be one.


@KaprizkaKaprizka this is the wrong place to request a new game. Also, the link you sent was flagged by norton as a "known dangerous webpage" on my pc.

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Hi, I am a moderator of the Alien vs Predator Games on various platforms I would like to be fullmod of Alien versus Predator:
Extinction, current moderators are inactive, do not set rules and accept run without video

I don't see dedication in this leaderboad

Edit: in the leaderboard with incorrect information was never released for pc

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@Merl_Merl_ lies


I would like to become moderator for The game's page is currently moderated by two people who have been inactive and not verified any pending runs. Contact has been attempted on the provided discord link but no answer has been received in some time. Me and my friends have submitted multiple runs for this game and have yet to see any action from the moderation team.

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Hey lovely staff. A friend and I recently started running and have gotten some great runs in. I looked at the last run from a few months ago and I think it took over 9 months for it to be verified. There isn't any real movement on the board, but I do plan to continue to run the game. I was wondering my myself and/or @thepipesarecallingthepipesarecalling could be added as moderators. I am very actively use SRC so I would be happy to verify all the incoming requests, as well as make some adjustments to the category to make it more accessible to new runners. Feel free to DM with any questions or responses. I'll keep an eye on this thread too.

(The two current mods don't seem to have any activity for many months to even years at this point)


Requesting moderation of as @DNGRDNGR isn't able to moderate games. The game currently has no mods.

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Requesting promotion to super mod in as all the mods are regular mods currently.

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Hi, i would like to apply to be moderator of the game: Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends. Since both current moderators are inactive and haven't verified any runs in 8 months. I have also beaten WR in one of the categories, so i have plenty of experience


Hello,i all of the Game Moderators for "INFERNIUM" have been inactive for 6+ Months and i wanted to ask if i could become a Moderator for the Game since i started playing the Game again and i wanna "revive" the Speedrunning Community for this game

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Recently, one of the most active mods on Cubecraft/Cubecraft Category Extensions took their own life. Alongside this, the supermod(s) have gone completely inactive, and the only two remaining active mods are mods of other, bigger games, and can’t keep up with all the requests. I’m requesting to be a mod on both, Cubecraft and Cubecraft Category Extensions. I’d also like for all the inactive mods (excluding Tundrabird) to be removed.
I suppose this request is rather large, so I understand if it can’t be fulfilled or only partially fulfilled, but I might as well try.

Edit: I do not need to be promoted on Category Extensions, but the main game would still be appreciated.



took their own life

Jesus christ... I'm so sorry

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Hello, I would like to request that the mods of are replaced. They have bias in their decisions, as I have previously had a run waiting for 6 weeks, while they have been online frequently and accepted many other runs in that time. In addition, players who hold many records are starting to get banned for 'association' with players that have been banned. They are innocent and are being banned for playing with their friends, even if said friends are not in the runs they are submitting. They've had a new initiative of 'If an SRC mod can't tie the record, it must be cheated', which makes no sense at all. They're literally a joke. There are currently many runs waiting, and even if my earlier request is declined, I would like some additional verifiers, as the current ones are either biased or inactive. Thank you.

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Hello! I am requesting moderator privileges for There is currently only 1 moderator for the game, who I tried to contact prior to writing this months ago, but they seem to be inactive. Bubsy isn't the most active game, but it was recently discovered that the Genesis version of the game saves a significant amount of time over the SNES version and I would like to separate the categories. With the game only having one mod currently, and that mod being inactive, the game should probably have a new moderator anyways. For what it's worth, I happen to have the record in this game and already mod other pages on the site as well. Thanks for your time.

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What about games that currently have zero moderators (which exist)? If I try submitting a run to New Adventure Island, there is nobody to verify it. I'm wondering if you could put someone on, preferably me or someone heavily involved in TG-16 speedrunning.