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I would like to become moderator for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
I submitted a forum request 3 weeks ago but haven;t heard anything so resubmitting.
I currently have 3 runs pending from 5-6 weeks ago. I have sent messages to a moderator on here and on the Lord of the Rings speedrunning discord with no reply. No moderator appears to have been online in months and are clearly inactive.

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Posting my request again as I now meet all the requirements. Email authentication was not on when I replied last, my apologies.


Posting to request moderator/super moderator (preferably super) for . Its a game i play often and i log onto the site extremely often (usually daily).

The current, only moderator, who is the super moderator, , seems to get one once or twice/year, and its been over 4 months since their last login, not to mention, the games page is missing a lot, such as platforms and timing rules, all of which I am capable of adding.

I have 7 runs for the game submitted, and plan on submitting more.

Attempts at contacting the current mod on-site and off have been made, but to no effect.

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Hello, This game's moderation has been dead from 5 months i tried contacting the peoples from their discord accounts the main person does not reply i tried calling him/pinging him thru discord no response the other guy i talked was kind of understandable and he was bit mad because of the main moderator of the page, nor can peoples do run's because the game has been updated with a whole new map revamp so it's impossible to run because the locations shown to start the run are gone. Please do something about it i really hope something happens please help.

Here's the game page :

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Back in July, I submitted a speedrun for the game Deathsmiles, but the run was never verified. The sole moderator for that game has not responded to my request to verify it, and by the looks of it, the moderator's account has been inactive for a while. I didn't want to come here for such a predicament, but I feel that I've waited long enough, and it doesn't look very promising that the game's moderator will suddenly come back. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Hi there I wish to become a super moderator for Final Doom (Playstation) as people are waiting for runs to be verified and categories to be added. The current moderator isn't online regularly

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I would like to added as a super moderator for F1 2017. (I am currently a super moderator for the Formula One series of games). The only current moderator for F1 2017, ASmallPotato, has been unreachable by the community (tried via and discord) for at least the last 6 months. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi, just following up on my previous post. It is the 12th of Jan and I still haven't been able to contact the mod for The Legend of Trollmeister.


Hey I have been waiting for my Gish run to be verified for about 2 weeks, the only contact info for the one mod of the game is their discord, which they rejected my friend request on, and they have messages from non-server mutuals disabled, so I have no way of contacting them. Wondering if I could be able to mod Gish. That is all.


Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I should be doing this request (I hope it is), but Fatal Fury Special is missing Power Moderators (I'm a verifier) and I need to include new categories. Thereby I request to be upgraded to a Power Moderator so I can make those changes.
Thanks in advance,

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Hello, a while ago I uploaded a run to the "Trip World" leaderboard and they still haven't verified it, this was 17 days ago. There is only 1 moderator on the leaderboard and he hasn't logged in for 3 months. Could I be a leaderboard moderator?

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Back again for the new year. Requesting to be moderator for the Ninja Masters leaderboard.

The current moderator has been inactive for 4 years on speedrun, twitter, and all streaming/video platforms. So i have a feeling my run will not get verified. 😂

He also does not have any runs for the game.

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I was reading previous pages and realized I should post this now, rather than later, since it seems very busy on the site.

I would like to request to made the moderator for the Zatch Bell series. I was originally the one who made the request and it was accepted.

I meet the requirements having more than 3 runs in 3 different games and would like to add an image, some forum posts and links to discords, bounties, etc. There are also additional games, but I don’t plan on adding them until someone or myself can complete a speedrun of said games. It is not a big community but there are fans.

I would not have requested the role if I didn’t want it, since it was accepted as a series that again, I requested. It was a little frustrating last year not being put in the role, I hope to have the request accepted please.

The other series mod request was for the Hiryuu no ken series.

It’s of less priority, so I put it second. I also was not the original person who requested the series, that person is no longer on the site.

Same thing here, but theres less games to add in the future. However its nice to have a series mod and links.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you need additional information please message me.

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Hello, I have submitted runs to Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Spec Ops: The Line, and WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 (DS). All of my runs for these game have been pending for more than 21 days, I was giving the mods a benefit of the doubt to have more time to watch the run. The mods have been inactive for quite a while for some of these games and I've been very patient with this. I would like to be an active mod for these games or have someone else to be an active mod. Thank you for your time. Message me if the problem gets resolved

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Requesting the removal of Sefaro, fixylol, and wowfly as Super Moderators of PlatinumQuest.

I have permission from Sefaro & fixylol, and can provide messages confirming this if necessary.
As for wowfly, they haven't logged in for a year and their only means of contact are their YouTube, which has no videos or links to other forms of social media.


I am requesting to be moderator of WCW Mayhem, and Destrega. Both have very inactive moderators, and I have the #1 record times that need approval.

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Hi, would it be possible to have myself, ZiggleG and Tally Mark as the moderators for the game Speed Freaks / Speed Punks on the PlayStation 1. We both have World Record runs ready to be approved but the Moderator seems to be completley inactive at this time. We are very regular players and would like to keeps this games leaderbord updated as there is quite a lot going on. If this is possible that would be amazing. Hope to hear back soon.


Hi site staff, writing to ask about modding "Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break" at
I submitted a run a few months ago, and at the time it had moderators who were active on the site, but I just went to check up on why it was never accepted, and realized it's because the game doesn't have any mods at all anymore!
Thanks for having a look – sure is busy in this thread, sorry for the extra work 🙂

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The Supermoderators for have both not been active for 1 and 3 months respectively (i know its not long hence not asking for them to be removed or anything).

I'd like to request Supermod for the game (currently a normal moderator)

Thank you

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Normally I would not do this since it hasn't been the 21 days but I would like to request to be a moderator for the Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The main reason I am doing this is the moderators themselves have not been active on SRC for over a month and I have 4 runs needing to be verified. I want to get them verified ASAP since me and my co-op team submitted the run for marathons and would like to have updated times on the leaderboard. I have also made attempts to contact all three of the moderators in the last week and have had no response from any of them. If the decision is made to pass I understand but I just wanted to put this request out there.


The only mod for a game I have submitted a run for has been inactive for 2 years.



I will volunteer myself to become a mod for this game. Cheers!

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