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hello, requesting to be added as a mod for playstation all stars battle royale
the only mod hasnt been active in more than 2 months, already tried to contact him before and nothing.

this is one of my runs

thanks in advance.

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I would like to formally request the removal of JaidenAnimations from Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with friends. She's left the community Discord today and was only added because of the viral video as she was the first runner. She also hasn't verified a single run and hasn't been online since the week the video was uploaded. Its hard to contact her due to her following size.

All the other moderators are supportive of this decision

Thank you

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Request of moderation removal of both of Payback 2's moderators
@ThatChangaThatChanga has not every went to verify my 4 month old run despite veing active even 2 weeks ago for Payback 2 and a few more runs have been submitted within that time frame and even recently but has not bothered to look at the runs at all, also Augusto has not been active for 9 months as well and also ThatChanga has been active within the 3/4 month time frame when i tried contacting them through the Payback 2 leaderboard forums and i have been unable to contact him on his social media as hia discord doesnt exist or have the correct username given,his twitter and instagram is private which means unable to message,and hia yt has been inactive for near about the same time that Augusto has been inacvtive.

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I would like to be added as a moderator for the PaRappa The Rapper series. It doesn't include the spinoff "Um Jammer Lammy", and no one is currently modding it.


Hi, I would like you to review my ToH WR speedrun please. I've been waiting 3 weeks and still did not even get an answer


Adding to my takeshi request, i'd like to also become mod of Bebe's Kids. As mentioned above by someone else, RantronBomb has not been online in quite some time, and he is the only mod of that board.

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Hello. I'm also requesting moderation of a rantronbomb board.

There are multiple runs in the queue (mine is 3 weeks old) and I was unable to contact rantronbomb as others have also stated. Thank you.

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Hello there! I'm looking to request moderation of the following board:

I have something like 7 runs submitted over the past 3 weeks, and the only method of contact for the current mod available to me has been sr.c. Twitter is deleted, Twitch I can't message due to friends only restriction, and I haven't been able contact over discord yet (pending friend request). The mod has not logged in for over 9 months.

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There's a game I have submitted a run to that the mods have not been active on for over a month (the super mod for over a year), I would request to become a mod.

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Dear Admins,
Could you please make me a moderator in the game "zenek_zombie"? The only moderator there - wrboismbs - claims to have lost access to his account (he cannot make e-mail verification) and he is therefore inactive - he was online last time 7 months ago. I have submitted 2 runs already in this game.

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The moderator of is inactive, @SenoboSenobo the only mod of, he is being inactive for 11 months, Im mod of 4 games so i have mod experience, so i could verify these pending runs and change a bit the leaderboard as a super mod (so i can remove @SenoboSenobo and maybe add a person for help), i also i even tried to contact him but he also didn't answer me, i also submitted a run of in 29 Jun 2020, and the run is not verified yet. (edit: i confirm i read the moderation rules)


I am requesting to moderate both WCW Mayhem, and Destrega. Both have very inactive moderators, and I have world record times I need to submit.


No moderators in Roblox: Zombie Strike. The user is been deleted.


@afnannen136afnannen136 , @SCBz - My apologies on entirely forgetting about your posts. I had a very busy week which is my fault.

@SCBz - Based on how inactive the user has been, I've removed them from those two games.

@afnannen136afnannen136 - Breakdown below.
Handled Psych. I leave it to the active super mod if they want to do anything regarding you, as they added you on the 28th of December last year.
I am going to decline doing anything with the games in the FIFA series, as I am not going to push you up to super - I don't feel comfortable doing so - and I do not want to deal with those games not having a super moderator.
I have not done anything yet with Parking Fury 3. I have reasons for that. Do not confuse my inaction here with a declination of doing anything, however. I would simply like to look into this situation in much greater detail.

@JohnnyTestJohnnyTest - Simply noting publicly this got handled without staff intervention, though you were already well aware of that.
@ComradeDianaComradeDiana - I didn't catch your more recent post (I'll skip over it in my next post), but I did handle this on the 5th. As you probably realized that day 😛

As to the more recent requests, made after my post on the 2nd, those will be addressed in my next post.

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Can you make me a moderator for the Just Dance series
Most of the games don't have moderators and I've tried to speedrun them.


@NebuleyNebuley , @ChamioncinohChamioncinoh , @QwokoQwoko , @walkingcactuswalkingcactus , @Cross_ShotCross_Shot , @AlexHallAlexHall , @trickster293829trickster293829 , @1800POOPNOW1800POOPNOW , @SyphLikesApplesSyphLikesApples , @Sun_Tsu_the_general , - Unable to consider your requests as you fail to meet requirements listed in the first post. Reread the first post - - and make sure you meet all requirements listed here.

@walkingcactuswalkingcactus - 2FA was one of two failed requirements for consideration, the other is insufficient contacts. We require at least two direct forms of contact for us to consider any moderation request.

@GekkeHoed124GekkeHoed124 - Declined. Two weeks is not inactive, and a user moderating a lot of games is also not a valid reason to request moderator. Contact the moderators yourself, please, and if they decline to add you that is just going to be the decision.
@FlyiFlyi - Declined to add for 2014, as you do not have a run or run pending in this game. I do, however, want to thank you for meeting the requirements in the first post, as I remember this was an issue the previous time I handled this thread. As such, I handled your previous request regarding JD 2019.
@Bob-chickenBob-chicken - Declined. At this point if I were you I would be glad to moderate a game I have never run. And no, I'm not counting the run you submitted with no video as you having run the game.
@FirewallFirewall - Declined for now. Your run is only pending six days at this point and the moderator isn't grossly inactive yet. Feel free to re-request this in a couple weeks if nothing has changed.
@dngrdngr - Declined as you are unable to be added as a moderator to any game. Had that not been the case, I would have forwarded this onto @R0mainR0main as they handled the board very recently regarding said user you are referring to.
@Uncoolguy6Uncoolguy6 - Declined, as the run you submitted utilized a password to skip to the end of the game.
@ThripacFershurThripacFershur - The moderator for WCW is not inactive. I would suggest potentially sending them a site message, as it appears they did let your run sit quite a bit, though. As for the other game, that moderator is inactive, but what kind of contact did you attempt to make for them, as some of their socials are active.
@gilbsthecrushgilbsthecrush - Declined, as I strongly suspect the issue of fraudulent runs you are raising is your own creation. I did, however, enable "Runs Require Verification" as frankly, that setting should basically never be turned off. I would suggest reaching out to the moderator again, as they aren't that inactive on the site.
@EBHEBH - I chose to add @ProbsGamingYtProbsGamingYt as they did post before you. You technically fail requirements as your ROBLOX is not a direct form of contact (though I suspect as far as moderating a ROBLOX game is concerned, it probably is. Just does not count for site staff's requirements), but I will say that the decision on who to moderate is in their hands, as I have added them.
@AriesFireTigerAriesFireTiger - Going to decline this, as while the user is not very active, they do come on to review runs shortly after they are submitted. Should you have runs pending for three weeks, then request modertation.
@Gameboy9917Gameboy9917 - Declined, this series is not in need of moderation. Submit the game as a Game request for site staff to consider.
@ShesChardcoreShesChardcore - I added @webz80webz80 to that board. Feel free to contact them if you wish to be added to the board as well.

@Me3kalMe3kal , @LilyMiraiLilyMirai , @XarxosXarxos , @SizzylSizzyl , @TimopyTimopy , @CynaschismCynaschism , @Rayquaza911Rayquaza911 , @ValkumaValkuma , @Lucha_GymLucha_Gym , - Handled.

@MarioSwitchMarioSwitch , @webz80webz80 , @ProbsGamingYtProbsGamingYt , @KrayzarKrayzar , - Handled. Please check the pending runs for this game, as your run(s) are not the only ones pending.

Notes regarding some of the handled list:
@Xarsos - Would prefer you to add a second contact to your own profile, but this did not impact our handling of your request as you were seeking for a moderator to be removed, not for yourself to be added.
@SizzylSizzyl - Left the user on (literally just swapped your roles), in case you did not want them removed.
@MarioSwitchMarioSwitch - Handled your request for 2. If something changes regarding the others, we can look into them then.
@CynaschismCynaschism - I do want to somewhat mention that your being a series moderator has nothing to do with my handling of this request. Series moderators do not inherently get power on the games within that series. I am handling it as you are a moderator on the boards themselves (and I presume your wording was selected to be easier to say than "I moderate boards 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and series 1, as does [USER]. I'd like to request [USER]'s removal as they're grossly inactive") - this is more of a general note to people than specifically for you.
@ValkumaValkuma - I do not know the details regarding when the user was added as that was years ago, but I would not be surprised if contact was attempted.
@webz80webz80 - We're aware of the user's moderation status and activity level. Trust me. It's why as soon as I saw who the moderator was I simply changed moderators. There is almost no point to spending time to remove the user as a moderator on all the games they moderate - it would both take too long and be ineffective at putting active moderation onto the games. Note that there are other users who mentioned this game in this thread. They may reach out to you regarding moderation.
@Lucha_GymLucha_Gym - Handled for Bebe's Kids. There isn't anything pending for the game from what I could tell.


@P1ZZAC4TP1ZZAC4T - This is not the thread for this sort of request. To answer the question, we tend to not delete boards except in incredibly rare cases. If you feel one applies, contact site staff directly, and we will evaluate it.
Regarding the posts by @ultimatehadcore , another member of site staff "solved the issue at hand". To those who responded, that was funny, but please don't.
@Darmok57Darmok57 - As was resolved, no action being taken (just acknowledging the post).
@Lucha_GymLucha_Gym - I would recommend reaching out to the moderators yourself, in this case. I understand it can be frustrating but part of this thread is that you have to do your part regarding contacting users. I do see you have a run pending from the 5th. If this run continues to sit, maybe in the future would something be done by staff. But once again, at this point in time, the onus for doing something is on you. - This is regarding Takeshi's Challenge.
@NaroNaro - Show me a strong need, in site messages. I'll look at this internally with the game request queue as well. In short: not going to straight-up say no, but I need a lot of convincing to say yes.
@YoloMenace001YoloMenace001 - As the user is just barely inactive, I'm going to take a bit to discuss this internally. I believe most of what you're claiming regarding contacts for the user, having looked at them myself.

Pending Further Looking/Waiting on Contact Attempts:

@Jrmhd91Jrmhd91 - I did reach out to the user in question on their Twitter to verify, though I suspect I will end up taking action on this.
@Woz99Woz99 - Going to give this a few more days. I notice you tweeted at the user on the 5th, so I will give them to the 12th to come on, especially as they were active only a month ago (not eight months as mentioned in your post).
@DestroerwowDestroerwow - While the user in question is grossly inactive on sr.c they are very active on their twitter. I sent them a message to check their activity on sr.c.
@Shac0leShac0le - Sent them a message on sr.c myself.
@MattinatorMattinator - Sent them a message on sr.c myself.
@andresfgp13andresfgp13 - Sent them a message on their twitter, which is fairly active.
@AlexisDRAlexisDR - I asked @starsmileystarsmiley about this, as they are site staff and a board moderator. I suspect they will respond the same as you (judging by the fact they +1'ed your post) but I'd still like to confirm nonetheless.

I had to leave off here. I did not handle the post linked nor any posts made below it, as I simply ran out of time handling them. I will attempt to get them tomorrow.

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Hello, I would like to request to become a mod for 3 separate games.

The first one is Roblox Quest 2: Distorted Dimensions which I've had two runs pending for over a month. The game has two mods one of which does not have any socials linked and the other only has one working one, their youtube. I contacted them on the discussion page around a week ago (someone else contacted them over 2 weeks ago on the discussion page) and I've yet to get a response.

The second one is SWANSONG - A Journey Through Hell which I've had one run pending for over a month. The only mod has a few working social links, their reddit, twitch and facebook as well as a youtube channel not listed in their profile. I messaged them on their youtube, reddit and twitch (I don't have a facebook account so I wasn't able to message them there however the last time they did anything on it was in April of 2019) and after around a week they haven't messaged me back on any of them.

The last one is Dweebus & the Great Destiny which I recently submitted a run for. The mod hasn't been online for over 3 years and I have not been able to contact them through the last working social link on there profile, their youtube. I messaged them shortly after my run however they haven't gotten back to me yet.

Thank you for your time.

Update on the first one: The mod that me and the other guy contacted through the discussion page went online to submit a run however did not verify any runs. When the original person who asked in the discussion page asked in the comments of the run when are they going to verify our runs they said "i'm not into speedrunning anymore, so i'm sorry for all those runs that are still waiting to be verified." I'm not sure if this means they will or will not verify our runs but it's been 2 days and our runs are still pending.

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It recently came to attention in the H3VR (Hot Dogs/Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) community that there is a SRcom entry here that exists, but has been unattended to ever since. ( ) - The person running it, NaltanHusky, hasn't been online for over a year. The page has an outdated category, no submitted runs and there has been no success in reaching out to said mod on Discord. Considering there is no other moderator, I would like to request to become one to give that game some life and love on here.

I will say, I have no pending run on the board, but this is because of the fact of the heavily outdated ruleset (The game patched -a lot- of things since.) and seeing that the moderator was inactive for a year to begin with.

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Hello 🙂

Requesting Moderator status for Time Pilot ( Current Mod hasn't signed in in 4 months and I have an active submission in queue for 7 weeks.

Thank you.

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I would like to become moderator for The Lord of the Rings: Conquest
I submitted a forum request 3 weeks ago but haven;t heard anything so resubmitting.
I currently have 3 runs pending from 5-6 weeks ago. I have sent messages to a moderator on here and on the Lord of the Rings speedrunning discord with no reply. No moderator appears to have been online in months and are clearly inactive.