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I am humbly requesting moderator status for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Zelda_Game_and_Watch

I have reached out to the sole moderator on Discord and haven't received a reply; normally i would give it more time, but they haven't been active on Twitch or in months, and this exact same thing happened to the existing WR when that runner set that record.

The moderator has been inactive on for 3 months as well.


I'd like to request moderator status for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Runabout

The moderator for that game has been inactive for a while in the site, and he doesn't even have a run in the leaderboards. I started running the Runabout playstation games a while back and I got mod in 2 and 3 thanks to a friend who used to run the boards, the leaderboards needed some changes, and so do these. The current moderator for Runabout 1 is inactive in both twitter and twitch/youtube and has been for a long while. He's only been inactive in srcom for 2 months, and I know the rule says 3 months, but he's mod for a game he doesn't even have runs for.


Posting again to ask for mod on We Ski & Snowboard ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​we_ski_and_snowboard )
I explained my situation to Dangerless but I'll do it again since he might have missed my previous post.
I have been attempting to get in contact with the only mod of the game, Braden. When I first started looking for him I already had a run I was going to submit but I wanted to make sure he was still someone I could contact. Braden has no social media linked to his account, which seems to be against the rules of modding, but I was able to track him down on Instagram. I messaged him there asking if he could give me mod so that I could help to grow the game. Instead of responding to me, he confirmed a run that was almost 3 months old, then went inactive again. I can no longer contact him and he has not confirmed the run I submitted.
Basically, I tried to do the right thing by contacting the current mod of the game before coming here, but it backfired and I had to wait a little while longer so he could be declared inactive. If any mod could help or if you need more info please let me know. Thanks 😃

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@GriffinRupeGriffinRupe No need to go on repeat, I do not check the thread everyday. I still feel I want to give Braden sometime and I've talked to the other Fmods a bit about it, what we've agreed to do is put you on the board as a regular moderator until Braden time rolls over at 21 days (its already nearly at two weeks as of this post). If Braden does not return we'll fully move you to super on the board.

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Hello, I want to become a moderator of the leaderboard of the game D'LIRIUM I am both a Patron and a fan)


@sneakyscarabsneakyscarab Seems fine, added you.

@JSR_JSR_ Added you, doesn't seem like they are coming back.

@SerSanjuSerSanju Added you.

@KostyA4247KostyA4247 Seems their twitch is gone as well, I've gone ahead and added you. However, I noticed the logo on the leaderboard was barely viewable and it was impossible to make out if it said "" on it so I've removed it. Feel free to create a better logo.

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@afnannen136afnannen136 Provide an actual game run in the relevant categories, we aren't going to consider giving anyone moderator status for running something where all you do is lock the game up (misc categories are not good representative for this). Provide the run here afterwards and we'll reconsider.

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Requesting Moderator for Pink Hour. I've had a pending run for 9 days which I know is not the common practice, but given the average run is 1 minute and 30 seconds; rather than 30 minutes or an hour or two, and one of the mods haven't been active in over two years, another hasn't been active for 17 days, and the most active mod couldn't find time to verify a <2 minute run in the days he's been online, I think this game has been abandoned.

I'm only posting here right now because of how short the runs are, if they were longer I'd have waited the 21 days, which I'm assuming is standard even for runs that last 5-6 hours. For a 1 minute and 32 second clip I think it's reasonable. I have tried to contact the active mod both on discord and there is no user found, and on twitch my whisper wasn't responded to. I don't have a twitter account or a facebook account to try him there.

If this request is premature despite how short the runs are, then let me know and I'll delete this post and wait the full 21

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my message remained unanswered, so I duplicated it 😑

hi, I decided to run in endless legend, but the moderator of this game did not go to the site for more than 10 months, tried to contact him, but als it did not work.
Сan i get moderator rights to Endless Legend?
(the moderator of the game)

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@LivLiv any response from Moondial? I tried contacting to them through Twitch whisper but no luck for the past 4-5 days.


Looking for moderation request on the Tempo Jr. leaderboards.


Pending run:

The moderator hasn't used social media in over a year and I haven't been able to reach them through other means.


Hello, Im a moderator for the 1080 Avalanche Board and would like to become a SuperMod, we only have 2 total mods 1 has left the board. I have gone to the supermod and talked with him but he said hes going through a rough patch in life. He has stopped streaming on twitch and he has stopped speed running.


I submitted some runs for Everybody's Golf ( about a month ago, but they have not been verified (or rejected). I tried contacting the game moderator CAMfidence ( through Twitch, Mixer, and Discord (his Twitter does not allow DMs) a couple weeks ago, but have yet to receive a response. Would I be able to get verification/moderation privileges for the game? Or would someone else have to do it? Thanks for your help


Hello, I am a regular mod on the Forza Motorsport 7 leaderboards (, and the only supermod is inactive by over a year. I would like to be promoted to Supermod so that I can add new mods to the board. Also could you remove the supermodel as well as he is inactive now. Thank you!


I would like to be a moderator for Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse ( I am the current WR holder in the Any% category for the game and currently one of the only active runners for the game. I have plans to create a guide for the game and route out future categories. I also run other games so I'm pretty active here on this website so i could better review runs in the small chance somebody uploads runs.


@LivLiv, I talked to Pottoww about it and he said it was up to the discord so discord took a vote on it, the discord voted yes and when I told Pottoww nothing became of it. This happen a month ago im just worried because im the only active mod on the 1080A board, Pottoww doesnt run the game and the other mod stopped playing. Pottoww is going through a really hard time and he told me he doesnt care about speedrunning anymore.

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I would like to be added as a moderator for LEGO Rock Band ( The only moderator (MeowmiXX) has told me that he lost interest in being a moderator and that he has lost his login info for the site. I am one of the LEGO series moderators and will be able to maintain the leaderboard. Thanks.

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@PrncedPrnced I will contact MeowmiXX regarding your request to confirm it. Because you don't seem to have a run and there are currently no runs pending. So this request doesn't have high priority.

Edit: Seems like most of the contacts of MeowmiXX are broken links (Twitch, Twitter, Discord), Could you tell MeowmiXX to contact me regarding your request?

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@SeydieSeydie The only way we got in contact with him was through Snapchat. I'll try to find a way for him to message you.


I would like to be a moderator of Dino Stalker. Current mods have been inactive for a long time, and my run didn't get verified in last 3 months. Last time i was in contact with TheLevelBest he was trying to get an access to the site again to verify it, but haven't heard from him since (early June). Currently i'm getting runs done for 5 other categories , so i'd appreciate if there was someone there to verify them as well.