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the current moderator of got banned of src today and there are no mods. plase can i get added to this game?


Requesting mod for

I do have a submitted run pending.

The only mod deleted his account along with all of his runs, so the board is empty at the moment.

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I need Mod status for Ryse Son Of Rome and From Dust. Inactive for a year and I have a few runs on both I'm wanting to post and get verified. (Honestly don't want to verify my own runs at all).

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Hi, I would like to receive mod status for the game 'The Legend of Trollmeister' I recently submitted the first run for the game in 2 years but the current mod has been inactive for 8 months. Tried contacting them and no response as their socials are not active.



I submitted WR runs for and weeks ago, and the mods for both games appear to be inactive. I've been unable to contact them on social media.

Could I please mod these boards? I'm already modding and I've spruced up the page and added some new categories. I want to do the same for these other games too.

Thanks for your time, and happy new year


Hello I have have submitted runs for Cities skylines and the mod has been inactive for months now. I have tried contacting him but his DMs were closed. The thing about the leaderboards is that the runs have no vitrifaction, so in theory you could upload a random time for WR and a random video and get it published. And I would like to actually verify them and put them up. I have submitted 2 runs both WR for separate levels and would like to help moderate it.


Hello i just broke the world record for the game trap dungeons 2 but then after submitting my run i saw that the moderator has not been active for a YEAR now I have tried contacting him on any social details i could find but from his discord to his youtube channel it's clear that he has not been active for a year on all of his mention ned social media accounts.
Here is my world record it would be nice if i could become the moderator as since there is anyways nobody active in this game but me but if another moderator could be placed that would be great too thank you. Now even though I understand that this leaderboard is very inactive for trap dungeons 2 i only ask that please don't delete the leaderboard instead just put a new moderator in charge


I would like to ask for the removal of Ewcongogamer from the Dwarf Fortress game supermoderators. No effort was ever made to contact me prior to his entrance to the team and he has been inactive for 2 years.

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Greetings! At Shatterhand ( Super Moderator was online over a year ago ( UraniumAnchor ) . Can I ask for a Super Moderator role? at the moment my role is a regular moderator. Thank you

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Hi all, I submitted a run in Greg Norman's Golf Power in November but is still pending. I believe others have pending runs as well. There is only a single moderator (RantronBomb) who hasn't been online for 11 months. I have tried sending a message to them here and they also haven't been on twitch for 2 years. I am happy to put my name forward as a moderator of this game.

FYI - RantronBomb is also a mod of 86 other games.

Many thanks


Small update for the Moto Racer 2 situation. I'm really happy to say that the active moderator answered me. I suggest to remove the inactive moderators. I would also like to become a moderator for that game, and I hope you'll accept my request. Thank you for your time!


The Touhou fangame series is always in need of adding new (and old) games, and many existing games need a new moderator. I've reached out in the past for some individual games, but, since I specialize in these fangames specifically, is it possible to become a series moderator?


Hey,so apperantly the first Red Sword Mod Phillip is ignoring all my messages if he wanna verify runs or be active in Clash of Clans moderation,and since Sg_Booky cant remove him i wanted to ask if u could do that since he hasnt verfied a single run in 2 months for the game


Hello, I'm trying to get approval for a run for WCW Mayhem - Quest for the Best. The moderator has not been active for two whole months, and I can't reach him elsewise. His linked twitch has been inactive for a month as well. I am requesting to be a moderator so I can oversee the game, as it has no other run attempts and being the sole runner I wanted to moderate it. I understand that I am new to the website, but this is just the beginning of a list of runs I am attempting. If I need to wait a couple days, so be it I understand.


i would like to become a moderator on this game the game currently has zero moderators and I have a submitted run on it and a pending run that has been pending for a week now. I feel that since this game currently has no mods and since it has over 100 submitted runs on it the game will need a moderator soon or else the game will probably end up forgotten.

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I also want to be mod on
I'm currently a moderator of ROBLOX: Down Hill Smash, and I am very active on

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Hello. I would the other super moderator of Granny, Godchueco, removed. (

He is rarely online and never verifies runs. Even though he has been online recently, he hasn't been fulfilling his duty as moderator for the past few months. He has not verified a run since August 2020. I messaged him around mid-December about this, and I still have not received a response from him.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on Discord at Mattinator#7847.

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Requesting to be added as a moderator for

The game has one mod at the moment.
Mod has been offline for 3 weeks.
I reached out to them a week ago to see if they would like help with the board, but have not received a reply on SRC or Twitch.

Board could use a couple more categories and mods.

Edit: mod has since logged in and verified a couple runs, but no reply to messages.

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hello, requesting to be added as a mod for playstation all stars battle royale
the only mod hasnt been active in more than 2 months, already tried to contact him before and nothing.

this is one of my runs

thanks in advance.

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I would like to formally request the removal of JaidenAnimations from Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with friends. She's left the community Discord today and was only added because of the viral video as she was the first runner. She also hasn't verified a single run and hasn't been online since the week the video was uploaded. Its hard to contact her due to her following size.

All the other moderators are supportive of this decision

Thank you

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