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Can any site mods delete Kaxoj_Zack's American dragon jake long board?


@WillTendoWillTendo added as Super if you could coordinate with @lolawaylolaway regarding moderation that would be great


I've been a mod for mario cart 1+2
for awhile now.
I'd like to be made a supermod for mario cart 2 as the current one is very inactive and I'd like to be able to add a verifier.
Even when I was added to mario cart 2, it was through a link that bojack (
accidentally had active on src (an old twitch account which he has since deleted). From what I remember, he said he was backing down or taking a break from speedrunning for awhile and was happy to have me help verifying runs. I'm now no longer as active as I once was, and while I still can and do verify a decent amount of runs, having the extra verifier would be nice.

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I'd like to request mod for this leaderboard. The current one doesn't seem to be active and my attempts to contact them have failed.

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Short version post.

This link is a video proof of all.

In video, in the first 10 seconds like, 1st screenshot of gingersocrat user message, giving misleading information to me, about a whole operation and main rules of the speedrun site moderation of the games like. User gingersocrat thus did bannable behaviour of impersonating the site staff, and gave misleading information about the site rules overall.
And after 10 seconds of the vid, on the 2nd screenshot of gamebrain1 user message, doing a personal bothering message to me, which is does not got info which could have been relevant to my submitted run. Thus user gamebrain1 did bannable behaviour of doing a personal spam message.
And after 20 seconds of the vid, on the 3rd screenshot, is a wrong title and part of the game on the background image, which is does not show correctly the game title and bring misleading information about 2 games like. Thus it is bannable behaviour which is vandalizing the game page.
Thus considering it all, the users gingersocrat and gamebrain1 did a 3 bannable behaviour together overall.

I myself already blocked gamebrain1 user for not doing more of bothering messages to me. And i blocked gingersocrat user for him being unable to bring more of misleading information to me.
I hope the user gamebrain1 to get ban on the speedrun site. And i hope the user gingersocrat to get ban on the speedrun site. And i hope i to get the moderator of dead or alive 5 myself. Thank you.

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By the way. I already did a post on this site about the topic of gingersocrat and gamebrain1 users which did bannable behaviour on the speedrun site, and my previous post was liked by a good like site moderator called: T.C.B.D and i very glad about it. While thus please notice the user which is called: habreno.

This link is a video showing post of user habreno abusing his work position, and doing his job wrong.

User habreno got no right to demand my post being more short than the facts, and truth is require it. If he can not read good enough then it is his problem. He did a bad mistake on his job place. He seems like does not able to read exactly my post. And i'd like to report him for his job done wrong, and for wasting my time, and efforts by his incompetence, by his inability to read on the work place, and by him doing a demands for me posting short messages, the demands which he got no rights to do to me. I was offended by his inactivity, by his unrightful demand, and by his inability to read my post. He seems like obviously aim to misuse his working position and to protect those users called: gingersocrat and gamebrain1, which is broke the speedrun site rules, and thus user habreno doing possibly a legal crime. And i'd like to avoid being contacted by habreno in the future. If i to be contacted by him in the future i to take it as misuse and abuse of his duty rights as a worker, and as a personal offence vs me being done in public place, and i attempt to do all actions needed which is possible due to it. Thank you.


@ultimatehadcoreultimatehadcore Um, what? So much run-on sentence here that your post isn't really readable. Make a short, coherent post for us to read over so we can actually understand the issue at hand, please.

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Hi I would like to be made a moderator for the game
The moderators have seemed to have disappeared

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Never mind, solved.


Hey, I would like to request the job of Moderator for the game Hot dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand grenades, the current moderator has not posted, reviewed my runs, or be active to the page, there is only one category to the run with non-specific rulesets, was made last year and does not include all of the categories and sub categories needed, please let me know of what is possible in terms of H3VR


Hello, I have set up MFA in my settings, as I believe that was my problem, and I would once again like to ask for consideration for moderation of "Nowehere Patrol". The sole moderator still has not become active or responded on social media.


I'd like to moderate the leaderboard for Doom (Playstation) as the current mod has not signed into src for over two months, allegedly stating they're a 'retired speedrunner' in their Twitter bio. I have a run pending for verification for nearly as long and there is no one else to verify.


Hi, I've written here yesterday about the situation of the game "Moto Racer 2". You told me to try to contact the admin via discord or other social media. So I tried to, but I found out that two of the moderators have been inactive for more than one year. The links on their account don't work, I tried to add them on discord but I can't send them the request because Discord says me that the name is wrong. The other links (yt and twitch) also don't work. The only admin that seems to be active is WedSR, I've written to him twice and now I'm waiting for his answer. I also sent him a friend request via discord. I wonder if I could become a leaderboard moderator for the game, because I think that the admins are inactive and don't care so much in the game anymore. If you don't want to add me as moderator, could you at least remove the inactive moderators and ask the active one to answer to my questions? Thank you very much for your time.


Hello i'd like to reaffirm my case by mentioning, though runs eventually get verified on takeshi's challenge leaderboard, they usually take an absurd amount of time. The last time was a world record on november 3rd and was verified on december 31st. I see no harm in letting me moderate as well as I am efficient with verification, plus I myself run the game and know of a few other runners on the board. People are deterred from running the game given how long it takes to be verified and some timing rules that need changing.

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How long is it before I can request super mod. @LihuLihu hasn’t been on in over a month for The Final Earth.

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  [user deleted]

Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game Timezone
The Only Moderator spoody Has Been Inactive For 1 month!
He Has Not Responded To My Discord Friend Request
He Hasn't Streamed On Twitch Ever
He Has Not Uploaded On Youtube For 3 Months
My Pending Run

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I am requesting moderator status for The current only moderator has only approved their own runs and hasn't been online in weeks. They also haven't uploaded on Youtube in a month and haven't been on twitter since August. Thanks


As a series moderator for Assassin's Creed, since @Fed981Fed981 hasn't logged onto srdc in 5 years, I'm requesting to remove his super moderator status across all the AC games he currently mods. Thank you.


For future reference @SizzylSizzyl :


Discussion should be kept only between site staff and the requesting party. Anyone who cannot contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way will get their posts deleted along with a warning.

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Monday has come and there is still no mod activity in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. There are also people in the forums wishing for activity.