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Good Morning/Afternoon/Night,
I would like to become moderator for . The game currently has 0 active moderators, and by that, I of course mean there are 0 moderators. I have not officially run the game yet, but that is only because it would never get accepted. I would check the game every day and look over every run. I have been reliable with moderating stuff in the past, just ask @DkingDking.

If for nothing else, thank you for your time.

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Hi. I to say the current moderators of dead or alive 5 broke the rules of the speedrun site. They got wrong and misleading title in the background of the game, thus altering the crucial need to separate games, by correct titles, and parts in every leaderboard. Then when i pointed it out for all, the user called: gamebrain1 have responded, and after it he have waited for over a week and did nothing about wrong title part mistake. But he did a totally no sense request for me to crop the image, while it is obviously to do no slightest difference about his mistake. Thus he did bannable behaviour which is vandalizing the game page. And gamebrain1 user did bothering post to me by personal message, which does not related to my submitted run, or to anything else about speedrun site activity like, it is bring info of my run which is actually not relevant to my run, it is just spam message with no meaning, and it is bannable behaviour for spam. And gamebrain1 and gingersocrat users does not have the runs of the game. And i'd brought the game dead or alive 5 on the speedrun site on leadeboard by myself, be it not for misleading info which is gave to me gingersocrat, once i tried to submit my first run. They got moderators by gingersocrat giving misleading info to me initially, as if i can get the game on leaderboards and my run on it, just by me waiting for certain mods to bring it. Which is goes vs crucial rules about the game moderations of the speedrun site. And it is actually another bannable behaviour which is impersonating the site staff.

This link is a video proof of all i said.

In video, in the first 10 seconds like, 1st screenshot of gingersocrat user message, giving misleading information to me, about a whole operation and main rules of the speedrun site moderation of the games like. Ignore the start of my message which is a talk about add ons since i not knew the game dead or alive 5 good enough back then. Now i know it and i sure i needed to create a whole another category by myself and not to submit it to dead or alive 5 last round. Notice misleading information which gingersocrat user gave to me about the crucial moderation rules of the speedrun site. User gingersocrat thus did bannable behaviour of impersonating the site staff, and gave misleading information about the site rules overall.
And after 10 seconds of the vid, on the 2nd screenshot of gamebrain1 user message, doing a personal bothering message to me, which is does not got info which could have been relevant to my submitted run. Neither his message relevant to anything about speedrun site for me. Thus user gamebrain1 did bannable behaviour of doing a personal spam message.
And after 20 seconds of the vid, on the 3rd screenshot, is a wrong title and part of the game on the background image, which is does not show correctly the game title and bring misleading information about 2 games like. Thus it is bannable behaviour which is vandalizing the game page. Thus certain 1, or both users such as gamebrain1, and gingersocrat did bannable behaviour which is vandalizing the game page.
Thus considering it all, the users gingersocrat and gamebrain1 did a 3 bannable behaviour together overall.

I myself already blocked gamebrain1 user for not doing more of bothering messages to me. And i blocked gingersocrat user for him being unable to bring more of misleading information to me.
I hope the user gamebrain1 to get ban on the speedrun site. And i hope the user gingersocrat to get ban on the speedrun site. And i just hope they to get all they deserve according to the rules like. And i hope i to get the moderator of dead or alive 5 myself. Thank you.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I am a super mod in the NES game Metroid. I'm going over all speedrun stuff to update it so people can use the resources better. In doing this, I'm trying to clean up our moderators so that only ones that are active are on the board. One account is Corey042, who was an old supermod, but hasn't been active in over 3 years. I've done everything I can to contact them and have them remove themselves from the super mod, but I have 0 contact with this person. Since they have not been on the site excessively, I would like to see if we can remove them from the super mod position on this game so our board won't have people trying to refer to them for help.


Been a Few weeks since i hollared about 'Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure' . Still no mod .

just waiting paitently.

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Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game Platformer Mixtape (2010)
The Only Moderator Called SingZingXing Has Been Unactive For 1 Year!
He Has Not Uploaded On His Youtube Channel For 1 Year
He Hasn't Streamed On Twitch For 2 Years
He Has Never Posted On The Reddit
His Mixer Account Does Not Exist
He Is Not Responding To Me On Discord
His Discord Server Seems To Be Dead Since There Is Only The Owner another guy and me I have talked there but no one seems to be active there anymore
Here Is The Game Link
Here Is My Pending Run


Hey I'd like to request Moderation for "The Fastest Map Around". The only Mod has been offline for 2 years. I was not able to contact him on his social media.
The game
My pending (since 4 months) run


Hello, I would like to be considered for moderation of "Nowhere Patrol". The only moderator has been offline for over a month and I have not been able to contact him on social media.

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I would like to request to be a Super/Mod for the Flash game Gravinaytor ( Both mods have been inactive for >2 months (Super mod: 2 Months, Regular Mod: 5 Months) on the website. I have tried contacting the Supermod, but they have been inactive since October, and have not responded to my message I have sent to them. They have also avoided responding to any forum posts about a problem we have run into.


I'd like to request mod for there are changes that need to be made for the leaderboards, haven't heard back from the current mods of the game but I mod other handheld spyro games that have been active throughout 2020


Hi again, I posted a while back relating to user @Redcat628Redcat628 and how not present within the community he is, he's also now taken an extended period of inactivity on the site and I, along with the other moderators of and agreed that he shouldn't be a moderator there. Despite being not present within the community he would add random categories of runs and never clarify the goal, most simple to explain was a 100% category that we later changed the name and decided a ruling on after being left in the dark waiting on an answer as the game does not have a % counter and these vary per game anyways.

Every attempt at communication has been vague at best and it's honestly not certain to me that anything being communicated is understood even at a surface level. There seems to be a form of a language barrier in the sense of how he doesn't communicate with me or anyone else and is not at all present in our discord (despite actually being in it).

I don't make these posts out of malicious intent I just know it's not a great environment to be in when you have someone there who seemingly refuses to engage with anyone, and even when a run for the before mentioned 100% was left to verify on our boards during a period of activity from himself he still didn't even look at it. I would have no issues if he went away for a while and came back to us and said he wanted to moderate the boards but right now he doesn't seem like he's at all interested in it.

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Hello friends! I come here to ask to become game moderator: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 and Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5
Both games only have a single moderator and I am very active in both games and I would very much like to assist in checking the RUNS.

Thank you very much in advance.

Games Link:


Hi, there is no online moderator for Stranded Deep and I have a run. I want my run to be verified and I can verify runs. Thanks.


Request for me to become a mod (preferably a super but regular is fine) for Takeshi's Challenge as the mods are largely inactive and verification takes a while due to this. I had wr until yesterday, but the actual run was in november so no one knew there was a better time til it as verified.



Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault since the three moderators are inactive, having last been online 2 months ago, 10 months ago, and over a year ago, respectively. I have one pending run, and would like to verify it, and other eventual runs, since I'd also like to bring some life to the game.


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Hello I would like to make the request to become a mod in this game the current mod is very inactive and I have contacted him about this and they said possibly they would check runs and still no runs have been confirmed at all its been practically 3 weeks since I've submitted my run.

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Ive submitted 2 different runs for the Suffering that have yet to be check and are still pending. its been 4 days and ive tried contacting the supermod but he may have no seen my msg.

Im not asking for mod just someone to be able to add categories and approve runs


@WatertemplefiendWatertemplefiend - @PKSCUBEPKSCUBE is active. Direct your request towards them.
@jaystewjaystew - Moderator has verified the run.
@mxnkeh_mxnkeh_ - Two weeks does not meet threshold, also moderators are very active.
@ultimatehadcoreultimatehadcore - Um, what? So much run-on sentence here that your post isn't really readable. Make a short, coherent post for us to read over so we can actually understand the issue at hand, please.
@RubberDuckyAssassinRubberDuckyAssassin - I think you may have put the wrong game in here. You already moderate the game you linked. If that is in fact the game you are referring to, there is an active super mod on the game you can discuss things with.
@JohnnyTestJohnnyTest - Have you tried contacting the user? They're very active on their socials.
@Lucha_GymLucha_Gym - Nothing for me to do at this time as the moderator did come on to verify the run. If something comes up in the future, perhaps then something can be done.
@NarviNarvi - Have you tried contacting the other moderators? Is there a specific reason you need super moderator? Not going to handle this request at this time as, given the information available, I don't feel like this change is necessary.

@ComradeDianaComradeDiana - Going to give this a couple days since your run was submitted so recently. If nothing by late Monday, then I will handle this.

@StrackelStrackel , @notRandomannotRandoman , @MarlonChavesMCRMarlonChavesMCR - Declined. You do not have a run or pending run in this game.
@MarlonChavesMCRMarlonChavesMCR - If you want to assist the moderator, you should ask the moderator themselves.

@WillTendoWillTendo - Informed @ShadowDraftShadowDraft of your posts, as they were handling the request initially.
@lolawaylolaway - Raised this to @ShadowDraftShadowDraft - they were somewhat recently active on this game's board and I'm not sure as to why, so I will let them handle this in case there was a reason for it I am unaware of.

@WaveracerWaveracer - Informed @R0mainR0main of your post.

@ChampDFChampDF - I've reached out to the moderators as I was able to. Will see what happens.
@slowgames_masterslowgames_master - User was active very recently, but game audit log suggests runs aren't being looked at. I've sent the user a site message.

@FireXPlaysFireXPlays , @mrguyaveragemrguyaverage , @TyRy74--Soulslayer--TyRy74--Soulslayer-- , @masejohnsonmasejohnson , @ToxWolfToxWolf , @jcsheehan87jcsheehan87 , @BetterThanBrooklynBetterThanBrooklyn , @Mike_SantiagoMike_Santiago - Handled.
@tt.C.B.D , @Shac0leShac0le , @Bokonon_LivesBokonon_Lives , @tntfalletntfalle - Handled. Please check the pending runs for the game, as your run(s) are not the only ones.

@KluterArchringKluterArchring - Handled. Would not be a bad idea to add some other runners as well to assist you, but I will leave that to you.

@CHX42CHX42 - Handled this, as the user is grossly inactive and contacts unusable.

@Michael_the_secondMichael_the_second , @LeapuzLeapuz , @FlyiFlyi , @cianb12cianb12 , @zigzag0zigzag0 , @MaxameMaxame , @SpirosVekiosSpirosVekios , @LilyMiraiLilyMirai , @realm5realm5 , @fire3falconfire3falcon , @DkingDking , @HunterTheGodGodHunterTheGodGod , @Lab-RatLab-Rat , @walkingcactuswalkingcactus , @RumbleSquadRumbleSquad , @Matthew0Matthew0 , @ArityleArityle , @ManLoveManLove - Unable to consider your requests as you fail to meet requirements listed in the first post. Reread the first post - - and make sure you meet all requirements listed here. Note that this is eighteen of you who failed to do this.
@Michael_the_secondMichael_the_second - Moderator also verified the run.
@Lab-RatLab-Rat - @ShadowDraftShadowDraft informed you of this in their response weeks ago as well -

@afnannen136afnannen136 - Not touching this post at this time (fairly involved), but have flagged it for looking at later.
@SBCzSBCz - Going to take a bit of time to look into this in detail.

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I would like to request moderation for
The sole moderator has been inactive for about a year and my attempts at off-site contact failed (even though he appears to be active). I submitted a run about 4½ months ago and it is still awaiting verification.

Thanks for your time.

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Posting to request moderator/super moderator for . Its a game i play often and i log onto the site extremely often (usually daily).

The current, only moderator, , seems to get one once or twice/year, and its been nearly 4 months since their last login, not to mention, the games page is missing a lot, such as platforms and timing rules, all of which I am capable of adding.

I have 7 runs for the game submitted, and plan on submitting more.

Attempts at off-site contact made, but to no effect.

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Hi there! I'm terribly sorry about the failed requirements, I now have turned on MFA and as far as I know I have all other requirements fulfilled.

Having noted that, I would like to be considered as a mod for Nowhere Patrol's leaderboard!
As I said on my last post, the only current mod has been inactive for a quite long time, and has been unreachable both by @walkingcactuswalkingcactus and by me.
I currently have a third place run accepted in WickWaxy% and what I think is a WR for that category as well.

Hoping that this time I'm not lacking anything for consideration, and thanking full mods for their time and effort.