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Hello, I completed Hello Charlotte Speed in the Death category. The moderator has been offline for several months. There are no other moderates. More than 21 days have passed.


I would like to Request Moderation (or Super Mod) for the game Sinner Sacrifice for Redeption.
The only Mod always take 3+ weeks to accept my Runs and that is with me DMing him on Twitch. He is never on the site. (Last time was 3 months ago only after over a month of asking for him to accept my runs). I personally really enjoy running this game but it is unmotivating when every time I get a new PB I have to wait over a month before it is accepted.



I would like to request to become a Moderator for the game
The only moderator has not been online for 6 months, and they have not checked my run for 3 months.
I attempted to contact them on discord, but the discord tag they are using is not correct.
They have also been inactive on Twitter for 6 months.

- Thank you


Hey its me again,so the Moderator of Devil Daggers has been inactive in over 2 Months and so i wanted to ask IF i could become a Moderator for the Game,getting my run verified and to become a Moderator of the Electronic Super Joy series since the mods have been inactive for over 6+ Months and one mod for some years. Ive been playing the game myself alot on steam and wanted to "revive" the Game 🙂


Hi, I want to become a moderator on BulletStorm, the 2 current moderatos have not been online for a long time, I have submitted a run, I am planning on speedrunning this game a lot of times and some of my friends will too, so it will be easier to accept my runs and other peoples runs.


Requesting to be made a moderator for the games Just Dance 2021
Has not had an active moderator in a few weeks


Requesting Super Moderator Status for the "Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX" Board. ( )
The original super mod has vanished without a word from both there and on Discord, not sure how long ago, I only noticed a few months back.
Was asked by the now mod of the Discord to take the original's place due to being "the resident expert of the game", so I thought I'd give it a shot.


Requesting mod for

Hasn't been an active mod for the game in a very long time.

I've attempted to reach Mr. Torttelini over multiple mediums and have not heard from him. I attempted to contact him through his Youtube channel months ago with no response, and a DM through over a week ago. The Twitch channel he has linked to his account has presumably been deleted.


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Hoping to be added to Battle Arena Toshinden (ps1) moderation. Current mod mods over 100 other titles, is games sole mod, has been online several times since I sent in my speedruns and though they're within the window IN THIS CASE I've submitted a dozen pending runs and there are about 10 more to go. I don't think dbcade should have to verify 22 runs solo when he has over 100 other games to look at. Thanks.


Requesting mod for

I have runs that have been pending for over two months, there were four moderators before but they all seem to have disappeared now, so there are no mods to contact about the runs.


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Hi I would like to be a moderator for this game:
The moderator for this game hasn't been active in over a month.


Good day!

Could you please consider adding me as a regular moderator for Hollywood Squares (NES)?:

The only mod for that board was last online 11 months ago, on Jan 25.

I submitted a (then-WR) run 27 days ago, on Dec 1.

I attempted to contact the mod via social media 4 days ago, on Dec 24:

It is a small board, but I am aware of 4 other people who recently completed speedruns for this game, including 2 that beat my own time and claimed WR. (I have no knowledge of whether or not they submitted to the board, but I suspect at least the new WR would have been uploaded.)

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and have a great day.



Hello! I asked a week ago about removing bjw from the Touhou games that I moderate. Since then, I have cleared 10 months of old runs that needed verification, and bjw has not verified any of them. Was there any follow-up regarding checking up with him, @R0mainR0main? I have messaged him on here and Twitter, to no avail.

If bjw is found to be inactive regarding these games, then I would like to request being added as the moderator for the "Touhou" series as well.

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Hello there! I wanted to be considered for moderation for Nowhere Patrol's leaderboard!

I have been submitting runs (currently claiming WR on one category) with the oldest being a month old and none being approved (I have one from 2 months ago approved), yesterday I tried messaging the mod here and off-site but it doesn't seem like my messages have reached them.

Thank you for your time making everything work and your considerations!
- LilyMirai

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Can i be super mod in bc the super mod Last online: 1 month ago
and the mod Last online: 2 years ago

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Hello, may I request mod or get someone to mod . I've had a couple runs still not be verified for about 5 months now. The only moderator on the game hasn't been online since 7 months ago and I could not get in contact with them here or their discord. Thank you very much!

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I'd like to request moderation for the game "Rockbot1" ( as the current only mod hasn't been active in and YouTube for 2 years, and hasn't been active on twitch for 1 year. I have attempted to contact them via discord as well but their account seems to have either been deleted or changed, making it so that I can't contact them in any manner. As a mod I'd update the categories of the leaderboards to make it more up to date (as the game suffered an update some time ago and made the version in which the only run in the boards was played on obsolete, since there were major changes). Thanks in advance.


I would like to request mod for but there aren't any moderators for the game to grant or deny that request. It's strange and I have no clue what's going on there.


I would like to be considered for the moderator role on as there is currently only one moderator and he has not been active in 3 months. I've submitted a record that would claim WR on the Town Hall category however I do not think he will be active to approve it.