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Hi, i'd like to request to become a moderator for Santa Claus Junior for the GBA.

I understand that it's not the most active game, but i've been running it for a few weeks in advance of Christmas, and submitted multiple improvements to the WR.

The moderator for the game, Jefestrefe, hasn't been online for at least a month, hasn't submitted a run in 2 years, hasn't streamed for 7 months, hasn't uploaded to youtube in a year, and is at best sporadically active on twitter.

I want to clarify the rules, verify runs if there are any except mine, and possibly create a video guide on my current WR.

It's a fun little game with flaws and i'd hate to see it abandoned.

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Would like to request mod for the speedrun Fullmetal Alchemist and the broken Angel; tried contacting EZScape and magicfreak about questions involving consoles for the runs, if PS3 with backwards compatibility is allowed; no response. Literally no contact has been made for 8+months, I've tried repeatadly contacting the both of them and nothing. EZScape has no submitted runs of FMA: and the Broken Angel and was given mod, but can't respond to multiple discord messages if emu/ps3 is allowed. 🙂 that is all. I would also like to request moderation for Inuyasha; A feudal fairy tale. That board is atrocious, the mods for the game do not take care of it; submitted a run and it's been pending for 6+ months, so I deleted it and gave up on trying to get one approved. Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a pleasent day.


I would like to request the removal of Super Mod status from bjw and CrystalChaos from these games, and furthermore would like to ask for Super Mod status myself.

Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism
Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night
Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith
Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Touhou Kikeijuu ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character
Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object
Touhou Tenkuushou ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons

The reason being that on becoming a mod for these games, I have found that there have been runs waiting for over nine months to be verified. It is clear to me that runs for these games are not being considered by the current super mods. CrystalChaos has not been online for years, and bjw has not responded to my messages here nor on Twitter.

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Heyya, I am currently an existing mod of Plague Inc, however i need super mod access given the state of the board. We need new mods and ML is largely inactive. I would use super mod to grant new mod privileges to those who have been requesting it.



@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Removed them.

@DécioSpeedMasterDécioSpeedMaster Added.

@FireXPlaysFireXPlays Added.

@DrLambdaDrLambda I'll left a message to that moderator. If they don't respond me in a couple days, I'll go ahead and add you. I'll get back to you once I've news about your mod request.

@WaveracerWaveracer I'm okay to up you to Super and remove that inactive Regular moderator on all those games. For the case of bjw, I'll see with them what's going on with that.

@WatertemplefiendWatertemplefiend I'm okay to up you to Super so you can add new mods as well but the other Super isn't highly inactive for now so they'll remain on board. If they reach a least 3 months of inactivity, feel free to request their removal here again.

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@MarioSwitchMarioSwitch Tell Thextera to make the request here.


Could I also be made Supermod of Freedom Fighters. I am easily the most active person on the board, participate in marathons and been a long-standing Mod for the game. The other Supermods are currently inactive on the boards.

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Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game Platformer Mixtape (2010)
The Only Moderator Called SingZingXing Has Been Unactive For 1 Year!
He Has Not Uploaded On His Youtube Channel For 1 Year
He Hasn't Streamed On Twitch For 2 Years
He Has Never Posted On The Reddit
His Mixer Account Does Not Exist
He Is Not Responding To Me On Discord
His Discord Server Seems To Be Dead Since There Is Only The Owner another guy and me I have talked there but no one seems to be active there anymore
Here Is The Game Link
Here Is My Pending Run


Hey, I would like to get Super mod permissions on the game CRAWL, as I submitted a run and he will not approve it or deny it, he also has been online TWICE since I submitted my run and he won't reply to my messages via

In other words, "Failure to respond to site staff inquiries regarding moderation issues may result in moderation removal.", which perfectly applies to him. I also understand it says that it takes 21 days for a mod to become inactive, but the thing is, he isn't inactive, he just won't moderate his own page. I think he is ignoring my request because he wants to stay the WR holder.

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Can I get an update on gaining mod access too Star Soldier Vanishing Earth on Nintendo 64? I added e-mail verification as was requested and the mods haven't been active for 6 month's to a year and my runs are almost a month old now just from waiting for verification.

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The moderator from "The Norwood Suite" is inactive. He hasn't viewed my run in awhile.


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Requesting to be made a moderator for the games Just Dance 2-19
Has not had an active moderator in a few months


I would like to request leaderboard moderation for Arcana Heart 1 and 2 and

I submitted a run to both leaderboards recently and realized that there are no moderators for either of them.

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Hi I would like to become a mod for ridiculous fishing ( ). The only mod there seems to be inactive.

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A few of the guys and I from the Hunt Showdown Speedrun community have been struggling with inactive moderators. In addition to multiple different categories being outdated or missing due to updates to the game itself, no runs have been verified in the last 6 months. I've contacted as many of the other runners as I can to get information from them about the status of moderation, and they have told me that one of them have what would be new WRs if not for the lack of moderation. I reached out to both of our two moderators and only got a response from one, of which nothing ever came. That was three months ago. The last public communication from either moderators seems to have been 2 years ago when he stated that our supermoderator was inactive so he couldn't make any updates for the missing categories. So I am requesting moderation for


Hi !
I would like to be moderator of this game =>
The game has no moderator and I want to run it 🙂
Thanks !


Hello there, I would like to request a change in moderation for the game FusionFall Retro ( The current moderation team have been inactive and are not responding to any messages. The game doesn't have a very dedicated community but there are some dedicated players who would like to have their accomplishments recorded for their efforts. I do believe I have met the requirements for request and would like to be a moderator for the game. Please and thank you.


Hello, I completed Hello Charlotte Speed in the Death category. The moderator has been offline for several months. There are no other moderates. More than 21 days have passed.


I would like to Request Moderation (or Super Mod) for the game Sinner Sacrifice for Redeption.
The only Mod always take 3+ weeks to accept my Runs and that is with me DMing him on Twitch. He is never on the site. (Last time was 3 months ago only after over a month of asking for him to accept my runs). I personally really enjoy running this game but it is unmotivating when every time I get a new PB I have to wait over a month before it is accepted.



I would like to request to become a Moderator for the game
The only moderator has not been online for 6 months, and they have not checked my run for 3 months.
I attempted to contact them on discord, but the discord tag they are using is not correct.
They have also been inactive on Twitter for 6 months.

- Thank you