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Petz Sports seems to be without a moderator, I think the previous moderator removed their run and removed themselves as mod. If they are no longer wishing to be a moderator, and if the site mods want a mod for the board, I would be okay with being added. Not sure if the mod made a mistake and removed themselves on accident at all.

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@blazespinnakerblazespinnaker we are looking at this case.

@JohnnyTestJohnnyTest added back.

@IslandGoSAMeIslandGoSAMe looks like @PAPAJOHNPAPAJOHN is active again. I have removed the other moderator since that account does not match moderation rules.

@yumyumedyumyumed please atttempt to contact @glasnonckglasnonck via linked social media accounts

@BluelyBluely added.

@H3n2H3n2 please read the initial post and notify us again once you meet [b]all[/b] requirements.

@slowgames_masterslowgames_master please write a DM to @MRMR.Tortellini since they were online today. If there's no reply within a week you may request again.

@JSR_JSR_ added.

@mxnkeh_mxnkeh_ have you tried to contact @TomoDerpTomoDerp regarding this?


If a Super Moderator is inactive, we require other moderators to perform a substantial amount of effort themselves in reaching out to these inactive Super Moderators in order to request that they remove themselves first.

@quoquo the account issue could be easily solved via contacting site staff. If you are still in contact please tell @FalcoEagleFalcoEagle to contact one of the full mods.

@Lab-RatLab-Rat it might be because you are not meeting the requirements for moderators (enable mail verification for your sr.c account). Once you meet it you can be added.

@PunchPunch added.

@WaveracerWaveracer your mail verification is still disabled on sr.c but you don't want to be added as a moderator for that board? The current moderators are both considered inactive.

@NathrexNathrex added.

@QuiversQuivers did you try to contact @yibyib on any linked social media account?

@PDplumPDplum added.

@AlfaStrategistAlfaStrategist did you try to contact @stucostuco on sr.c or on social media?

@Sheriff_HardonSheriff_Hardon you do not meet some of the requirements listed on the initial post to request moderation for that board.

@ultimatehadcoreultimatehadcore added as a regular.

@GrondiousGrondious added.

@adrianusadrianus added.

@GhostOgreTVGhostOgreTV added on
For the other board could you DM me the details?

@SaoriSaori since there are categories on that board I'll have to deny this request.

@SiemionSiemion please DM the details to one of the full mods.

@RyanreviewsretroRyanreviewsretro added as a regular.

@jannik323jannik323 added.

@jaystewjaystew you do not meet the mail verification requirement. You may request again once that is enabled for your account.

@EastCoastVandalEastCoastVandal added.

@LongtongueLongtongue added as a regular to both.

@ThanksDudeThanksDude added but please tone down the frequency of your requests for these empty boards.

@OhrisOhris you do not meet all requirements from the first post. Once those are met you can request again.

@DestroerwowDestroerwow looks like your request was handled by the board moderation already.

@MarlonChavesMCRMarlonChavesMCR added as a regular.

@LightfootLightfoot good to see you were added by the board mod.

@ReroundReround added.

@Deano95HDDeano95HD you do not meet all requirements (mail verification) to be added as a mod.

@yesalexxyesalexx please read the first post and attempt to contact the board moderation team first.

@AlbinumAlbinum you need to enable mail verification.

@Habes19Habes19 added as a regular.

@Mew8000Mew8000 you do not meet any of the requirements from the first post.

@RimeenyRimeeny as mentioned by @PearPear your post does not meet the requirements.

@WillTendoWillTendo please enable mail verification on your account and post again once that's done.

@Cross_ShotCross_Shot you will have to enable mail verification to be added as a mod.

@goldenONXgoldenONX done.

@R_nan0089R_nan0089 please read the first post.

@KaiWasTakenKaiWasTaken added as a regular.

@Silo_SimonSilo_Simon added.

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@JalBagelJalBagel It's to @NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets to make the request of removal of other moderators and being upped to Super if they feels the need. Like I said, that moderator is active. Contact them about that.


Email authentication toggle should now be on. If it's still not enabled, then I'm not sure where exactly I'm supposed to go to enable the correct setting.

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Hello, I am requesting to become a Moderator for "Dungeon of Numenas"

You See Im The Moderator Of Dungeon Of Numenas 2
I Am A Friend Of KaiWasTaken The Mod Of Dungeon of Numenas Who Is Also Mod Of Dungeon Of Numenas 2 Since The Mod Cupps Has Been Unactive On All His Social Media I Would Really Like To Be Added Aswell Since Kaiwastaken is unable to add me as mod because he is not a super moderator

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Of Course I Have Email authentication on Cause im mod of dungeon of numenas 2
there is no reason for me to contact cupps since kaiwastaken already did


My bad, email authentication should be enabled now. I suppose I would be interested in moderating Touhou: Unidentified Fantastic Object, the one I have a waiting run in, then.
Also, the same inactive pair of moderators also moderate these other Touhou games:

Touhou: Subterranean Animism
Touhou: Imperishable Night
Touhou: Mountain of Faith
Touhou: Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Touhou: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Touhou: Double Dealing Character
Touhou: Hidden Star in Four Seasons

I would also be interested in being a moderator for these games, if possible.

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I am the moderator of this game. I would like to become a super moderator.
The fact is that UraniumAnchor was online over 1 year ago.
And the moderator WhiteHat94 said that he did not have time for this game.
Therefore, I ask you, if possible, to make me a super moderator and remove inactive moderators.
I hope for your understanding. Thank you so much =)


@AlbinumAlbinum added.

@FireXPlaysFireXPlays upped Kai to super.

@WaveracerWaveracer added.

@DestroerwowDestroerwow given the activity of the game that doesn't seem necessary at this point. You have enough permissions as a regular mod.

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• The removal of inactive Super Moderators should be requested by other moderators of the same leaderboard.

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Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game dweebus and the great destiny
The Only Moderator Of The GameCalled GameCrash Has Been Unactive For 3 years!
His Twitter Does Not Exist
His Discord Does Not Exist As Well
And He Has Not Uploaded Any Video On His Youtube

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Hey I've had several runs in air boarder 64 that have been pending for 4 weeks, I've messaged the current moderator to no prevail. For that reason I am requesting to be a moderator.


@ShadowDraftShadowDraft Enabled e-mail verification as was requested.


I apologize that I have to do this however, I would like to request the removal of an inactive super moderator from The Lion King Genesis/Mega Drive leaderboard.

Username: @The_Retro_ChallengerThe_Retro_Challenger

Last Online: 4 weeks ago
Last Submission: February 13, 2020

Pertaining to The Lion King Genesis/Mega Drive leaderboard:

I can not remember when the last time they verified a run was or when they were really involved with the board. They have been extremely difficult to get ahold of including when moderators needed to be involved in certain situations and this has been going on since about a month after I became a moderator (which has been about a little less than a year, I think). Other members of the community have also mentioned to me that they have also attempted to reach out to Retro and either were waiting up to a month for a reply or never received one at all.

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Hey there is a game that I have a pending run that only has one moderator that’s active for posting his own runs on different runs but doesn’t use some of that time to check out the runs on the game he moderates here is the page I was wondering if I could become a mod so runs could actually get verified

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There are no active moderators for
Therefore, I request moderation on it.

I contacted both moderators on all social media platforms, I had runs pending for 1 month (re-submitted new PB since so it's pending 'only' for 2 weeks now) and I never got any response from either of the 2 moderators (speedrun com and social media).

Also, the mods seem to be inactive for months, I found this from 8 months ago:


@FireXPlaysFireXPlays You require a pending run.

@AetherismAetherism Added.

@tt.C.B.D Added.

@InsomnimaticInsomnimatic Removed them.

@AdriankonesAdriankones Did you reached that moderator about your run? If not please do so in the first place. That thread is only for last resort if moderators aren't active or reachable.

@xatrixxxatrixx Added. For now the actual moderators will be keep on board, if they reach the 3 months inactivity threshold, feel free to request their removal here.

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Requesting removal of @Im_The_CookIm_The_Cook from Ninja Roy for being inactive for 3 months.

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Hello, I would like to request moderation status for the Learn 2 Kaizo game has only 1 moderator and he has been inactive for 6 months, I have a pending race for 41 days, I tried to contact him on social media and nothing to answer, so I'm asking to be the moderator of this game, I already have experience because I moderate the God of War series.
Thank you very much in advance .

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Hello I Would Like To Request Moderation For The Game One Button Arthur
The Only Mod (arandomone) has been unactive for 3 years!
He Has Nothing Linked To His Account For Me To Contact Him
My Pending Run