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I have added my Twitter contact info and enabled email as per @ShadowDraftShadowDraft 's request. Is that necessary for getting my runs verified? I am not interested in being a mod for the game, just that run for Touhou UFO to be verified.

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I am requesting to be added as a mod or super-mod for Heroes of the Monkey Tavern ( I have a run that has been pending for more than two months. The moderator, xpeterwhatever, has not logged in for more than a year and the only listed contact info is a YouTube account that has not posted in two months.

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Game rules tab states this:

Must use IGT (type speedrun/start in chat) to accurately time runs.

Must begin run at the first checkpoint and end at the last checkpoint. <-------------------------------

No external advantage (Cheats, using speed boosts from before the run's started)

Singleplayer only.

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This is clearly not the forum for this. It'd be a lot better that you settled this with the game's moderators, instead of just using this thread to report a mod that rejected your run.

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@realm5realm5 You submitted a troll run and you’re complaining that it got rejected. Just stop.

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Requesting moderator/supermod for Off Peak ( ) The current and only moderator Yib has not been online for 2 months. I have a run recently submitted and even though it is recent it looks like nothing will change with yib being offline for 2 months

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Requesting to become a moderator for this game
The current and only moderator bluluxabica has not logged in for two months - i have tried to contact on all social media found with no response.
I have a significant number of pending runs but within the two months he has been active so none approved.

Many Thanks

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I attempted and submitted a run on, it has been pending for 3 weeks now and I also tried contacting the only moderator on the game, but haven't yet received any feedback from them. Not sure if it is just because the game is very inactive, I would like to do more runs on the game, but am not sure if I should since I don't know if any of the runs will even be looked at.


Have tried to get in touch with both moderators on to no avail. One has not been online for 6 months and the other one for 2 years. There are more people that want more categories and speedruns they want to have checked


I request to become moderator of stronghold. Current moderators was inactive for over 3 weeks. And i tried to contact moderators by numerous sites but it was without success. And i got a pending run. Thank you.

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Hello friends,

I recently started running a fairly obscure SNES game called Drakkhen and I submitted a run 11 days ago for verification and also contacted the currently only mod for the game here on and on Discord with no reply for several days. From glancing at his social media links it appears he is completely inactive.

So as someone who is an established runner of other games and a mod here already of a game called Evergate I would like to request being a moderator (super mod if possible) for Drakkhen as I know at least one other person has started running the game and possibly more to come outside of just myself.

EDIT: I realized I could check the last time he was online on and it was 10 months ago in his info page so definitely inactive.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation for
I have a pending run and the Mod hasn't been on site for ~10 months. He is inactive on Twitter and Twitch for even longer and doesn't react to any messages. Thanks.

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About Naruto Shippuden NInja Storm Revolution, I tried to get in contact with Cyberdemon, but I never got any response for more than a week now. And even if he got active again, he never verified any runs this game.

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Hello! I am currently attempting to become a Super Mod on "Game Inside A Game". The current and only Super Mod, @KMCBlinkKMCBlink, is inactive, and hasn't made any categories for this game. I have tried contacting them on social media, without any luck, as most of their contacts are blank or invalid. I believe if somebody does not take over for KMCBlink, Game Inside A Game will be unable to have a community. Thank you for your time!


Hi, I'd like to inform that the moderator of Rake sp r is placing fake records and categories for Rake.

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Hello, I submitted my world record run for the game Go Go Ackman and the two moderators have been inactive for 5 months, and over a year. I hope something can get solved, as I could act as moderator since I already am for a few other games that I verify weekly like Naruto clash of Ninja. Thank you

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Hey hey ,
requesting Mod for

All 4 moderators are inactive for over a month. ( 2 of them over a year and the other 2month and 7months.)
I have tried to contact them ,but i wasn't able to get any response.( 3/4 don't have anything linked.. was able to find their yt tho.)
I have pending runs rn . One of them has been sitting there alone for over 2weeks.
While asking if anyone is able to contact the moderators in the forum ,i was made aware that others might also be waiting.
I know of someone has been waiting for over 5months. ( or at least he said so idk if thats true)

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@R0mainR0main Replying to "@JalBagelJalBagel Series mod or not, you require a pending run. @NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets isn't fairly inactive either."

Understandable. We have information that needs tk be updated however and no active moderators. If your hands are tied I get it, but every moderator on that board (mh3u) is inactive.

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Its been 2 weeks since I first posted this. My WR run has still not been reviewed. Trying again.

The mod in is inactive. They have not been online in over a year and have not been on their Twitch in 4 years. All approved runs currently on the game were approved by previous mods. I simply want this game I really enjoy running to have runs get approved and an active mod. Willing to do the job of mod myself. Thanks for hearing me out.