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Hello, I'm wondering when my speedrun upload is gonna be verified. It is on cold war zombies 2 players coffin dance. It's been a while.


hello, @ShadowDraftShadowDraft

i was curious if there has been an update on my moderator request for "ready sled go!" as four weeks ago you said there should be a result soon.

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Hello, I submitted my run for Touhou Mahoujou ~ Book of Star Mythology around 2 months ago, and I still haven't heard anything from the moderator for the game. The last time the moderator updated anything on the game was for their own run about 1 year ago. I tried reaching them through other means, but it seems those ways of contacting them do not work anymore.

I would like to take this inactive moderator's position on the game. Thank you.


Hey, we want to add new categories for Inazuma Eleven Strikers but the main moderator funsoluces has last visited this website before one year.
Can I be a new mod or can anyone help us? Thanks in advance


Hey, so I would like to be upped to super mod for Can Your Pet?
I am the only regular mod left in Can Your Pet since the former super mod left

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Hi, can I request to be made a moderator (or super mod) for Spy Muppets: License to Croak ( )?

I submitted some runs almost 2 months ago, including a potential WR ( ), and I haven't had any response to either. There were previously three moderators: one left (can't remember the name), and the other two have been offline for 3 weeks ( ) and 3 years ( ).

I messaged ikkatosh23 via DMs over 2 weeks ago and have had no response. I also attempted to reach out to them a week or two ago via Discord - I sent a friend request, which currently is still pending.

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I am requesting moderator for suicide guy series and all games under it. The current moderator jonis has not responded to any messages from myself or captain_hydrus over the last two weeks and is ignoring the community. We recently made a discord because he had not done so and he has not joined despite us inviting him. He also refuses to discuss rules even though a majority of the community wants it changed. We have recently found a final boss skip in the first suicide guy and are trying to figure out if we can do it in glitchless runs and he has not responded. We also take issue with the 100% categories rule of requiring you to collect all steam achievements (except one to do an extra level). It does not make sense to require steam achievments as a part of the 100% rules but jonis refused to change it when brought up a few months ago. Runs have not been getting verified either. In our discord I have heard 3 different people complain about how their runs have not been verified. It would not be such a big issue if jonis was responding to us and giving us a reason why he is MIA, but as I said he just ignores the messages. I have seen him log onto SRC multiple times since I messaged him and captain hydrus has tried messaging him on SRC, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, and Steam just to see if he could get a response and still nothing. I love these games and have held WR in both games glitchless category as well as sg 1's glitchless 100% and do want to see this community grow and to do that we need better leadership in the mod team. If modded I also plan to mod captain_hydrus as he is experienced in modding games on src and also has been running the first game. I also plan to add a board for Suicide Guy VR as I know someone who may run the game and there is growing interest in it. Everyone in the suicide guy community wants to see the series grow and gain new runners but it is really difficult at the moment given jonis is the only mod and refuses to work with us. Any help on this is much appreciated.

SG 1:
SG 2:
SG Series:


Hi, I posted a speedrun for Cheap Golf a month or two back, it is the first and only speedrun in any of the games categories. The current moderator has been offline for over a year now and my run hasn't been processed yet. I would be willing to become a moderator if need be, but I am unsure about the policy of whether or not runners are eligible for moderator in a game they have run.

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Following up on my previous request, I have submitted a run for Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll for the NES console in hopes of becoming a Moderator so I may add some additional categories to (hopefully) peak the interest of future runners. The game currently has no Moderator. Thank you.


Hi. I would like to be super moderator of the game "Descenders" . Actually, there is no moderator for a long time and i want this game alive again 🙂 . I already have runs awaiting verification for this game.
Thank you

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I am requesting moderator for Rot Gut leaderboard:
I've submitted a run 3 weeks ago, which hasn't been verified since:
The last moderator to login did so 6 months ago, and there is no social media on which I can contact them (except one who have a Youtube account, which isn't a good way to contact someone).
It looks like a dead board, or maybe other runners had submitted runs, which haven't been verified as well. If I become a moderator for this game, I could see if there are other runs which need verification.
Thank you!

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I would like to become a moderator of the game Bubble Trouble (Known as "Bubble Struggle" currently on the website)
The main reason for this is that currently the only run category for the game is Any% ("Full-Game"), meaning all 22 levels
However, the original flash version only had 16 playable levels, with 17 being a continuous level which never ends. This version is more popular for speed running due to the physics and as a moderator I would like to add more run categories to appeal to the original version of the game

Furthermore, there is currently only 1 moderator for this game who hasn't been online for 2 months and hasn't responded to any of my attempts to contact him. He hasn't used his twitter since September and doesn't have an actual discord profile for me to contact him to see if he could make these suggested changes.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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as requested by @R0mainR0main i tried to Contact @c0pperc0pper to review my run of Stunt Dirt Bike but sadly got no response.
if possible i would like to moderate this game.

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Heya! I'm requesting to be added as a supermod to the "Scaler" leaderboards, I've seen another person has also requested and been added as a supermod about 2 years ago now. I've tried to contact him (as well as the other supermod) but he seems inactive on all linked social media. I'm really interested and keen on building a community for speedrunning this game and though I don't have a run submitted I have been spending my time searching for skips the past year in preparations to begin building a community for running the game!

For example:

Cheers! 😃



Hi I would like to moderate half heart race


Hello, I would like to become moderator for a game series: "Hard Truck Apocalypse / Ex Machina". Because current moderator is offlane for 6 months and my wr run is pending more than a month.


Hi, I'd like to request moderation for the following two games: and
I have pending runs and the Mod hasn't been on site for ~10 months. He is inactive on Twitter and Twitch for even longer and doesn't react to any messages. Thanks.

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Hi I'd like to request moderation for this game:
As the leaderboard moderator is indefinitely banned...

I recently submitted a run to the board and plan to keep submitting runs to this board...

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Hello, I would like to request moderator for Puyo Pop on GBA the only moderator seems to be inactive and my run has been pending for almost 4 weeks. Thanks for your time


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Hi, I want to request to become a moderator of "Ed, Edd n Eddy Lunchroom Rumble", it has 0 mods, and the only verified run was verified by a [deleted user]. There are a few people interested in running, and at least one run (mine) submitted and I plan to submit more.