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Hello - A month ago I submitted a run to Red Bow ( and it was never verified. I also submitted a new run a couple weeks ago and again to no avail. I reached out to the mod (gloubox715) via Twitter a week back and never got a reply (even though they shown recent activity).

The leaderboard/game isn't active (that I know of) but it would be good to maintain it. I can take over the board if needed.



I am requesting a promotion to Super Moderator for NES Metroid Category Extensions
The previous Super Moderator deactivated his account and there is no current super mod.

Thank you!


Hello, I submitted a run for a little over a month ago, and the only moderator (Nolcolem) has been offline for a month. they also moderate other game & watch games and i think i could moderate them too since i play alot of g&w games. i am requesting to be super moderator or regular moderator
Thanks in advanced.


I would like to request the removal of a mod (deliriouS) in the Game Clicker Heroes ( ) because he has been offline for over 4 years. I don't really think that he should still be a mod for this game.



Hello, I'd like to request super mod access for The former super moderator has left it seems (as well as other sites in an attempt to contact him), leaving me as the only moderator on the board, with one verifier. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks


@ebloodycandyebloodycandy Added.

@Retrogaming2084Retrogaming2084 Upped you to Super.

@spinsspins The moderator is decently active on Twitter, please contact them there asking for a status for your runs and being added as a moderator eventually. If they don't respond you in a decent amount of time then we can add you.

@LPhantomLPhantom Removed them.

@otherkirbyotherkirby Upped you to Super.


Hello, the only moderator for Vigil: The Longest Night ( has been absent for 21 days. As the game is very new, we have several runs waiting verification, as well as the need to add new categories. Every attempt to contact said moderator has been unsuccesful. Therefore, i ask to be promoted to super moderator in their place. Thanks


Hello, i'd like to request mod access for . I have two pending runs and I was unable to contact the moderator, apparently he does not login about a 1 year.

Thank you for support.


Hello, I would like to request moderator status for Saint Seiya: Soldiers's Soul. The current mod doesn't come online for about 5 months now, and I can't contact him. Link:

Thank you for the amazing work.


Hello, I would like to request to be a super mod for the Wow Wow Wubbzy series, the game only has one Series Mod and he only has normal mod for it, so there's some things he is unable to do because of this complication so for me to have super mod for the series would help a lot. Another thing to mention that would make this make sense is that I also have mod for all of the games in the series as well.


Hello, the super moderator (and only mod) for Sabre Wulf has been banned from the site leaving the game modless. Since I've submitted a run for this game and plan to run it more into the future I was wondering if I would be able to become super moderator for this game.


Hello, I and a few others have been speedrunning a game called MechAssault ( and our new times still have not been accepted or even viewed, I believe.

I have been consistently viewing and running the game, so I would like to request to be the super mod for MechAssault. The original Super Mod (Sparking_AC) has been inactive for 4 months and the times currently displayed are inaccurate. He can be a mod if that is fine, but I feel like since I view and watch more runs, I should be the Super Mod. This should help the times stay more accurate.


Hey, I'd like to request to become moderator for
The current only moderator ( ) have not been active in a bit over a month, thus not been verifing runs, I tried to reach out to them on the platforms that they have linked on their profile, but have not gotten any responses.


@BabyPigmanBabyPigman That sounds good to me, however the actual Super will not be removed until they've reached a decent amount of inactivity (3 and more months), if that would happens feel free to request their removal here.

@HiroMuniiHiroMunii Added.

@GhostOgreTVGhostOgreTV Sounds good to me but you need MFA enabled in order to be added as a moderator to a game (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). You need also a second method of contact (such as Twitter, Discord ect...). Get back to us once it's done.

@FlynntendoFlynntendo Can you ask that user to request to be upped to Super here?

@SlipBoiSlipBoi Added.

@ErroneousOneErroneousOne Sounds good to me but you need MFA enabled in order to be added as a moderator to a game (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). Get back to us once it's done.

@crysalcrysal Same case than @ErroneousOneErroneousOne . Get back to us once you've enabled MFA.

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Flynn let me know to ask here, can I please be super mod for the wubbzy series?

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Hi, Id like to request access to be the mod of as the last time mods have been active was 7 months ago.



Please remove cyander from the ice age 2 mod team. She is not active in our community and has only ever done one run from 4 years ago. When I last reached out to her she refused to de-mod herself despite never talking in our discord and telling me she had no interest in verifying runs.
her profile:
the game:


Im not sure if anyone else has brought this up but the Moderator for this title
Has passed away ( Deceased ) not sure what happens here but Im happy to become the mod for this game


Yes, hello. I was wondering if I could be a moderator for this game:
The moderators for this game have been inactive in over 11 months, I was wondering if you could remove them for inactivity.