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Hello, I would like to moderate for the game , the mod hasn't been on for 7 months and they haven't streamed on twitch for 2 years, and they haven't accepted my discord friend request ( for reference). They also haven't done any runs of the game for a year.
Thanks you for your time

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The mod in is inactive. They have not been online in over a year and have not been on their Twitch in 4 years. All approved runs currently on the game were approved by previous mods. I simply want this game I really enjoy running to have runs get approved and an active mod. Willing to do the job of mod myself. Thanks for hearing me out.

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I would like to request moderation rights for Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll for NES. Have been in contact with the previous mod (jeffsledge) who informed me that he has removed his duties from this game because he no longer has time for it. I'm pretty well versed in the game/rules for this game & speedrun so feel free to contact me if you have further questions. I will work on getting some sort of run done this week if a submission is required.

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I would like to request the deletion of this leaderboard.
I was requested to add the leaderboard 4 months ago, and so I did and left the responsibility to the requester after making them a mod, but throughout these 4 months, not a single run was put on the leaderboard. I was at least expecting them to put their own run in, but now they've been inactive on the site for 2 months. Now I'm left with an empty leaderboard.

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Looking to become Moderator and perhaps Super Mod for
the current super mod hasnt logged in for years and the most active mod logged in 2 weeks ago, tried contacting them on socials but there has been no activity going that way either, thanks

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  SexSex has no moderators or super moderators, so I'd like to request being added to the boards as a super mod.

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I have a run at pending status 2 months. I contact with moderator, but no reply.
So could I request to become moderator of Mr. Driller and Mr. Driller series?

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I would like to request to become a mod for a game called "Primary," the only mod that hasn't been active in a month.
I've tried to contact him but his socials don't work.
I've submitted a run and it's been pending for a Month.

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I submitted a run for the game Frogger (Arcade) 3 weeks ago.
The mod (Rallis) hasn't been on src in 2 months.
I've tried sending a discord fr as their dms aren't open to no avail
I tried contacting them on twitter as well

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@TrevorTrevor.cranberry Thanks for enabling MFA from my last message, I added you.

(Will look on other requests tomorrow)


Requesting to be made a moderator for the game IQ Ball

Has not had an active moderator in a while, and I know that there's multiple pending run verifications (including mine).


Requesting to be made a moderator for the game Just Dance 2015

Has not had an active moderator in a few months

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Requesting moderator for Spongebob Squarepants SuperSponge (GBA). One moderator has not been online in 4 years and there socials are either inactive or lead to dead links. The other moderator has been offline for 2 months. They are only active on Youtube which is not an effective way to try to contact someone.

There have also been reports in the forums that people were waiting months for verification, so I hope that will not be the case here.

I understand if my request is denied and will wait 3 weeks if needed

EDIT: The mod has logged on and verified our runs after external contact so I believe this is handled for now, unless action will be taken anyway, unless action will be taken anyway due to the other person waiting months on multiple occasions.

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Hi! I posted about 2 or so weeks ago about requesting mod for, but I was told that you guys would try contacting the mods. I was just wondering if there were any updates on that, as it still seems that they're inactive.

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Hi I would like to request mod for mr.driller online

I submitted multiple runs three months ago but the only mod @SnuggleTimeKittySnuggleTimeKitty is inactive, they haven't logged in for five months and the only social link is to a deleted twitch channel, I sent them a DM on here but I don't think they're coming back.

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Requesting moderation for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden.

For Ninja Storm Revolution, all of the mods are inactive, ranging from 3 months to 2 years.

For Ultimate NInja 4, the game is currently a mess. One of the mods is inactive, the other logs in, but he doesn't even seems to run the game anymore. Not only that, but there are kinda suspect categories, and even the rules for those are written in portuguese for some reason. I would like to be added as a mod to fix the issues currently there.

Thank you.

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I'm requesting to be added as a moderator for the game Burly Men at Sea. The only mod of that game (SquishySuplex) wasn't online for two months on now.
My run is awaiting verification since the 10th of November now.
I tried to contact him on Twitter but direct messages are disabled and he's ignoring my post.

Thanks for the effort.


So I ran a game recently called AMY, it's apparently a dead board since neither mod has been active in sometime. One has no contact info and the other seemed to ignore my message. Can I possibly get mod for this so I can verify both my own run and any potential runs in limbo? I moderate plenty of games already so it shouldn't be too difficult to pick up this mostly empty one @DaravaeDaravae

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I posted a speedrun for Overcooked! on 7th November and still haven't had an update. Contacted the mods a few dates ago and still waiting a reply.

I would like to request to be a moderator for Overcooked! 2.


Requesting to be added as a Super Mod for X-Men 2: Clone Wars for Sega Genesis.

Right now, there is only one mod for the game and they haven't logged in for 10 months. They don't appear to be active on socials either.

I run the game and am working on some guides/resources I would like to add to the board. It would also be good to get some rules in place and add at least one more mod.


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