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I would like to make a request for moderation for the leaderboard Street Fighter X Tekken. There has been 1 run pending for about more than a month I believe, and have not heard anything back from the Moderators.

There is one more I would like to mention if that is alright. A PS2 game by the name of Arctic Thunder. There has been 1 run pending for about 3 months now, and have not heard anything from the Moderator.

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Hey, I would like to be a moderator for two games, Hybris and Chuck E. Cheese's Alien Defense Force, because I have a pending run for both games and neither of them have moderators.


Hello. Looking to be added as a super mod to Monster Hunter 3U leaderboards:
No active super mods. CritLuck last on 2 years ago. Divvymew last on 2 years ago. Also I'm presently a super mod for the Monster Hunter Game Series. TYVM for the help.


Hello, I asked in the discord about this and I was redirected here. I would like to become a mod for this game since the only moderator deleted their account. I have submitted a run for this game previous, but have no pending runs. Thank you in advance, and have a nice day.


hello @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets , sorry for bothering, i know that you guys were going to contact the mod from ps all stars, is there any news from him? or i will be end up being added as a mod for the game? to verify my own and any other runs that are there for the game.

thanks in advance.


Hello, I would like to be a moderator for the game Creepypasta Land MV. There's only one person who is a moderator of the game but they haven't been active for 2 years, I don't think there's any way of contacting the moderator. Their youtube doesn't seem to be active and the discord tag no longer works.

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Howdy! I'm applying for moderator for Tetris 99. (link: ). This application comes at the recommendation of T3tsuya. The current moderator of the board, soupG, has been offline for 3 months now, and this current stretch is not the first time of a long leave of absence given the postings by T3tsuya and other members on that board. At present, I currently moderate for Mario Party DS, Super Mario Party, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. I'd be more than willing to fill the spot and add some things, and ofc if there's anything you need to ask let me know! Outside of just having an active moderator, the one thing I want to do is add a category for online matches. At present, we have Marathon and CPU, but nothing utilizing the Online aspect, something I think would be fun to see the progress of as the skill cap slowly rises as well as provide a "free" option (Marathon and CPU require the purchase of DLC). Thanks in advance!


A couple of weeks ago, I requested mod status for . Since then, the supermod's account has been deleted, so I would like to request that I be given supermod status instead, if that's alright. Thank you!

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation for the game
I have pending runs and the Mod hasn't been on site for ~10 months. He is inactive on Twitter and Twitch for even longer (and didn't react to messages I sent ~2 months ago regarding another issue).

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hi idid a run of 2 weeks ago and its still pending, the moderator for the game logged on 14 hours ago and my run hasnt got verified. i did get in touch with the mod but he doesnt want to verify runs.

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I have been waiting 3 weeks for my run of Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron to be verified. I have tried reaching out to the moderator but all his links are broken. I would love to moderate the game as I am the only other runner on the board and am a lot more active on src than the current moderator who hasn't been online basically since he got the game added. Here's the link to the game's page and I will provide the link to my two pending runs as well:

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board for hasnt been set up yet so i can't request a run but moderator hasnt been online in 4-5 months.
I've runned the game and would like to moderate the board and complete it


I have a pending WR run on Stunt Dirt Bike. And the Moderators are all offline for 1 Year or more. What can i do?


Hey I wanna be a mod on because I'm the only person who wanna try the speedrun of this and the mods don't verify my runs anymore


I submitted a World Record speedrun to Destruction Darius (, unfortunately, the moderator hasn't been online for a year and when I tried to message the Discord they have linked in their profile, the account turned out to not exist. In this scenario, I would like to be added as a moderator to the leaderboards of Destruction Darius as I'm the only one active around this game. Thank you

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I'm requesting for @AverageBoyoAverageBoyo to be removed as a moderator from - he's made many sudden rule changes without consulting me or the community, he's been ignoring me when it comes to run verification and retiming, and rejecting runs submitted before his rule changes occurred. It doesn't seem like he deserves to be in charge of a community as large as Down Hill Smash's, and there are others willing to do the job better than him that I can vouch for.

EDIT: seems like he removed himself

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@dangrdangr , @AverageBoyoAverageBoyo and @mxnkeh_mxnkeh_ : " Discussion should be kept only between site staff and the requesting party. Anyone who cannot contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way will get their posts deleted along with a warning."

To be back on topic, I'll have a look to all the requests later today.

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I have contacted a moderator at lococycle , but there has been no response.
I have checked the active status, but I haven't logged in since a year ago.
I would like to ask you to grant me moderator privileges.

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@CytrussCytruss ,who moderates the game Stickman Hook's runs ,self verified an orange percent(levels 1-5) run I believe is way slower then what it should be. I think it should be taken down. The run:


This run was in orange% and @CytrussCytruss said he got 23.491 on yt frame timer I found he got 30.136. this is a difference of 5 seconds. I think I should be a moderator of the game instead