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Hello, I submitted a run for about a month ago, and the only moderator has been offline for over 4 months. I tried contacting them via their social media a week ago with no response.


I would like to request mod for Chicken Shoot (Wii) The only mod, hasn't been on for like a month and I can't get in contact with him.

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Hello! Requesting super mod for the CoreGames series . The games on the platform are increasing daily and several new ones have sparked up that it seems worthy of having a super mod.

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Requesting mod status for . The super mod, , has not been active in 5 years, has only verified one run in the past 4 years in the boards they mod, has never run Lilo And Stitch, has not logged on in over a month, and has not responded to on and off-site contact. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, today I am requesting a change in Moderation of Doomnit Hell on Teufort.

The previous Super (and only) moderator for that game is Mottag has not been online for over 3 years because of them losing the password to their account.
As a result my run and at least one other person's, Dweather, have been sitting unverified for years. I am now requesting moderator status for me and/or Dweather (who has much more prior experience in Moderation than me) to cleanup the boards (which uses the inverted / slowest-to-fastest ranking method for some reason) and clear up the remaining unverified runs.


After my run on Fractured Minds ( got deleted by the moderator 'Spicy' the user deleted their account and there is no more moderators or supermods for that matter. I have spent around 20hours getting good time on the game and I think I'd be a good fit. I can tell the difference between spliced footage for this game as well.


Hello, I would like you to help me with something, please, I asked to add 3 new games, 2 to the Shaman King series and 1 to the X-Men series, my request was rejected because they told me that I should contact the series moderator, I would only like to add the 3 games that I request and be a moderator of those games since I have the runs of the 3 games, I have sent a message to the moderators of the Series of both Shaman King and X-Men but there is no response. That's why I ask a full moderator to add the 3 games I ask for and be the moderator of only those games.

The games to add are the following:
Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans
Shaman King: Power of Spirit

And for the X-Men series it's the game:
X-Men: Mutant Academy 1



I am requesting moderator for and . BlueWill was banned from our discord for having racist tweets and is not someone we want associated with the rabbids community. Here is the tweet for reference:

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I am requesting to become a moderator of the Cartoon Network series/FusionFall game board as I have attempted to contact the moderators in an attempt to get a new game/run category added to the page (as I was instructed to by site staff when posting a game request). This has failed and all moderators have been inactive for several months to a year.


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I'd like to request to be a Moderator for Dungeon Defender(2011). There are categories being run within the community that aren't on the board and I'd like to add them.
I've been playing for several years and have knowledge from early progression all the way to the hardest boss fight in the game.


I am requesting series mod for the family guy series . I moderate the family guy video game! and run the family guy discord with Mipha. The family guy discord is a FGVG and Back to the Multiverse discord with myself and Mipha being the ones who moderate it. I would also like Mipha added as a series mod.


Please remove @Dezu123Dezu123 from being moderator in Happyland Adventures (The original game), Happyland Adventures (X-mas edition) and Happyland Adventures series. He is inactive for over 6 months and I think it's more than enough to remove him. Since he is only moderator in Happyland Adventures series, can I be added as moderator for it? If not, I'm ok with it, I understand politics for not having moderators for small series.

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@TonhoyTonhoy - You submitted one run, not three. And it wasn't even a real run, it was a Rick Roll. As I told you previously, and as frankly we shouldn't even have to say at all, you need to submit a real run for us to consider your mod request. If you continue to blatantly lie to us and waste our time, any future mod requests from you will be ignored. Consider this your last warning.

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my account is now a month old.
i asked for moderation in the game rogue soul two weeks ago.
as (maybe) a future moderator, i am conflicted. it seems that the top run for the any% glitchless category is using a technique - slide acceleration. each time you slide in game it goes a little faster for a second. it's also used in the any% top, just an infinite version. should that be allowed in glitchless? how would you determine or measure such a thing?
also, the category rules for both any% and glitchless do not include disabled fast mode (that has a tab of it's own). the category rules for fast mode do not exist.

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Please remove moderator with nick 4 in game Brain Age because he dont active one month!And i have a run which i wait a long time
Request to make ME mod!


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets i left out in my last post that i have an alt account called CarMan_42. Its on that account i submitted the runs since i was banned for rick rolling (rightfully so). If you want proof i can log in on the account and type whatever it is you want me to say on the account.


I´m requesting Moderator status for Vigil: The Longest Night

The original moderator replied to one post, wasn´t online since then and has no run on the board (about 17 days offline at the time of this post).
Categories are not set up properly, and every effort to reach out to @FreyeikFreyeik hasn´t been succesfull.


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@TonhoyTonhoy You're not allowed to have alt accounts, especially not ones that are used for ban evasion.

I highly recommend that you stop and take some time to read and learn the site rules before you try to become a moderator again, because you clearly are not very familiar with them:

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Requesting moderator access to the game Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus:

My submitted run is now over a month old. I've attempted to contact the moderator via message on this board without a response. Their Twitter doesn't allow for messages from un-mutuals, and they appear to be inactive on every other method of communication now for over a year.

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requesting the following changes to Jet Set Radio Future ( ):

removal of the following super-mods:
- @UrBoyGrahamUrBoyGraham
- @HiipFireHiipFire
- @RueakeRueake

change from super-mod to normal mod:
- @flashyflashy
- @7thAce7thAce

this has been collectively decided by the currently active mods in our community discord:


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