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I´m requesting Moderator status for Vigil: The Longest Night

The original moderator replied to one post, wasn´t online since then and has no run on the board (about 17 days offline at the time of this post).
Categories are not set up properly, and every effort to reach out to @FreyeikFreyeik hasn´t been succesfull.


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@TonhoyTonhoy You're not allowed to have alt accounts, especially not ones that are used for ban evasion.

I highly recommend that you stop and take some time to read and learn the site rules before you try to become a moderator again, because you clearly are not very familiar with them:

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Requesting moderator access to the game Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus:

My submitted run is now over a month old. I've attempted to contact the moderator via message on this board without a response. Their Twitter doesn't allow for messages from un-mutuals, and they appear to be inactive on every other method of communication now for over a year.

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requesting the following changes to Jet Set Radio Future ( ):

removal of the following super-mods:
- @UrBoyGrahamUrBoyGraham
- @HiipFireHiipFire
- @RueakeRueake

change from super-mod to normal mod:
- @flashyflashy
- @7thAce7thAce

this has been collectively decided by the currently active mods in our community discord:


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Sorry for the delay on responding to all these, it's been a busy week for all of us.

@ParisParis - He's active on the site, so please take this up with him directly.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken - Have you tried contacting @MrJoCrafterMrJoCrafter through their Discord? If not then please do.

@BlakeBlake - We can add you as a moderator due to long-term inactivity, but you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before we can do that

@andresfgp13andresfgp13 - We'll try contacting the moderator, if we're unable to we can add you.

@umbraaaumbraaa - We'll try contacting the moderators, if we're unable to we can add you.

@Scooters_Scooters_ - Looks okay, adding you.

@biscuits468biscuits468 - Okay, adding you to both games due to long-term inactivity.

@AlexisDRAlexisDR - Okay, removed the highly inactive super mod and bumped you up to super mod.

@exkifitexkifit - Preferably one of the verifiers for that game would request to be bumped up to Super Mod and we would go from there.

@Uncle_HamboneUncle_Hambone - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@KuzonFireKuzonFire - The moderator appears to have come back online and handled your runs.

@MiphaMipha - Okay, we'll remove them.

@Lab-RatLab-Rat - We can add you as a moderator due to their inactivity and their lack of external contact methods, but you'll need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings before we can do that.

@DuddyDuddy - This appears to be resolved.

@PoppaPickettPoppaPickett - Looks okay, adding you.

@komakoma - Looks okay, adding you.

@GirlyKittyBoyGirlyKittyBoy - We'll also try contacting the moderator, if we're unable to we can add you.

@Hazzary453Hazzary453 - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@bovkmanbovkman - We'll also try contacting the moderator, if we're unable to we can add you.

@Nicholas_ForemanNicholas_Foreman - We'd prefer to not have a series moderator for this series at this time. New games for this series can be requested through the Game Request system as normal.

@KidKoopaKidKoopa - We'll also try contacting the moderator, if we're unable to we can add you.

@28382838 - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@0rcx0rcx - Can you please resubmit the run that was deleted? Also, I figured out what you're talking, but just for future reference "deleted" and "rejected" are not interchangeable. Mods cannot delete your runs, they can only reject them.

@Leo_Salvatore_7Leo_Salvatore_7 - This is not the right place for this. Make a game request for those games and mention in the additional notes that the series moderators cannot be contacted.

@mortimernovamortimernova - There's a lot going on there so I'm gonna let someone else take a look at all that.

@KhloëKhloë (1) - We'll have a look at this.

@iMidnightStormiMidnightStorm - Can you please be more specific about what exactly you're trying to do? You're mixing a lot of terms together and I don't understand if you're asking about adding a category to an existing game, or adding a new game to the site.

@IamChikuIamChiku - The moderators are active, please discuss this with them.

@KhloëKhloë (2) - We don't see any need for a series moderator here at this time.

@MaltaranMaltaran - Okay, we'll remove them. We're gonna leave the series without a moderator for now.

@navehzivnavehziv - Deliberately leaving this for @R0mainR0main

@Fatal_KingFatal_King - Your runs have been pending for two days, which is not very long at all. However as the moderator has been offline for 3 weeks you can try to contact them. If they don't get back to you, then you may make another mod request here.

@QQ_OnyxQQ_Onyx - What specifically needs to be fixed with the leaderboard? We can try reaching out to the moderator, but we need to know what specifically we're telling them to do or pay attention to.

@aaron2u2aaron2u2 - Okay, adding you as a moderator.

@suprixsuprix - Looks okay, we can take care of this.

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I recently set up the boards for The Pathless and added another runner as a regular moderator, but I must have missclicked something because I became a regular moderator too, leaving the boards with no super mods. Is it possible to revert that change?

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  [user deleted]
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remove kwaol as mod in his games, he was banned from indefinitely.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets We need categories set up, and we need someone to verify the runs. The community discussed these things on our Discord server, but the moderator didn´t join it. Do you need the specific categories?



I have re-uploaded my Fractured Minds Any% speedrun as per request. And what I meant by deleted was Rejected, my mistake. Here is the reupload of said run.


@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets I'm asking about adding a game to an existing series, and also requesting to become a moderator for the series due to the inactivity of the current moderators. I had sent them a message 3 weeks prior but received no response.

For clarification, of course, the series is FusionFall.


I would like to be added as a mod for
The only mod for that game has been inactive for over a year. When I went to their profile, they only have their youtube and discord linked. They havent posted on youtube in 2 years. I tried to join some of the speedrunning discord servers from other games they were moderators of, but they weren't members of those servers. I don't know if I can contact them.

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hello brain age super mod here, @Fatal_KingFatal_King has contacted me through telegram. ive go ahead and verified his 2 runs (along with 5 runs from other people) 👍️

apologize for inactivity


@0rcx0rcx Added.

@Merl_Merl_ Added.


So around 3 months ago I requested that @shazamzeroshazamzero be demoted to mod in the Fancy Snowboarding leaderboard, and I was told that he’d be messaged to ask if he’s ok with it, and the person taking my request hasn’t responded. Since he hasn’t been active in the game’s community for a long time and hasn’t even posted a run on the leaderboard at all, I’d like to now request that he be removed as mod entirely, because I’m pretty sure he isn’t coming back. Thanks!

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@LukePlaysLukePlays Removed them.

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Hello - A month ago I submitted a run to Red Bow ( and it was never verified. I also submitted a new run a couple weeks ago and again to no avail. I reached out to the mod (gloubox715) via Twitter a week back and never got a reply (even though they shown recent activity).

The leaderboard/game isn't active (that I know of) but it would be good to maintain it. I can take over the board if needed.



I am requesting a promotion to Super Moderator for NES Metroid Category Extensions
The previous Super Moderator deactivated his account and there is no current super mod.

Thank you!


Hello, I submitted a run for a little over a month ago, and the only moderator (Nolcolem) has been offline for a month. they also moderate other game & watch games and i think i could moderate them too since i play alot of g&w games. i am requesting to be super moderator or regular moderator
Thanks in advanced.


I would like to request the removal of a mod (deliriouS) in the Game Clicker Heroes ( ) because he has been offline for over 4 years. I don't really think that he should still be a mod for this game.



Hello, I'd like to request super mod access for The former super moderator has left it seems (as well as other sites in an attempt to contact him), leaving me as the only moderator on the board, with one verifier. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks