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@R0mainR0main I don’t have twitter

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Also any word from @IGoSlowIGoSlow

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@Daz86Daz86 Added.


Hi there i whod like to be a run the verifier for WWE 2K 19 theres only 1 guy doing all the work on his owen i own some runs on there already and am very knowledgeable on the game


@PuR3PuR3 Direct your inquiry to the mod themselves, as they should be able to appoint additional mods/verifiers if deemed necessary.


Apologies for any inconvenience but I should like to request moderation for
I have a run pending for each category in this game for over a month. The current moderator has been inactive for 5 months and is non responsive to communications. Many thanks for your assistance.


@NEROSHADNEROSHAD Inactive mod or not, you need a pending run.

@MondayMadnessMondayMadness The moderator seems active on Twitter, did you left a tweet to them about your pending runs and asking for a status?

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Hi there! I'd like to request moderation of the Awesomenauts section. Both mods have been offline a year according to their profiles, and the run was heavily reworked 3 years ago, making all the current runs essentially unbeatable, as they are in a different version of the game. As seen in the discussion section, this has been an issue for a while.

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I have written to bjw since last month on twitter and on the site yet I haven't received any response. I also want to note that CrystalChaos is a mod of the Touhou series, not just of ten desires.

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hello, i made a dumb mistake today, i added wall-e plug and play to the wall-e series today and i was gonna add a person as mode and make him super mode then make myself a regular mode, but i forgot to make him super mod before i made my a regular mod. So now we have no super mod and was hoping someone could fix it Robotic is the one i was gonna make super mod.

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@R0mainR0main Thanks for the reply. I did tweet at the mod 3 weeks ago requesting review but have received no reply as of yet. I also mailed the linked email on the mods YouTube channel last week requesting the same. I'll send another tweet now requesting an update on the status of my runs. Thanks again for your assistance.


Requesting moderation for .
I have 2 pending runs for 3 weeks.
The current moderator @-AVOCADO--AVOCADO- hasn't logged in for 3 weeks, their Twitch link is not active, doesn't respond to me on Discord, and I left a public comment on their YouTube channel but no response either.

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Want to get my speedruns published on IGI 2 but the moderator is offline from last 3 months.
His Smashcash profile link gives error and he doesn't respond to my comments on YouTube either.

So i would like to be the moderator of IGI 1.
I've played this gane and it's second part also and my runs are also published on second part page.

Game page link of which i want to be the mod:
Mod profile link:

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May I be promoted to Super Mod of Family Feud?

There are currently two green sword Mods and no Super Mods.


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I would like to request leaderboard moderation on the Seiken Densetsu 3 leaderboard.
For the last 2 months I spent studying and grinding this game and I'm nowhere close to stop, it's just the beginning.
There are a few reasons why I request this:
- I have a run pending for a few days now - the supermod is daily online and can't accept the run (as he doesn't have a run himself so he probably can't judge my run)
- the leaderboard is not up to date - a lot of runs from various runners are missing
- the gamerules are not really defined (e.g. any% should be any% NMG as gamebreaking glitches are not allowed in that category and theres no MG category)
- there are PB's that are with wrong timing and never got retimed
- none of the moderators have ran the game and are not able to tell if the run is legit or not
I know the supermod of this game and contacting him always turned into no response in general.
My idea is to revamp this leaderboard and make it up to date for today's standards. For example, it is the only game in the Mana series that takes japanese RTA timing which increases the game duration by over 17 minutes without any game value. On other Mana games, there are seperate categories for that.
It is a very unkempt leaderboard and I would love to take the task and change this - the current Mana mods have been mod for years, but never did anything for this beauty.
Thank you!

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Please may I have moderator for Dino Stalker? My run has been pending for a month and even more then that if you count my previous PB.
2 of the 3 moderators have not been online for over a year and the 3rd one doesn't seem to have any interest in verifying my run (Was contacted on twitter and got no reply despite being active). I moderate quite a lot of boards on this site and have been running for over 6 years, I also should have enough socials on my account now for you to consider it. Thank you.

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Requesting LB mod for Yakuza: Like a Dragon ( )
• Game comes out in English on Tuesday
• Leaderboard isn't fully set up (many platforms missing, no box art, rules not fully defined) and is frankly kind of ugly
• Sole moderator has been inactive for 5 months, and doesn't speak English (we can't really contact them).
• I run & moderate many other games in the series and am very active in the community

I understand if you reject my request at this time as I don't have a pending run. Just thought I'd ask so I can get things cleaned up for the game's release, and I plan to be involved in routing & running it then.

Thanks as always.

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If possible, could someone remove RE_Snow as a moderator from the Resident Evil 5 leaderboards, including the sub games and category extensions boards? He's been inactive for a bit now, and even after continued attempts at contacting him and the extended periods of time in which I have given him to respond, I haven't received anything from him regarding whether or not he wants to continue being a moderator. Thanks in advance

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Requesting to being added as a moderator to the board. Current moderator has been inactive for 9 months on, and well over a year on both twitter and twitch. Thanks!

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Hi! Requesting to be added as a moderator to, if possible. I've tried contacting the current moderators, but both are inactive and also didn't respond on their forms of social media/were inactive on there too. Although, if the board isn't active enough, I understand entirely. I've held off on doing more runs until the one I submitted got verified, but I'm not sure if anyone else is awaiting verification.

Thank you 🙂

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