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I have enabled email verification.
I believe I originally asked for mod, but I'd like to clarify I meant super-mod in case it wasnt apparent, as the current two super mods (who i referred to as mods) are inactive

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Hello. Nihilistic Comedy Hour has done a great job as the moderator of Myth, Myth II Soulblighter, etc. Recently he has been a bit inactive, and after posting some of my own results I've found some other gamers who are interested in tackling the leaderboards. They have reported to me they have submitted results but it has been quite some time with no response or update to the leaderboards. I am wondering if I could help assist in moderation of these games, as the franchise is quite dear to me and a classic. I also have no idea how some of these runs were completed with the evidence NCH was provided, some very questionable results i.e. reported via screenshot rather than full film recording that can verify game files. We are a community of 23 years, loaded with boomers that were 10 or 20 when this came out. I won't get ahead of myself here, I'm just wondering if you could help the fans of Myth out and we can fill in the gaps!
Thanks, Paris


Requesting mod for platformer game I have had a pending run for 2+ weeks and others have had their runs waiting for over 1 month.

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Good night, you will see many months ago I uploaded a speedrun of the game Megaman Maverick Hunter X, but the moderators have not responded, so they are breaking the moderation rules that say that they must be active to continue classifying. I would like to know if you can do something about this issue?


hello, i want to be added as a moderator in playstation all stars battle royale

i have a couple of runs pending since last month (heres one, and the mod has been inactive since more than a month and i tried to contact him on twitter and discord and here by pm and nothing.


Hi! I'm back to request moderator for Once again, both of the current moderators are inactive and cannot be contacted on their forms of social media (inactive or their messages on those forms of media are locked). Thanks for your time!


the only mod on has been offline for a year and i've been waiting for my Ending 4 run to be verified for 7 months

same with i've been waiting for my White Face IL run to be verified for 3 months and both mods have been offline for a year


The game Enchain's leaderboard has been so inactive purely because the only super mod (and only mod in general) has not verified any runs

I've posted this before but my account wasn't old enough, it should be now.
link to leaderboard:

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Hello, I would like to ask something, for example, if a game is not in the series category, can I request approval of the game separately individually on the page or what can i do in that case?

FIFA Series example
There is no 2002 FIFA World Cup match in Korea and Japan, can I apply for a run individually without the need to add it to the series?

Thanks for the answer but in support they told me to write here and I would like to know it please so I do not have to do a run and that it is not approved thanks


Hello, I am a green sword moderator for Lady Sia.

Supermod Jhonz0r has not been online in 3 years and has no contact methods on there profile. The other supermod, Darkslayertv, logged on last month to give me mod after reaching out to him over Youtube. Before this, he was inactive for 3 years. Darkslayertv only logged on because I commented publicly on his Youtube channel asking to be moderator (Which, in hindsight I think is pretty rude). He gave me green sword moderator.

Today I reorganized the entire boards, added ILs for every level, and clarifying some things in the rules that were not stated previously. Could I please be bumped up to super?

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The osu speedrun super mod Hypelastika as been offline for over 3 mounths on all of his diffrent socal media acounds such as Reddit, Steam, Discord and Youtube. I have messaged him but he as not repleyed to any of my messages and I think he will not respond to them. since there are no other mods the changes that the comunity wants to make to the game can not be made intill there is an actieve mod. I think we need a new mod to be added and for Hypelastika to have his super mod removed.
for more infomation on this go to

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I'm requesting a mod change for the game Aaahh! Real Monsters.
The mod hasn't been active on the site in over 9 months and not active on other social media for close to a year. I'd be willing to mod the game as I have a run pending and experience moderating other leader boards. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I would like a moderator status on The sole moderator's last active run was 3 years ago and the last verification on ee1 was 1 year ago. They are also not active in any of their contacts. I cannot get ahold of them. There are very few speedrunners in this game but I want to be able to change that and I think the first step is having an active moderator that can verify speedruns. The other option to just get rid of the moderator. I want to be able to submit my runs and right now I can't because of verification. Thank you!

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hey I want to be mod on the game Just One Boss because there are multiple pending runs, and it's been almost a month since the mod has been active. Can you just give me super mod, but maybe not get rid of him if that's an option.

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Hey i posted a run about month ago an noticed the MOderator hasn't logged in,in months and thought id just holla at ya.

'Crystlized_reader i beieve is the name. its to the game "tinkerbell and the lost treasure. ' thank you.


Hello, I've submitted multiple runs which are pending verification in this game , the mod that verified my 1st run hasn't been online for a month & the other super mod ( ) hasn't been online in 3 years, so I think his super mod status should be removed due to his inactivity.
Thank you in advance, Duddy


Hello 🙂 I'd like to request mod status for Tetris 2 NES

The mods have only been inactive for a month and 2 months, but there is a current forum thread where players are reporting unverified runs dating back to January of this year. I believe I meet all of the requirements for moderator.

Thank you.

  komakoma i am requesting to be mod for demon castle because i think the old mod was banned or deleted his account.



The only mod on has been inactive for a few weeks. I have a pending run and have tried to contact them.