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Requesting to being added as a moderator to the board. Current moderator has been inactive for 9 months on, and well over a year on both twitter and twitch. Thanks!

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Hi! Requesting to be added as a moderator to, if possible. I've tried contacting the current moderators, but both are inactive and also didn't respond on their forms of social media/were inactive on there too. Although, if the board isn't active enough, I understand entirely. I've held off on doing more runs until the one I submitted got verified, but I'm not sure if anyone else is awaiting verification.

Thank you 🙂

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Hi, so recently I have been looking (and doing) at some runs on the NetherGames speedruns site. What I have found is that the mod "alexwaslost_" Seems to be verifying their own runs, as well as verifying runs with false times. I feel that this should be looked into. They have also said that they never followed a certain rule and that they would now get rid of it. Even though this rule helped identify if a run was fake or not.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderation for One Hand Clapping

I have 2 pending runs, and the current mod hasn't logged in for over a year, nor can they be reached on any other platforms.

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I have a run for Ready Sled GO but i cant submit a run because there is no PC option but the only moderator has beed inactive for two years. so i would need to become a mod to add a PC option and subit my runalos if i could submit my run it would need to be aproved by the mod anyway.

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currently on DinoCrisis 2 ( ) the former main super mod - has been inactive for a long time. As i am the only active mod of all 3 titles in the series as well as the only series mod i would kindly request to promote me to the main super mod in dc2 and set 666Deadhunter to a regular mod / verifier role.

Thank you.

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Supermod of The Darkness II is inactive for 3 years, with no ways to reach him. Can i get supermod rights to assign a couple of other verifiers for the game?

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There are no mods for Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical. I was going to speedrun it but I can't because there aren't any mods. The only mod deleted their account. I would like to be a super mod. Link to game:

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@regalvasregalvas I don't see any public tweets under your Twitter account towards @bjwbjw but I'll continue to look into it.

@procyonlotorlotorprocyonlotorlotor we require moderators to have the mail verification feature enabled. Please post once you have it enabled for your profile. Also if you have another point of contact that would be good to add as well.

@GranolantGranolant done.

@Oreo321Oreo321 added.

@OmaiR_IrfaNOmaiR_IrfaN added.

@AnthonyRealitiesAnthonyRealities please attempt to contact the current mod via one of their other social media accounts.

@mynameisAndymynameisAndy did you try to contact the initial super mod @buffalaxbuffalax ? This looks like a simple oversight to me or a mistake. Would still be good to have confirmation though.

@Z4T0XZ4T0X every single moderator on that board was active today and your run got verified. If you have issues with how the board is being managed please try to contact the moderation team first. There is a community Discord and also the forums here to voice your opinion about possible categories and rules that are missing/need fixing.

@SymmSymm added.

@tapiocatapioca added.

@AsterXBLAsterXBL could you contact me via Discord about this?

@beerfullofbellybeerfullofbelly we require moderators to have the mail verification feature enabled. Please post once you have it enabled for your profile.

@umbraaaumbraaa added.

@TimewasterzTimewasterz it looks like this has been dealt with by the community already. You can always contact the community moderation team if you notice something similar. If they feel like the case is too complicated they can always escalate it to site staff.

@RinbuRinbu added.

@SquifishySquifishy this is currently being looked into. I'm expecting a result soon.

@MisterDodiMisterDodi I see that you have been upgraded to super already so I assume this request has been fulfilled.

@MekaraziumMekarazium done.

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hi i have a problem with a WR Run in a game

It Suppose I have to appear in the game emulator leaderboard as 1st place, but my career seems to be hidden and another user is still in 1st place in that category and ther'es only 2 categories console and emulator, it is strange because it is not normal because in this case it does not appear, my record will only appear but in an elaborate way.

Can any moderator check that everything is in order with that please thanks:



I have submitted a run to the Garfield 1984 speedrun which only has one moderator. After waiting 2 weeks I messaged the moderator a few times and again recently. Now that I am 3 weeks with no response or posting, I would like to request being put on as a moderator of Garfield 1984. I don't think the current guy should be removed or anything I would just like to be added in addition.

The heres the link to the speedrun:
and the current (and allegedly inactive) moderator is @yiffpoliceyiffpolice

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@Leo_Salvatore_7Leo_Salvatore_7 Wrong thread but I'll answer you: it's because "Magneto" is the default value of that category so when you see the leaderboard it will show only runs with the default value if there's one set. Your run have "Forge" as value so it's normal it's "hidden" (Not really because if you use the filter and put "Forge" you'll see your run on the board). So I'd say to get in touch with the game moderator so they can fix that.

@ThreepeatThreepeat Will send a DM to the super on Twitter, if I've no response from them in a couple days, I'll go ahead and add you. I'll get back to you once I've news about that. In the meantime please enable MFA on your account in order to be added as a moderator (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in').


@R0mainR0main As a follow up on my request for moderation for
I requested a status update on my pending runs. Failing that I requested receipt of my messages but have had no reply.
I fear I'm being ignored, but that's fair enough as it's just a run for the memes sake. I'm gunna quit pestering over this.
Just writing to thank you for your attention & assistance, the hard work of the folks on here is greatly appreciated.


@MondayMadnessMondayMadness Thanks for providing all those evidences, I'll go ahead and add you.

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I have send him DMs on tweeter but if you think is necesary I'll post a public tweet.

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thanks for your reply. However as i said i want him to be on a verifier / regular mod role.
However i cant change that as deadhunter is currently the "main" / first super mod / owner of the game.
He is inactive and i want him to be removed from that role.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi. I am requesting to be moderator for Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island. The sole moderator, RantronBomb, has been inactive on sr.c for several months. I ended up becoming mod for another game he was the sole mod for (Gun-Nac) and he is still inactive since I became mod for that game.

The leaderboard in question:


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The game Enchain's leaderboard has been so inactive purely because the only super mod (and only mod in general) has not verified any runs.
I have tried to post runs but am completely unable to because he will not verify them as well as a user known as THECAKEISTALKING has also tried to post runs.
My account may not be old enough to warrant having the super mod role (I made this account about 4 weeks ago) so if you cannot give super mod to me please give it to THECAKEISTALKING he is trying to post runs and having difficulty.
link to leaderboard:

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@smartalec24smartalec24 Added you.

@NovieusNovieus Your request is fine overall but we've to pass until your account reached the 30 days old requirement (in that case on Nov. 11) and you need also MFA enabled to your account in order to be added as a moderator (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'). Get back to us in 2 days with that option enabled and we'll add you. Also quick reminder, a moderation request is for you and not for other users (Read first post).

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