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Redoing this as I didn't provide the link to the board. I've tried contacting the moderator outside of for the game: but no luck. Also have had a pending run and sure there's others with the same issue. The moderator name is "dragonfire3066", and hasn't been on in 8 months. I would like to be added if possible.


@ClippeyClippey Will left a message to the Super Moderator about that. If I've no response in a couple days, I might go ahead and add you. I'll be back to you once I've news about that.

@ValmerixValmerix Removed.

@DeoroDeoro Added.

@ZickZick The Super Moderator @PackSciencesPackSciences is active, please contact them about that.


@SymmSymm Yep they didn't get back to me. I'm okay with adding you under the condition that you add one more social media contact of your own to your profile. Get back to me when done and I'll add you.


@DaravaeDaravae Added my discord if that is okay. thanks

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@BirkBirk.K This thread is used for last resort in case game moderators are inactive. The moderator of that game is active so for any request for that game, please direct that to the moderator.

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@GhillieGuideGhillieGuide my bad missed the super part on your first post. I went ahead and remove the current super too since that account was last seen last year.

@RandomnoRandomno upgraded to super on all games except for Cube Escape: Paradox and The White Door. If you need more assistance let me know.

@OutputOutput added.

@TonhoyTonhoy if the requirements from page 1 are fulfilled you can request it again, yes.


I would like to request moderation of the NBA 2K series along with another user UnoriginalMR2. We moderate 3/5 games in the series and the games we don’t moderate are inactive and haven’t had runs in years and we plan to add other games in the series if we get moderation. Thanks


@lilaidsHDlilaidsHD The series doesn't require moderation because not enough of workload of adding games arround it. If there's games not on the site yet of that series please request them.


@ShadowDraftShadowDraft Hello, I am a "Mega Fun Obby 2" moderator , I've got multiple already verified world records and pending world records for the first "Mega Fun Obby." The verifier for the game, @BaconsOwnTheUniverseBaconsOwnTheUniverse , has not been online in almost 2 weeks, and has had the chance to verify my runs when he was online. I tried contacting them through twitter or discord, but both of their @'s and links to their medias do not work. I tried contacting the super moderator, @MaxDragonSoulMaxDragonSoul , but they have not been online in almost 3 weeks. I tried contacting through other medias, but they don't have any attached/linked to their profile. The verifier has never had a speedrun of the game, and the super moderator has not had a speedrun in the game in about 3 years. I am the most active speedrunner on "Mega Fun Obby," so I would appreciate it if you considered making me a verifier, or if possible making me a (super) moderator. Thank you! -Clippey


@ClippeyClippey I already answered your request:

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I am not claiming the world record, I am claiming to be a moderator of the game, the run was simply to fulfill your requirement. and its not 1 second the video its for 1 minute.

The idea of ​​the speedrun is to play them due to the name of the games the idea is to play them not to skip actions and to believe that this is a speedrun that is why I want to be a moderator of the game, soccer games should be taken with the same seriousness as the others games-

The categories of the game are a joke, that's why there are not many runners for these games there is nothing entertaining to skip games, you have to play the games right there you see the skills of the gamers.

I hope that with this message you can help me to be the moderator of the game and put categories that really put players to the test and make it entertaining in some way.

Check it again please i made the mistake on the time but nothing else

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Hey so one of the nethergames moderators @SheeplolSheeplol is only 12 years old. This violates site rules as you must be 13 to be on the site, and 16 to be a moderator.


hi i just started speedrunning and i want to create a new minecraft cathegory: get achievment break diamond hoe is it possible?
i would love speedrunning it


Oh sorry my bad I didn’t see it, thank you!


@TonhoyTonhoy - Your mod request is denied. This should really go without saying, but to be added as a moderator you need to have an actual run and not just submit blatant spam.

@ooof64ooof64 - Passed up to the relevant people as discussed in DMs.

@pepper22pepper22 - This is not the right place to ask this. Please discuss this with the Minecraft moderators as they have the power to add new categories.


Requesting mod for Ninja Roy, I have had a pending run for 2+ weeks, and looking at the current runs, some of them have taken months to verify. I think I would be a good mod for it because the current mod is not active and takes a very long time to verify runs, not just mine.

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@Leo_Salvatore_7Leo_Salvatore_7 The point was that the time you filled in was incorrect. But you fixed it now so I added you. Just please pay more attention to this in the future. If you expect us to help you, we expect you to abide by all the requirements we have set here properly. That includes having a proper run submission.

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@DaravaeDaravae I thank you for your help. I want to ask you one last question being a moderator now of the game, is it possible that I can delete all the categories that are currently there and change them for new ones? Would there be any kind of repercussion from doing that? Since most runs and users of this game have not been active for more than 1 year, therefore I do not think it affects them in any way but I would like to consult you first before doing it? Thank you...


Hey I submitted a run for Cardboard Catbox Painful Pitfalls and the moderator hasn't been online for 2 years and has no contact info, could I be added as a moderator so I could verify my run and fix up some stuff?

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Did you reached the Super Mods about that on site or via their socials? They're not highly inactive.

@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Added.