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The leaderboards for Picross Touch have only 1 moderator and he hasn't logged onto the website in a month.


Hey, I'd like to request mod for The Flame in the Flood (
Current mod @JustNCaseJustNCase hasn't been online in 5 months and I've been unable to contact him here or on twitch to verify a couple of runs from three or four weeks ago.



Hello, I'd like to be added as a moderator for

I submitted a run for this game over a month ago which has not been verified. The game's only moderator, GalaxSinger, has been inactive for 3 months. I also reached out to them on Discord a few weeks ago but did not get a response. Let me know if there's anything else I need to do.


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Hello, I have been trying to get multiple runs verified for Böbl since late September and haven't heard from the only mod on the board in quite some time. I sent him a couple DMs on both Twitch and SRC and he hasn't responded. One of my friends also said he reached out on Twitter and hasn't heard anything. I have also been told there are a bunch of other runners of the game with pending runs since middle-end of September. There is a big race coming for the game next month, and I would like to prepare for it by having the leaderboards reflect the current PBs. Thus, I would like to become a mod so I can help verify runs. Please advise. Thank you.

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Hey, can you ban @BabarPro49BabarPro49 ? He’s an alt of mine I made just when I got verifier for a game, because I wanted to press reject for the first time. And I lost the account for the alt anyways. Btw will there be any consequences for my main?


Hey I'm here asking if I could be a mod for the game Failman the only mod hasn't been online for 2 years and I haven't been able to contact them, as well as I now have a pending run. As well as I have had 2 pending runs for the game J-J-Jump for a month and the mod hasn't been online for a month and I haven't been able to contact them, could I please also be a mod for that game as well?

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Request mod of this game:
Because the super mod social media looks like is broken and inactive.

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@247Yugioh247Yugioh You need to activate MFA in order to be added (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). Please get back to us when you've done that so we can add you. On a side note, I also updated the url slug to just "5xman" because the old one was messy.

@TheRatTheRat Added.

@PetalitePetalite Did you get in touch with the game moderator about your run via their Discord contact method?

@PhraysePhrayse Added.

@mcnixonmcnixon Added.

@Moniker1717Moniker1717 There's some issues in your request, first off you need 2 working contact methods and you've set only 1, secondly you need to activate MFA to your account in order to be added. (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). The game moderator isn't fairly inactive either although there's some runs pending from you and some other users. I'll get in touch with the moderator to see if he can review them and eventually add you. I'll get back to you once I'll get news about it.

@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Added on both requested games.

@LSMLSM Added.

@DangrDangr Not the right thread but I handled it.

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@R0mainR0main I thought I had already set the MFA but I guess I didn't hit save haha. I also put in a second contact for myself, so I should be good to go. I appreciate you reaching out to the current mod. I'll wait for his or your response. Thank you!


Hey, Could you make me a moderator of TougeMax 2 page?(
I tried to contact to @KonasumiKonasumi , the moderator of that page, on this message or Twitter but there are no action.

Actually the request of my run's verification has been pending for 3 weeks.
He hasn't ran and tweeted this few month so he may be inactive.


@R0mainR0main I just enabled mfa. Also thanks for changing the URL cause I did notice that


Hi, re-requesting moderation for 'Two Crude Dudes' ( now my account is 30 days old. I also have 2 social media accounts linked as well as MFA enabled.

Just to recap: I currently have a WR run awaiting verification (a new one!) and the current mod (@RantronBomb) hasn't been active in over 8 months and cannot be contacted by any other method.
I've now also created a livesplit as well as coded an autosplitter for the game which I will be releasing shortly. I'm also in the process of writing up a speedrun guide for the game so hopefully I can generate some interest for this forgotten gem!



@247Yugioh247Yugioh Thanks. I added you.

@THBASSERTHBASSER MFA is not enabled on your account, please activate that in order to be added. (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). Besides that the moderator isn't fairly inactive and is present a bit on Twitter, I'll contact him asking to review your runs and eventually add you as a moderator, if I've no response from him in the next couple days I might go ahead and add you.

@JerienJerien Added.

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Many thanks @R0mainR0main!


I set up my account like that just after reading your reply.

I was supposed to be made a Super Mod for all of the Pokemon Rumble games due to a PSR community decision. I need to make revisions but cant because I'm a normal mod and the current Super Mod is inactive


Hello. I'm requesting moderation to Phantom 2040 board. Like @JerienJerien, the current moderator (@RantronBomb) has been unreachable (discord, etc) and hasn't logged in for 8 months. There are multiple people with runs pending (including 2 WRs).

A couple of us have set up a discord for the game, and are voting on rules, categories (etc), but are unable to update the game or have runs verified.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I would like to be mod for Sugar, sugar (8 months last login)

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Hi! I am speedrunning and there are only one run and one moderator. The moderator hasn't been on any social media for over 7 months. I was wondering if I could become a moderator or not. I love the game and would love to try and get that leaderboard filled out!


@RubberDuckyAssassinRubberDuckyAssassin Sounds good. Upped you to Super and removed the other one.

@SquabblerSquabbler Added.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken You need a pending run. (Read first post)

@CrypticBombsCrypticBombs Okay for me but you need to activate MFA on your account in order to be added as a moderator to a game. (This can be found in 'Settings' > 'General > 'Require e-mail authentication when logging in'.). Get back to us once it's done.