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The main moderators for these 2 boards have been inactive for a while, and I already moderate Costume Quest 2, so is there possibility I can be added?


One of the supermods for has been banned indefinitely, i know it wont make too much of a difference but could he be removed from the list please.

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@dhadha I just checked and @Raymond035Raymond035 was online 3 days ago. Could you try contacting them on the community Discord again?

@jkrjkr this is not a report thread but to request moderation. If there are users on that board which want to take over moderation duties then they'll have to request it here.

@AzantixAzantix please enabled MFA for your account. Once that's done I'll add you.

@OutputOutput same to you. We require moderators to have MFA enabled.

@MimakariMimakari added.

@TegronTegron it would be good if @CrimssonCrimsson puts in a request instead.

@andresfgp13andresfgp13 have you attempted to reach out to the moderator on his other points of contact?

@GhillieGuideGhillieGuide I see your request has been fulfilled.

@hahhah42hahhah42 added.

@mNm1mNm1 could you provide a link to the board and have you attempted to contact the current mod?

@ShadowSMKShadowSMK please try contacting the Minecraft Super Mods @IlluminaIllumina or @BlueCrystal004BlueCrystal004 to discuss being added as a mod to that board.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken have you tried reaching out to @bogdan_mkdbogdan_mkd ? He did log in earlier this month.

@TonhoyTonhoy when and where did you attempt to reach out to @MegaLetsplaymarioMegaLetsplaymario ? He was briefly active 2 days ago on the site.

@GairwaldGairwald the moderator @AjaxAjax is still active please reach out to them first.

@MiphaSRMiphaSR added to the game board. I'll check about the series first. Series moderation was removed and you're upgraded to super for CQ 1 + 2.

@rodgerodge done.

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft regarding the game, I managed to contact @Raymond035Raymond035 on the rotate discord, but he is not active (and will not do the leaderboard management that is needed) and wanted to add me as a mod but he can't and he is not able to contact the other super-mod as well.


@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I did but he only logs on once every 1-2 months so that is a long time to wait.

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft is MFA the email authentication every time I log in? If so I have turned it on now!


@dhadha added.

@AzantixAzantix yes, added you as a mod.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken it would be preferable if you talked this over with @bogdan_mkdbogdan_mkd since there is still activity on that account. If there is no reply on the site try the other points of contact.


@HobbesTHeroHobbesTHero considering that series has gone on hiatus in late 2013 there's not enough associated workload to require dedicated series moderation.

@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster added.

@linkbirdlinkbird added.

@SquifishySquifishy this request may take a little. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Requesting super mod for Rusty Lake games because of what @jkrjkr said on the last page


@DaravaeDaravae It seems the person has not bothered to contact you while still being active.
So with that I would like to ask to become a moderator for 🙂

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Hello, I am a "Mega Fun Obby 2" moderator , I've got multiple already verified world records and pending world records for the first "Mega Fun Obby." The verifier for the game, @BaconsOwnTheUniverseBaconsOwnTheUniverse , has not been online in almost 2 weeks, and has had the chance to verify my runs when he was online. I tried contacting them through twitter or discord, but both of their @'s and links to their medias do not work. I tried contacting the super moderator, @MaxDragonSoulMaxDragonSoul , but they have not been online in almost 3 weeks. I tried contacting through other medias, but they don't have any attached/linked to their profile. The verifier has never had a speedrun of the game, and the super moderator has not had a speedrun in the game in about 3 years. I am the most active speedrunner on "Mega Fun Obby," so I would appreciate it if you considered making me a verifier, or if possible making me a (super) moderator. Thank you! -Clippey

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft Sorry for my persistence but I am only a moderator and not a super moderator of Polaris Snocross(my request), runs I submitted 5 days before I last requested are still unverified
Thanks again for your time


can an admin remove "RexTari" from the BTD5 mods, he hasn't been online in 2 years (I also moderate the board)


i want to be moderator of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 please as i said to @DaravaeDaravae on the last post:

I have tried to communicate the mod of the game through this medium and through social networks but unfortunately it is inactive for a long time, his user is: @ReportWroteByLeonReportWroteByLeon but I checked the user information and the last time he was online on the site was 10 months ago, so I would like to be added as supermoderator of that game to be able to add some categories and spice up the FootBall games, if anyone can help me with that I would be grateful it has been passed 3 days already..

Request of the pending run it's done so all parameters are already complete thanks:

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@Leo_Salvatore_7Leo_Salvatore_7 I have severe doubts about the time that was filled in on your run (1s10ms) seeing as the WR is 8s. Could you clarify how exactly this is 1s10ms?

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I was requesting moderation. I am currently a moderator for "The White Room" and since I can't get ahold of Chryoyo after 2 months and there are many other runs awaiting verification and I'd like to verify them for the Community.


i contacted the guy thru messaging and got no response. Im gonna try submitting a run soon and if it dosnt get veryfied/accepted, can i get mod there then?


@ShadowDraftShadowDraft I have activated MFA in my account.


Redoing this as I didn't provide the link to the board. I've tried contacting the moderator outside of for the game: but no luck. Also have had a pending run and sure there's others with the same issue. The moderator name is "dragonfire3066", and hasn't been on in 8 months. I would like to be added if possible.


@ClippeyClippey Will left a message to the Super Moderator about that. If I've no response in a couple days, I might go ahead and add you. I'll be back to you once I've news about that.

@ValmerixValmerix Removed.

@DeoroDeoro Added.

@ZickZick The Super Moderator @PackSciencesPackSciences is active, please contact them about that.