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Requesting mod for Kids on Site ( ). I've had a run pending for 21 days. Mod has not logged on in almost two months. I attempted to contact the mod through twitter ( ). I have not heard anything back.

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Requesting that series moderator @CrystallumCrystallum ( ) be replaced on the Cooking Mama ( ) series. The game "Cooking Mama 2: Cooking With Friends" has been popularized by JaidenAnimations and there will no doubt be runs flooding into that game (which isn't yet on

I'm not requesting that I become the moderator, just that someone replaces Crystallum. I cannot contact him on anything, his twitter has not been active in years and none other of his links work except for SRL, which also hasn't been active in years.


I have a run at pending status 2 months, and the moderator last online in 4 months ago.
So I want request to become moderator.


Requesting leaderboard moderation (or at least a change of moderator to an active one) for the Genesis/Mega Drive game "Two Crude Dudes". I recently set a new world record and am awaiting verification, and would like to do more runs in the future. Unfortunately, the mod (RantronBomb) hasn't been active on the site for 8 months, hasn't been active on Twitter for over a year and hasn't streamed on Twitch in 2 years, so I have no way of contacting him.


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Hi, my runs for the ninja roy games have reached 3 weeks. Could I be added as moderator for all 4 of them?

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Game: Monster Truck Madness
I have had a run pending verification for 2+ months, have made a forum post to ask mod, and I have verified runs.
What actions can I take? I'd be fine becoming moderator also.


hello, i want to ask to become a moderator for asphalt urban gt 2

i have a run pending for moderation for more than 2 weeks

at he only mod hasnt been active since 3 months ago, thanks in advance.

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@MassDistractionMassDistraction Added.

@MisutoMMisutoM Added.

@frozenflygonefrozenflygone The mod logged on and added you.

@DerKODerKO Added you, but the moderator could have e-mailed support to regain access to their account.

@Uncle_HamboneUncle_Hambone Added.

@stuffcrust_stuffcrust_ The claim of the moderator being 'rarely active' is not sufficient for us to add you without their consent. The mod was last online 4 days ago. Direct your inquiry to them.

@Daz86Daz86 Okay with adding you, but can you please add one more social media link to your profile with DM/messaging capabilities? As YouTube does not offer a good way of communication. Get back to us when done.

@Fatal_KingFatal_King You don't have any pending runs.

@MiphaSRMiphaSR Have you approached the mod about this yourself at all? As they were online recently.

@ArcaniaCQArcaniaCQ Moderation is to be requested for yourself in here, not for others.

@woodenspoonwoodenspoon Added.

@LorLor Added.

@SnodecaSnodeca Removed them, but creating a new account when you lost access to your existing account counts as having an alt so against site rules. Please make Joe aware of this that this is not the right way of handling things and I also suspended access to their old account.

@SBCzSBCz Removed the game, but this is not the right thread for requests like these. Please contact a site mod directly in the future about this.

@baldnatebaldnate Added.

@jkrjkr Removed the series mod, as they were heavily inactive. But the series doesn't require moderation. So we won't be adding another mod right now.

@AeihuAeihu Okay with adding you, but you need to enable "e-mail authentication" before we can add you entirely.

@JerienJerien Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. You also need to attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when done.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Added.

@DifixedDifixed Okay with adding you, but you need to enable "e-mail authentication" before we can add you entirely.

@andresfgp13andresfgp13 Added.

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Good afternoon. Could you add me to the moderators because the current moderators have not visited the site for three months.
Game -
My run -


OK, "e-mail authentication" option is enable now.
Thank you!


Can I be added to moderator for parking fury 3. No one on the mod team has been active for 5 months.

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Hey, I would like to request the removal of several mods of Human Fall Flat Workshop including the supermod. The mods XiaoXiJun and OWOmiao haven't been active in over a year, have no contact info, and to my knowledge have never verified any runs. The supermod xiaole hasn't been active in over year, also doesn't seem to have ever verified any runs, and their only contact info is bilibili, which is hard for me to reach them on, since I don't speak Chinese. Xiaole also moderates the Human: Fall Flat Workshop series.
The only other mod on Human Fall Flat Workshop is LiYizZ, who AFAIK has only verified one run almost a year ago, which is why I would like to request to be the new supermod.


Thank you @DaravaeDaravae!


@NeGAtiv4kNeGAtiv4k One of the moderators 'Ninjakauz' was last online 7 hours ago, be patient please.

@AeihuAeihu Thanks, added.

@Johny5521Johny5521 Upped to Super.

@DifixedDifixed Thanks, added.

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I whould like to request becoming a moderator on the following game: Initial D:another stage

The only moderator ( of it hasn’t been active on this site for 4 months, hasn’t streamed on twitch for 10 months and hasn’t uploaded on YouTube for 1 year. I have already tried to contact him but he isn’t responding. That’s why I’m asking to become a moderator of the game. I don’t have a run awaiting verification at the moment but soon I will do some runs and I doubt he will verify(or reject) those if he hasn’t been online for that long.


@DaravaeDaravae apologies, I've added email verification and added both my Twitter and YouTube accounts. Thanks!


Hello! It just recently came to my knowledge that there is not a single moderator for Robbery Bob 2:
Double Trouble, ( and there is run(s?) pending to get verified. I'd like to request moderator for the game. I myself do not have a run pending, but have one on leaderboards and I'm already moderator for the other game for the series. (Robbery Bob: Man of Steal)


Can I be added to moderator for parking fury 3. No one on the mod team has been active for 5 months. And I was added to parking fury 2 with the same mod team.

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Hello, I’m requesting to be upped to super mod of Down Hill Smash

The current super mod has only just returned from a 3 month “break” and has started verifying runs without retiming or fixing times, even though I have asked him not to multiple times. He has verified cheated runs in the past and I’m not sure if he actually watches runs or not.

Edit: now he's rejecting runs for not showing the start of the run even when they do


Hey, we have a moderator for the games and by the name @Redcat628Redcat628 who is not only inactive from the site but is just not present within the community either. We have a dedicated discord where we discuss all the matters for Sonic Robo Blast 2 and all branches of that and he as the nominated Super Mod from having requested the game has just not changed anything on the site, barely helped with verification and doesn't help in discussion partaking to the game. I do appreciate that the way requested games work this will happen, however I can say with great conviction that he's not present enough in the community to warrant staying on the boards as a Super Mod.

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