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I would like to become the Super Moderator for The series currently doesn't have a mod and I am a moderator on two of the three games. I also was the person who requested the series. If not me then make it one of the other users who mod a game. If I'm made Super Mod I will add both of them as moderators. A reason I'd like to have this position is that I'd be able to add a new game to the series instead of waiting a week.


Hi, not 100% sure if I could ask for this or not but might as well try. For the game Animal Jam the super mod hasn't been online in 2 years and while I was able to contact the verifier, they said they wouldn't be able to verify for a while because of irl stuff. The run I have pending has only been pending for a week, if I can't become a mod now because of that and it goes on for another month I'll post here again.

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Hi, could you add me as a mod to
The current mod hasn't been active for 3 years and my run has been pending for 1-2 months.


I have a run for Ready Sled GO but i cant submit a run because there is no PC option but the only moderator has beed inactive for two years. so i would need to become a mod to add a PC option and subit my run alos if i could submit my run it would need to be aproved by the mod anyway.


I'm requesting to be a mod in as the 2 mods haven't logged in 1 and 2 months respectively. They never put rules and they never removed the real-time. They don't have contact info, even tho one of them is in the rotate discord, but doesn't respond there either. I don't have pending runs, but a guy joined the discord and he is doing runs and will submit them so I'm applying here so that I will then be able to verify his runs. I'm the WR holder. Thanks.


Reporting mods of the Rusty Lake series (

@chryoyochryoyo is the main moderator of the series and has not been online in a month. After trying to contact him on discord, he did not respond. Yes one month isn’t bad, but I’ve seen many people in the Rusty Lake discord say they have submitted runs and they still aren’t verified. (

@RandomnoRandomno is one of the other moderators, he self-proclaims that he doesn’t know much about the series itself. He doesn’t verify runs but is active on the website. (

@BarxhoBarxho has not been online in two years. Enough said. (

While not part of the series moderation team, @CauterizeCauterize is also a mod for two of the Rusty Lake games. Specifically Cube Escape: The Cave ( and Rusty Lake: Roots ( They have not been online in more than a year. (

While it may remain up to @chryoyochryoyo to find new moderators, I think due to his inactivity it should at least be up to @RandomnoRandomno since he is active.

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Hi! I'm here because I've submitted a run for the game MEMBRANE, ( the last run was 2 months ago, however there's only one moderator and after attempting to reach out to him, most of his accounts are either inactive, (i.e his Twitter doesn't exist anymore, and his Twitch account states it's inactive) or doesn't seem to be affiliated with him anymore. He goes by Darnek, I've tried to comment on his video runs as well, very impressive by the way! A talented Sunshine runner, however there seems to be no response either. I've drummed up some interest for the game among various people, so more runs should be submitted in the near future. I'm committed to making more categories, and individual level categories as well. Thank you for your time 🙂.

Edit 8/26, there are now 3 pending runs that I know of from 3 different people from the board and I expect there will be more soon.

*As an addendum, I can cancel my run and do another one if having a pending run is against the rules.


@DaravaeDaravae sorry for delay request of the pending run it's done i send you the link please of the video and the link of the run, if need any other information let me know thanks:


Hi I would like to request a role as a moderator for this game right here:

The current moderator for this game hasn't been online for 6 months and I haven't submitted a speedrun for this game yet since there's pretty much no guarantee for him to verify my speedrun.

Even if I can't get the moderation role, I hope that you guys can do the best that you can so that people like me could submit speedruns for the game.

I hope you guys could understand my situation. Have a good day!

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I would like to request to be the moderator of

The current moderator @ClyneClyne has been inactive for 2 months and has only submitted one run for the game ever 2 years ago.
The current WR run for Human Campaign isn't even complying with the rules of the category, I do however think it should be preserved in a different category. The game is also missing some IL categories that would make it interesting.

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Hey, I would like to ask you to add me as a moderator for Paranoiac

the only current moderator has been inactive for over 2 years and his place on twitch took place 2-3 years ago I cannot promise that I have an awaiting run but I have a verified run from the Remake version if that counts you also need to add a link to download the old version because it is very difficult to find on the pages if I cannot get a moderator then Crimsson has been active recently and has a verified run with Paranoiac for 4 years


hello, i would like to be added as a mod for battleminerz

the only mod hasnt been online in over a month and i uploaded a run 2 weeks ago and im still waiting, the run

thanks in advance !!!!

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Hello, I would like to be a super moderator for Polaris Snocross

I am the only one active and have made tremendous progress revising it including finding previously undiscovered ingame codes

The only super mod is on great terms with me but went inactive with no sign over a year, attempts to contact Caseywho on multiple platforms have gone unread. That would allow me to take on moderators so I wouldn't be approving my own runs.

Here's a recorded WR, I have all of them other than 2 on n64 that have submitted runs that beat Caseywho's last categories. Also working towards a PSX time sheet to fill out categories

Thanks for your time,


Hello, I'm requesting to be added as a mod to The Lair:

I have 9 runs pending for the game that are over a month old, and I've tried to reach jellyd0ts through youtube & reddit without success. He does seem to be more active on twitter (which I don't use), so I don't mind if you'd prefer to try messaging him there first.


Hello! I wanted to become a moderator for the game Nekosan because I like that game and the current moderator has been inactive for a long time and there is more levels added to the game.


Hello, I'm requesting to be added as a mod for Minecraft The Dropper:

1 of the 3 moderators isnt active since 5 month, and the other 2 are not replying runs that would be in the leaderboard. Nearly 2 month ago I applied a world record and they dont reply.


Requesting to be upped to super for hill climb racing, the current super mod only logs on once every 1-2 months and there are only 2 active moderators besides @bogdan_mkdbogdan_mkd the one besides me is @afnannen136afnannen136 who is mod of 150+ games and is not as active for verification as I am. Can you please up me to super?

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yo on the game "primary" and its leaderboard. There is one mod there. I tried messaging him privatly and he didnt respond after a week. Is there anyway i can become mod there myself without needing to contact the guy? Leaderboard link:
The guy deleted his youtube and his last run on was over a year ago on super mario 63.


I recently submitted a run for the game The Plan (2013) .
Unfortunately, it looks like two out of the three moderators of that game have gone unactive, and I'm afraid that nobody is going to validate my run.I Wouldn't mind becoming a moderator for that game and restore run submission reviewing.