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5 days later, same run, same request. I didn't even bother trying to contact the person anymore because let's face it, if you've been off the internet for over 6 months you're likely dead or quit using your accounts. For reference, here's my original post:

"Hello! I'm new to the whole speedrunning gig and wanted to post a couple of runs. The second went alright but the one I sent first, for Jurassic Park Part 2: Chaos Continues on the SNES, is still pending. I submitted the run a few weeks ago. I contacted the series moderators first but they directed me here since none of them was a moderator for that game specifically. I tried contacting the moderator for the game itself through the site to no avail, their Discord tag does not exist anymore, their Twitter account has been set so it cannot receive DMs and they haven't answered my DM on Twitch that I sent about a week ago. I won't even bother with YouTube's personal messaging because that's one unnecessarily convoluted system. Additionally they seem to have been inactive on all of these sites for roughly a year. They've also been offline from this site for 8 months. Just for convenience here's a link to the game:

Now, my run was in fact quite terrible but I wanted to submit it anyway. That's one game I'll try again with later but wanted to have a run submitted anyway. Anyway, if someone could get it through the pending status that would be much appreciated, thank you."

EDIT: The current moderator is @RantronBombRantronBomb and I seem to not be the only one having trouble with games they are moderating. As stated, they have been offline from the entire internet for 8+ months with absolutely no way of contact available and seemingly have a lot of games under moderation. Just saying, you should probably look into that.

EDIT2: Just out of interest I went to check on their YT messages as well. One message from two years ago about a run on here and seemingly no answer. So yeah, zero possibility to contact them at the time being.


Requesting super mod for the Don't Starve Series.

Current mod is unreachable and I have several runs for various games in the series in queue for between a year and a month.

The boards also need a lot of work with the last year of patches being completely ignored for Don't Starve Together (i.e. entire characters and bosses are not even mentioned).

Sorry for the repost (posted 2 weeks ago but haven't been mentioned in any of the updates given yet).


my name is frozenflygone, and I am a series moderator for the Powerpuff Girls game series. I am requesting to be added as a moderator for the game "The Powerpuff Girls- Paint the Townsville Green" which can be found here:, as the only moderator for this game has not logged into the site for 2 years. There are two active runners right now (myself and Garbitheglitcheress) who wish to have our times added to the board, including a new WR. Thank you for your time.

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Hello, I was interested in speedrunning Prehistoric Dude ( ) and noticed that the current and only super mod (Rubutik) was no longer interested in running the game and had his account inactive for a month.
Instead of waiting the >3 weeks for him to not verify my submitted run and then bothering the site mods, today I asked him on Discord if he would make me super mod. He agreed and said he would transfer it over to me. However, he attempted to login to his SRC account but was unable to receive the verification pin email (note: this attempt made his account now say "last active 1 hour ago" despite not being able to login). He told me to instead contact the site mods to help me instead, so here I am, contacting the site mods anyway lol.
Here is a screenshot of our DMs


@DaravaeDaravae Thank you for looking over my post. I went in and updated my social media. My linked Twitter account should be working now.


I'd like to become a moderator for the Picross S board. One of the moderators has not been active in over a month (hasn't responded to seperate contact) and the other is rarely active. I have fulfilled all the requirements listed in the top post on this thread.

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Hi There. The Moderator for Death Rally has been inactive for 6 months. I have runs pending. I have created a new thread in the forum with no response and also tried to contact them via youtube with no response. He/She has no other social media contacts on page. I have read the moderation rules and could moderate the game as a last resort. I have Diablo 2 runs on here and I think I am active enough on the site to cover the commitments of this small game/community.


Hello The moderator of Gulman against New Year's ghost
no online a long time!My friend stefanino want add your run but it still not verified
plz make me mod


This user is a super mod with me on Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse but hasn't been part of the community or verified runs/ done runs in several years. Is it possible for him to be removed?


Hello! This user was banned from the site and the game Puyo Puyo Fever 2 has pretty much been left to nobody being able to moderate it. So I wonder if it could maybe have someone who is already a mod of the Puyo Puyo Series to take the position over?

The Banned user in question
The game in question

Some suggestions I got for moderators are Aquablake or Yoshi100_Aus

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Hello, I would like to know if I could be added as moderator to MRC : Multi Racing Championships. I have several runs on that game that have not been verified for three months. I have tried contacting the moderator on discord and twitch with no reply.

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Hi, I'd like to request being a moderator for "Roblox Speed Run: Adventure Continues" since "xxPronoobxx" hasn't been active for 3 months and I've tried to contact him on discord, and the tag doesn't work at all.

Edit: I submitted a run now!

(Game in Question )

(User in Question: )

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I have requested this before, am requesting it again and do not wish to create a forum thread for a request that should be simple:

Is any moderator able to remove "JoeTheRapper" as a moderator from the game "Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA)"? He had lost his account and had created a new account "Joe_", which is where all his runs currently are (except for 2 runs in the DKC GBA series that weren't converted to his new account). At this point in time, I don't think he'd care to return to the old account and would likely just prefer keeping his current account, and it has always bothered me that there is a super moderator that isn't being used.

TL;DR - Remove @JoeTheRapperJoeTheRapper as a moderator from . @Joe_Joe_ will not use the old account anymore and it would be easier for a full mod to remove the account as a moderator than for him to try to gain access just to get rid of his moderation status.


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This is less leaderboard requesting but the page has existed for quite a while now and we've done well to keep it up to date with updates, but we just saw that a series mod with no interaction or verification duplicated this game based off a Google docs sheet and created

Nothing was ever sent to us mods of the game already about these boards and it was very obvious that it was there from looking on the site. I was just wondering if this duplicated page could be removed and possibly one of the existing moderators of the Srb2 games be made a moderator of the fan game series as well to help protect Sonic Robo Blast 2's boards.

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Requesting mod for Kids on Site ( ). I've had a run pending for 21 days. Mod has not logged on in almost two months. I attempted to contact the mod through twitter ( ). I have not heard anything back.

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Requesting that series moderator @CrystallumCrystallum ( ) be replaced on the Cooking Mama ( ) series. The game "Cooking Mama 2: Cooking With Friends" has been popularized by JaidenAnimations and there will no doubt be runs flooding into that game (which isn't yet on

I'm not requesting that I become the moderator, just that someone replaces Crystallum. I cannot contact him on anything, his twitter has not been active in years and none other of his links work except for SRL, which also hasn't been active in years.


I have a run at pending status 2 months, and the moderator last online in 4 months ago.
So I want request to become moderator.


Requesting leaderboard moderation (or at least a change of moderator to an active one) for the Genesis/Mega Drive game "Two Crude Dudes". I recently set a new world record and am awaiting verification, and would like to do more runs in the future. Unfortunately, the mod (RantronBomb) hasn't been active on the site for 8 months, hasn't been active on Twitter for over a year and hasn't streamed on Twitch in 2 years, so I have no way of contacting him.


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Hi, my runs for the ninja roy games have reached 3 weeks. Could I be added as moderator for all 4 of them?

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Game: Monster Truck Madness
I have had a run pending verification for 2+ months, have made a forum post to ask mod, and I have verified runs.
What actions can I take? I'd be fine becoming moderator also.