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hi, just added my steam and twitch to my contact info.


Added Discord, Twitter, and Steam accounts, and enabled email-verification.


im new to speedrunning and i wanted to speedrun the game “block bros” but the only moderator hasnt logged on in 3 years so id like to become a moderator for block bros so it can actually be moderated


im new to speedrunning and i wanted to speedrun the game “block bros” but the only moderator hasnt logged on in 3 years so id like to become a moderator for block bros so it can actually be moderated


Hello, I have come to ask for moderation for the game Heroes Of The Storm. A few weeks ago, I requested moderation but someone else was chosen in my place, as I submitted a run for two weeks and so far I have not received an answer, please kindly add me as moderator of the page. I'm more active on the site and I'm more willing to take care of the game community. Thank you.

P.s:I already tried to contact the moderator, but he just doesn't come here anymore. He received moderation and left.


@DaravaeDaravae Done. Already tried messaging him before, no dice.


I'll go over the mod requests when I get back from holiday tomorrow.

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i want to speedrun the game “block bros” but the moderator hasnt logged in in months so can i become a moderator for it


@bozzabozza You have posted the same request three times. Please be patient.


Hello I submitted a run for Kid Niki about a month ago and it still hasn't been verified. I tried reaching out to the moderator with no response. They haven't been active on here in a month, and they haven't been active on other social media since February. I was just wondering if I could get my run verified please. Thanks for taking the time to look over my request.

Link to my unverified run:


Lethal Enforcers 2 no longer has a moderator. Id like to take over. I run the other 2 Lethal Boards
Thanks in advanced.


Hello everyone ! 🙂
Could I be a moderator on this game please?
There is no one who manages this game and seen that I manage the main series, I would like to resume this game ^^
Thank you in advance 🙂


@DaravaeDaravae my apologies I totally glossed over the email part. It should be activated now so I can be added to Aim Course by Ulletical, Aim Course 2 by Ulletical, Aim Gamerz by Ulletical. I would also like to request the super mod for them since I think I'd be the only active mod for these games and because the first Aim Course needs new rules/ a new category. Thanks again.


@WalgreyWalgrey sorry about that it showed up with error messages when i tried to post so i sent it a few times

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@DaravaeDaravae Changes made. Thanks!


Hello again!I want ask you about add me Moderator of Mafia Wars Series because there is no moderators here! I a mod in all of this games and super mod of this games LMI_esports!Hope you add me and lmi esports too!

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I'm requesting to be added as a mod of IQ ball as the current mods seem to be completely inactive and no runs have been able to be added as a result of their inactivity for around a year now. Link is here


Hey, recently I made a complaint about the Megaman X leaderboard moderators deleting and locking my threads when I was asking legitimate questions about why I was banned from the discord. Habreno responded to this saying that they were working on a solution and answer which I appreciate but unfortunately I have run into another problem.

I did and submitted a 3:45:44 Megaman X speedrun to the MMLB AND to yesterday. This submission was rejected without reason. I made multiple threads on the forums why this was rejected but I did not get a formal answer. My 2 threads were both locked (which is why I made a second thread) without reason.

Thread 1:
Thread 2:

I don't know why my run was rejected as I do want it on this website. I also don't know why either of my 2 forum posts were deleted (3 in total) or why I am banned from the discord advertised on this website.

I am specifically making a complaint about the Megaman X leaderboards and moderation over there. I am being treated unfairly or at least, I have no idea and have not been told why I am being treated differently. My forum threads are not spam and my run was a legitimate speedrun that was not spam.

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Apologies for the delay. Okay here we go:

@NateCC14NateCC14 Removed.

@FoEFoE You don't mod this game, your account is only 5 days old and you have zero runs pending or existing runs on this game.
Read the first post of this thread to learn how we handle things in here.

@PeteThePlayerPeteThePlayer I will take a look at this and get back to you.

@Fatal_KingFatal_King We added @KloogerKlooger as they also requested mod here and has mod experience with the individual games.

@KeleXBRKeleXBR One of the mods 'TrueStorySeamus' appears active but has not looked at your run apparently. They are also active on Twitter so I tweeted at them:

@thohan99thohan99 That still applies for games without mods. Kindly perform and submit a run to become eligible for moderation if there are no mods and your account meets the requirements mentioned in the first post.

@ChainsawkittenChainsawkitten Added.

@DiamondNuggetzDiamondNuggetz Would you be able to DM me some proof that this moderator will not attempt to log back in due to inactivity? We can handle it further from there.

@andresfgp13andresfgp13 Added. Also please take a look at the existing categories if possible.

@kavkav Since you don't have e-mail authentication set up (which is a requirement for posting here) I have gone ahead and send one of the mods on that board 'ijust' a message through SRC since they were online 1 day ago but apparently not looking at runs. Did you also message them before posting here?

@AlDeezyAlDeezy Thanks, added.

@bozzabozza You don't have any pending runs for this game. Also your account age needs to exceed the 30 day threshold before you become eligible for requesting moderation in here.

@LL.D Noticed you also had a run pending that is already over 3 weeks old, interesting. Added you. Could you also look at these category names?

@cj_iwakuracj_iwakura Thanks, added.

@Uncle_HamboneUncle_Hambone I'm okay with adding you under the condition that you fix your linked socials. Your Twitter link is not working. Please sort that out or add another one that has DM/messaging capabilities. Get back to me when done.

@emagen303emagen303 Would you be able to provide a pending run for this game?

@Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky Would you be able to provide a pending run for this game?

@PunchPunch Thanks, added.

@GuildensternGuildenstern Thanks, added.

@Fatal_KingFatal_King This series doesn't require moderation.

@Dollem3Dollem3 Your run has only been pending for one day. Direct your inquiry to the other mod that appears active.

@RealAlphaGamerRealAlphaGamer We'll take a look at this.

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Yeah, for sure. Thank you for trust.