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@HabrenoHabreno I have now enable e-mail authentification

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Hello, I am requesting to be a moderator of Courage in Creep TV (

Despite being a small game, I have been consistently running it for about a month and a half now, and after my first 3 or 4 runs, I attempted to contact the game's only moderator, Snaggletut. However, they did not respond and it has been one day from a month from then ( I have since re-ran and have beaten my PB multiple times, and have still received no response.

I have also been trying to get friends into this game, and I would like to be able to verify their records, and not just my own. Thank you.

Edit: Following up, I also dmed them on over a month ago as well, and have received no response. They have not been online in 4 months.


Hi! I started running Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and I was surprised to find only a single moderator. They haven't been active in a while and their run (the only one posted) was one year ago now. I've tried reaching out to them on discord and Their username is Axix. It would be cool if I could have mod or at the very least have my runs verified.


Hi I'm gonna add the unreleased Thomas NES game on the Thomas series, only one problem the moderator of the series hasn't been on since 4 years ago. So can I be a moderator of the series?


@HabrenoHabreno Having zero moderators for a game seems like a solid reason to add one to me?? I'm sure others will wish to submit runs in the future, and this issue will invariably come up again if the game continues having no moderators. If it makes things simpler I can be made a mod for the game and source others who are more knowledgeable than myself to take over. Leaderboards without any moderators are just pointless.

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@callumbalcallumbal To be clear, we would like to add a new moderator at some point, but we're not gonna pick somebody random just for the sake of doing so. Having a moderator who doesn't really know anything about the game or the speedrun at all and has no real stake in the leaderboard is not substantially better than having no moderator.

If/when somebody willing and able to take over meets our requirements, they can be added.

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Hello, for the game Azada : Ancient Magic, I have 3 runs awaiting verification since a month and the moderator is offline since 2 months. Can I become a moderator of this game ? Thank you


@MoosebonesMoosebones Added.

@stormcrow56kstormcrow56k I noticed the mod added you so I take it this issue is resolved now.

@MisutoMMisutoM As mentioned, I messaged the mod. Will get back to you if I don't receive an answer after a reasonable amount of time.

@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Added.

@Dit0hDit0h Added.

@gaygay Added.

@ZeilarZeilar Leaving this up for @HabrenoHabreno as he was handling this.

@Mario160Mario160 Declined. This series doesn't require moderation and we won't be replacing an inactive series mod. Request the game through the game request process and comment that the series mod is inactive.

@Druggy30Druggy30 Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. You also need to attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when done.

  Bob-chickenBob-chicken Could i be added as a moderator, this game has the same mods as Parking fury 2, which I was also recently added to. None of the moderators are active.

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Hello, I activated "Require e-mail authentication" + added 3 social media accounts. The request was : become a moderator of the game Azada : Ancient Magic. Thank you


hello, daravae. I waited one week for Katieqt (mod of the deaths gambit speedrun) to answer me. She didn't. So what are further steps?


Hello @DaravaeDaravae !
i am new to speed running and i intend to make it a full time hobbie, one of the games i wish to speedrun is Hotdogs Horseshoes & Hand-grenades or just H3VR .
unfortunately the only Mod for H3VR has been inactive for over a year and all attempts to contact them have failed.
i would like to request the removal of for being moderator of the H3VR speedrun page
and i would like to be the moderator of the H3VR page.

i know my account is very new but i hope you will consider me to run the H3VR page to give it the love and attention it needs to become a valid place for people to submit runs.



Hello, I would like to request mod for the Mega Man X leaderboard. I am (at the time of this writing) the World Record holder for the 100% category and one of the biggest community contributors in recent times. Normally I used to let other people moderate but due to recent decisions by the current mod team, I would like to have them all replaced with myself and those I choose. The current MMX mod team is censoring and deleting runs of runners they don't like (myself) and famous streamer Calebhart42. At the time of this writing, the run that shows up on the Mega Man X 100% says "World Record" (Not BurgAlert) and the vod is my world record VoD but stripped of my stream overlay and audio so you can't tell who is playing. To add to this, the person that submitted the run is "Walrus_Prime" the former WR holder in this category so anybody trying to search for the MMX100% record, they will think Walrus_Prime is the record holder and that is just not true. As proof of this claim I uploaded my vod to , my twitch vod is here Please compare my run to the "Walrus_Prime" submitted run that says "World Record" at the top of the leaderboards, you will find they are the same run. Then notice the upload date on the "World Record" run (today) and the upload dates on bitchute and twitch which are about a month or two ago. Clearly I uploaded first, its my property. Here is a web archive link just in case the mmx mod team tries to avoid this claim

For the sake of full transparency, the MMX mod team took some screenshots of a DM between me and somebody else (unrelated) having a private conversation (that was leaked) and screenshots of me in another runners chat making some joking/sarcastic statements. They claimed these things were "racist" and "sexist". I do not agree with either of those claims and neither do most MMX runners outside of the mod team. However most runners are afraid to speak up because they feel the mods will ban them and take their leaderboard times down as well. Its so bad they aren't even allowed to bring up this issue in the community discord.

This youtuber makes a good video that explains the entire situation.

Not only am I fighting for my own run, I am fighting on behalf of all censored runs and runners in any games. A big name I am fighting for is CalebHart42, an extremely famous streamer who had the same thing happen to him by the same people. Its not right that this small clique of mods get to have all the say on all the leaderboards and community outlets. I am appealing to you all to help fight this censorship. I am only asking our runs get restored to their original glory with proper names and credit given, that's it. I feel the only way that can be done is if we abolish all current leaderboard mods and let me take charge, and redistribute to the people that I know are fair and virtuous. If needed, I can collect statements and screenshots from MANY members of the MMX community who can speak of my character and who i've spent my own time to go out of my way to help tutor in the game one on one to help improve the speedrun overall.

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Bout time if we are speaking about making big changes 😃


I agree that the names should be restored, unless there's actual proof of the accusations. I can also vouch that Burg has taken the time to help me improve on MMX and although he can be blunt and cringe but I have never seen any sexist behavior from him.

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So a moderator of several Roblox games was turned out to be underaged by about 8 months.
His user name is Elims and as you can see he clearly states to be underaged by 8 months but says it's just a "small gap".
Here is another screenshot to proof that this is him.


Requesting moderation for Neither mod has been on for 1+ months and one has not been on for over 1 year.

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As well as ninja Roy 2 ninja roy 3, and ninja roy infinite, almost none of the games in the series have active mods.

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Even though mods are inactive, you still require a pending run in most of the games you mentioned.

@Druggy30Druggy30 Added.

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@DinoguyDinoguy Your account is not yet 30 days old. You also don't have any pending runs in this game. Read the first post of this thread to find out how we handle things here.

@BurgAlertBurgAlert Could you forward this to me in a SRC message? we'll handle things further from there.

@AriesTheBestGamingAriesTheBestGaming Your account is not yet 30 days old. Read the first post of this thread to find out how we handle things here.

@Hogridergaming1Hogridergaming1 Could you forward this to me in a SRC message? we'll handle things further from there.


@DaravaeDaravae, thanks, i will wait my turn for the account age to pass 30 days, and i will submit my first runs.