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Hello, I started speedrunning about 1½ month ago and my first game was My run has been awaiting verification for about a month now and I have since lowered my time. I sent a message to both moderators, who haven't logged in the last month, asking for news and category management. I've been told by the moderator of another game I run that I should post here and ask. Thank you for considering!


I have submitted a run for Feudalism 2 ( ) and has not yet been verified. The most recently active moderator has not logged in 3 weeks now. So that is more than 21 days.

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Requesting mod of Parking fury 3, and LOCOM neither of the games have had active mods for 5+ months. One more game I am requesting to be mod of is Awesome tanks 2 I have had a pending run for 21 days.

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Requesting moderator for Roblox - PARTY.EXE

Someone used to mod it, but got unmodded and now there are no available mods for the game, and I do have some knowledge about the game and already did a run a while ago, so I think I'd suit.

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I'd like to request moderation access for SpongeBob SquarePants: Obstacle Odyssey 2: Time Trouble. The game has only one Super Moderator who hasn't logged in for two months.

I submitted a run a over a month ago, which has still not been verified. The moderator's Discord and YouTube link on their profile are broken and his Twitch is inactive. I've attempted to contact this moderator through Twitter and he has not responded.

Link to my pending run:

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I just recently joined the Mr. Blast Speedrunning community, and after spending a little bit of time there, I have realized that none of the moderators will be able to verify my runs. One of the moderators is completely inactive and has been since early June of this year, and the other one has forgotten the email to his account and therefore cannot log in. I would be willing to volunteer as a moderator or even a super moderator as I am currently by far the most active member of this speedrunning community. As a super moderator, I would be able to reinstate the mod who is locked out of there account as a moderator via their alt account. Thank you in advance.
Here is the link:

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Hello, so I have a good couple of runs for Roblox prisonbreak although there’s no moderators. I would like to become the new moderator of the game to get run verified. Thanks


Waited 30 days as advised and the moderators of Countdown Vampires are still inactive, can I please take super mod for the game as there is a few runs that need to be verified and others runners that cannot post due to no mods. Thank you -


Hi. My runs on the Chrome game have been waiting for verification for 3 (and some even 4) weeks. The only moderator of the game was last online a month ago. I tried contacting him on this site, but I don't think it makes sense yet. I want to ask you to make me the second moderator of this game, because I have already recorded 5 speedrans and many more races are waiting for theirs turn. I want to say that I am not indifferent to this game and would very much like to get the title of moderator for this game.


I submitted a run about a run for a month ago. I saw that the moderator hasn't been active for a few years now neither on twitch or as a speedrunner.. I sent that person a message just in the off chance they were still around somewhere about the run but I haven't gotten a reply. I was wondering if i could become moderator for The Terminator on Sega CD

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hello, im requesting super mod for despicable forces as there are no mods and i am just a verifier

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I was banned from the MMX discord that is advertised on their SRC page. I made a thread asking about why I was banned since I never got a formal reason. That thread was deleted without ever contacting me or addressing my question. I think I know who deleted it and am making a formal complaint about what I see as clear mod abuse.

My thread that got deleted:

Supposedly a statement by SRC admin saying that serious threads should never be deleted:

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Hello! I'm new to the whole speedrunning gig and wanted to post a couple of runs. The second went alright but the one I sent first, for Jurassic Park Part 2: Chaos Continues on the SNES, is still pending. I submitted the run a few weeks ago. I contacted the series moderators first but they directed me here since none of them was a moderator for that game specifically. I tried contacting the moderator for the game itself through the site to no avail, their Discord tag does not exist anymore, their Twitter account has been set so it cannot receive DMs and they haven't answered my DM on Twitch that I sent about a week ago. I won't even bother with YouTube's personal messaging because that's one unnecessarily convoluted system. Additionally they seem to have been inactive on all of these sites for roughly a year. They've also been offline from this site for 8 months. Just for convenience here's a link to the game:

Now, my run was in fact quite terrible but I wanted to submit it anyway. That's one game I'll try again with later but wanted to have a run submitted anyway. Anyway, if someone could get it through the pending status that would be much appreciated, thank you.

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I've a pending run from 4 sep 2020 of Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time. I've contacted Yuuki_S 4 days ago by messaging system of this site, and it hasn't answered me yet. GothicLogic is last online 1 month ago. What i've to do?
Thank you!

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Requesting moderator for Devil Dice.

I don't remember the history of this leaderboard, but apparently there was another moderator which is listed as [Deleted User]. As is, it has no moderator so I would like to take responsibility for this game.

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hello, i want to request to be added as a mod for retro game challenge (NDS), the only mod hasnt been active for 7 months and i have a couple of runs that havent been reviewed yet.


here is one of my runs for this game:


Hey there. I'd like to request to be made a moderator for I've had a run pending verification on that game for a few weeks now, and the current moderator Cyclone637 hasn't responded to my attempts to message them. They don't seem to have been an active runner for several years now, nor logged in at all for over a year.


Hi, I'd like to request Firo & Klawd leaderboard.

The last login of the moderator of that game was five years ago, and in his profile doesn't have any social media links or any way of contact.



4 moderators cannot accept a race for a week, or let them admit faster or give me a moderator,
has a white hat, more than 50 games in moderation, why so many if not modet to follow everything? (google translate)

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@AQLGamersAQLGamers I contacted Yukki on discord, he verified your run and gave me mod power,
I'm active every day so the problem should be solved 🙂

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